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So im on the right way as you like the progress, feedback from others is good too. 

Upgrade Wise i plan to implement a weight System and have different Rarity of Upgrades which also will give different values. With that there gonna be also a description in the future for the cards.

Armor Upgrades didn't actually do anything, besides them all others should work, but i haven't tested them fully yet myself to be fair. Since im planning on adding more Upgrades it wasn't fully the focus yet since we have go over them again.

The save progression seems to be bugged on some spots and im checking on it.

But its good so i can keep an eye on that, as developer you know yourself you often dont run into certain bugs or issues, as you know how your system is working.

I've encountered myself a couple bugs to, when you restart the level inside the level, the enemy speed and health don't get reset as they still run on the timer from previous Game.

Thanks for the words, im really excited about the project, we're switching actually from the Platform Arena Level to a more open Level with Terrain and changed the sizes of everthing.

The Enemies also will be way slower at the start in next upgrade but a little more tanky, i wanna get the speed at the beginning a little bit out. And also we're playing a little bit with the Light.

Also im working on the Mission you have to close the "dimension portal" were the Kaijus enter this world and for that you need to collect certain things on the map and kill special Enemies. 

Thats the plan for now. Thanks for playing and testing

Hey just by that we've released today the next Version and coming closer to the final Demo. Implemented a lot of things, polishing stuff up and yeah check it out if you have time:

would love to hear your feedback again.

Hi PixelMetalWolf, nice to hear back from you.

Thanks for trying out again and good you like the Magnet Power Up, it took me some Hours to make it work properly with Unity DOTS.....

Yeah the Chickens are kinda fun, i also thought about a Chicken Mutator or some sort of Easter Egg maybe for an April Update, i will keep that in the Pocket. But i also was this <--> close to rename the Game to "Chicken Survivor" or "Chicken Hunter", xD

While writing this im not 100% sure if the Models are in this Version , but i think they should. Because i Changed them up again they will look in the next Version 

these are the new ones, i wanna try to keep the Pickups simple and easy to identify with Colors. Im sure they will change again as im still not happy with them, they don't bring me that "Mech" Vibe

AS you mentioned thats a extended list of features, and i got 90% of it already covered during the last week and the Update will be on weekend.

The Weapons will be limited to 3 + 3 (Can be Unlocked)

There will be more stuff to Upgrade on the Mech

In 0.4 you discover a couple of weapons and cards to improve the mech (some of them are bugged in 0.4), in the next version ive added over 60 additional Cards to improve each Weapons seperatly

And your Progress will be saved, the UI changes a lot and the level up will be more surprising.

Still a little bit to do, but im super excited to bring the next Update


are you interested in working in a game project that makes it to the finish line?

we've been working on a new game project the past weeks which we wanna bring to major platforms soon. For this we're looking for 2 People that want to support us. You can gather experience in the game development and publish process and potentially make some money.

What we expect from you:

Some experience in Game Development and References ( Games or something)

You should be familiar with Unity (UI for Designer, Audio Management for Composer)

Language: English and German

The Project: Kaiju Survivor

Kaiju Survivor by Stusse Games (

The Game itself uses the Game Engine Unity 2022 and has multiple Systems run with Unity's DOT's

It is a Game from the Survivor Genre in Sci-Fi Theme. 

What we're actually looking for


Matching Music for the Level and Game Rythm that intensifies over the survival duration.

Support and advice to existing game Sounds, new sounds can be made or choosen from a huge library.


Store ready Game Cover Artwork for Steam in various Sizes

Sci-Fi UI Elements, Icons and maybe other stuff you wanna improve.

What can you gain from this Project?

We're honest and say we cannot offer you a full paid job nor a upfront payment but we offer you the following.

You gonna get Access and Asset Store Keys to our Assets (worth 50$) and for our next Asset (Zeus Unite - Pickup DOTS)

You gain experience in the process from Development to publish on Steam and work with the SteamAPI

If the game starts selling we offer you a Split (we will talk about this and create a legal contract), but there will be no upfront payment. The Steam Token is bought and we gonna start our Store Pages as soon as we got solid Cover Artwork for our Store Fronts.

Interested? Contact me via Discord : derdererist or in our discord Server

Interesting Idea for sure, i like the character as it reminds me of the wizard of oz the metal man without heart.

Upgrading your Attacks would be cool so it feels like a "House" Defense Game

You definetly have here something you can Level Up and work on.

Beautiful and Good VN, considering its done with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, makes it just more awesome.

I think many people mention already.... Sound!! That would spice thewhole Game to another Level!

Solid Work, keep it up!

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Most of the time i was dying without understanding what was hitting me.

It looks like all have the same hitbox and damage? so Headshot seems to make the same damage, thats not coool.

The Enemies are stuck often within those Squares, makes it easy to kill and kinda Boring, besides that Turrets the enemies are negetable.

How much you need to damage those Big Robot? It seems not to die.

I think you invested alot into the Level Design, which turned out nice and interesting, the scale is good.

No Game breaking Bugs, everything seems to work, good job.

This Intro was truly amazing really rare to see something like that in a Game Jam, absolute epic!

Considering the large team you are, which is kinda crazy but you managed to bring an amazing Prototype here.

Music and Audio fitted well and felt to get more intense in later minutes.

Game Menu mit Video and Audio Settings, always welcome to see and awesome job on that!

I enjoyed playing it, Visuals of the game are "okay" compared to the Intro which is like a AAA Level already, the "Models" felt like from another world if i can define it that way with okay.

This game as it is, is already thilling and im sure here is definetly more!!

Again Amazing Work, one of the Best in the entire Jam!

I cannot follow my past Commentors,

The Controls felt wishy and has absolutely no precision and the blur makes it so hard to aim and hit those wolves as everything gets blurred when turning and moving.

Im also sensitive to Blur and i get very dizzy after a minute and stopped playing.

While the Models looked cool, The Sky is amazing, the shooting  and Effects look really cool, the game is not really fun to play as i mentioned the Controls feel bad and the Blur is absolute insane.

Still a good Job for a Team working together and i think there is definetly room for improvement.

Wuih, i like that Arcade Retro Style gives a good touch to it, seeing that "Joystick" moving makes it even cooler.

Some parts of the menus i find kinda unecessary and boring as it feels the "Initialize" takes to long.


There is a Jetpack, what else you need in a Game ha?


For me i find it kinda hard to understand how exactly those mech squad was working. It is interesting but needs a bit more polish with swapping them.

Or did i missed something in the Text Explanations? (I Jump into Games and dont read xD)

Considering Time you did a really good Job, keep it up.

Puh, were to start? I Survived your Buggy Game lets say it this way :p

The movement and jumping feels really solid and cool, makes alot of fun going around.

The Sounds and Music are well fitted to that Game and gives good Vibes to the Game itself.

The Carrots look cool and the Mech is really noice. Buildings look a little bit from another world with those Carrots and Mech.

And then there is your Buggy Game:

  • I cannot restart or make a new game after beeing defeated or winning, theres only a Black Screen and i have to fully restart the game.
  • The Aiming feels really off, even with the Zoom
  • The Bullets seems to fly far enough but dont hit the Enemy.
  • Enemies attack from below the Houses even you dont see them, theres no Escape....
  • Buildings seems not to have proper Colliders

Those are also Game Breaking Bugs which makes it a bit frustrating

Anyway you did a good Job and made a solid MechGame!

Thanks for Creating. This was a good experience, well designed nice to play, beautiful graphics the only Problem? I FINISHED IT! 

This game deserves more Content and Bosses!

Really a solid submission, keep it up and extend it!

It is, but since im talking about my Company im always saying we, even if im the only one xD

Thanks for playing and the words.

We gonna continue working on the Game, fix Bugs and improve different Aspects of the game to get a good Prototype going so we can go potentially for a Steam Store Page by next Month and start working on our next Full Title.

Hey Karce

Yeah for the Menu, im super proud of it, i have created a Asset für Unity 2 Years ago which i constantly use as im capable of implementing a whole menu with video and sound settings in just a couple of Minutes, then adjust it to the Game needs, it goes quick nowdays.

Im with you, it needs more Juice. In form of Effects and Sound. Im sure in the Update next week there will be already significant improvement on those things.

The Bug you encountered, is due to the fact, when the enemies keep growing "as they are starting small" and at the end they are that big that they cannot get in Attack Range to the Player anymore. Im aware of this already and thinking about a solution, i guess the best is to increase the attack range with the size they grow.

Thanks for playing it and giving some Feedback,

I definitely wanna work more on it and considering already to buy a Steam Token and go for Store Page, as i recently have played those Survivor Games myself a lot, im enjoying them which lead me into starting with "Kaiju Survivor" so lets see were this can go.

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I love when people ship it. I could already see its a multiplayer game by checking it.

Guys? "DONOTSHIP" theres a lot someone can read of those files you shouldn't ship.

To the Game itself:

The Rocket exploding on the Ground? The Effect looks absolute amazing! Shooting feels good.

I love the work on the Menu, i love it when People have Menus in their Game Jam Games, Settings for Sound and Video Control. Just awesome and great Job, takes a lot of time thats why most people don't bother with it. 

I like the Textures and Bullet Effects when hitting objects. really well done.

The Camera Control feels bugged, as it constantly zooms out or in. Or i walk to one side and leave the mouse on the other side to have it zoomed out. It also makes it weird to play when the Camera goes in and out for no reason.

The Movement itself i had my struggle with, i think its not intuitive, to "complex" for a game like that and i always walk in some direction as the Arrow is hard to see and follow while you turning with the other Keys.

I know by myself how much work it is to get a Multiplayer Prototype in 2 Weeks going. With that said i also know that especial on Game Jams the chance that people can play those Multiplayer Games going to be almost 0, as Multiplayer Games need a certain amount of Player Base.

Amazing Job, sadly i couldn't find any Opponents that wanted to play with me

Keep up your good works, u might wanna improve it and add a Single Player and then maybe go for a Playerbase as i could imagine a Arena Multiplayer Game as it is could make a lot fun.

Edit, just wanted to point out the Sounds also were really good and fitting.

Thats cool that it worked, but i heard now multiple times that some people were unable to start it. Some of them downloaded it twice and then it was working. Really Curious that is, myself i haven't experienced that so far.

Yeah the Level Restart is bugged i figured out, some Bugs came up late up and worked till 4 am then i said to myself, im done....

But i have fixed already many issues people pointed out, the level restart as example. Also there is already much improvement, i have sucessful transfered the "MonoBehaviour" Pickup System to "Unity DOTS" which makes the new System super fast and don't will lag the game anymore as i can Instantiate 1000 of Pickups and make them move and collectable at the same time.

Thanks for trying again and giving feedback, really appreciate.

Hey sorry for that, is there any error message or something i can work with?

Beautiful Little Game, would love to see more Polish.

The Main Menu is annoying with that writing and you are not able to skip it. Takes to much Time and is not fun.

The Gameplay itself could be a little more faster and an Animation when you are digging those Rocks. The Upgrade System was kinda unclear what exact resources you need to gather. Some Icons for that would be better instead of a Character.

A good Job with more potential, keep it up

(1 edit)

The Controls: who thought its a good idea to make Jump on Z? on US Layout its on Y which makes it complete inaccessible and bad to control also the Fire Key on X

Did you every tried to press D and X, Y(Z) at the same time properly?

Please stick with regular Controls, it has a reason why we have those Standard Keys such as Space for Jump or Left-Shift for (LMB) for Shooting you cannot controll D and X at the same time with ur Index Finger. 

Besides that the Game makes a very good fundamental impression and it would surely benefit from more Levels. Visuals are nice, the Controls (besides the Keybinding) feels good.

Keep up the good Work

i felt like the Enemies live forever and the movement of the Character feels out of control.

The Idea with the customized Mech and different values is amazing, some visuals for it would be cool.

Good Work, Keep it up and improve

Really Original, where is the Mech?

(1 edit)

The Enemies are awesome, but the Player Mech doesn't look good compared to the Enemies.

Not only the Enemies, also the Environment Models looks pretty nice!

I didn't mean that offensive, sorry if it sounded like.

i felt even with the radar kinda lost but without it would be a bad experience i think so good you implemented that. It was a nice experience. Mhh maybe i killed those Boss im not sure, i remember a Huge tank or something :p

I Mean from the Visual appearance and Controls. It feel like a floating Wall-E with Weapons in Ugly Blue xD

Cool Idea with the Cooking Mech xD

the Controls feel a little sluggish and inaccurate, they need improvements.

The game constantly was lagging, sadly

Nicer Models and more accuracy when making a pizza would be interesting aswell as limited resources. 

Good Work overall, keep it up

Amazing Job, nothing that i would add.

Makes fun and is not that easy.

Great Work, Good Job

(1 edit)

I dont know if i fully understand how to play, but i was enjoying boosting and wandering around to kill all those Enemies i found.

It feels like a Command and Conquer Shooter with those Tanks, the Mech could need some improvements.

Is there more then 1 Level? 

Good Job for the Game i enjoyed it.

Hey Chris, 

Thanks for playing Kaiju Survivor

Yeah i guess, the Core of the Game is already on a solid base, seems to have no major Issues so far.

The Sound Effects im sorry for, im so sad it was the last i was basicially doing and the Exploding Monsters have a Sound Effect but since it gets played in 3D Room far away from the Camera  (which is the Audio Listener) the Sounds are really quite, while the pickup Sound of the XPStones are really loud.

I worked on that already and adjusted the majority as i plan to update the game.

The different Monsters are a good advise and will come to give the game more variation, since the Dragons are already Ranged i plan to use their System also for additional Ranged Monsters.

Thanks again for playing and feedback, feels im on the right way, will check your game out too

Awesome and Fun, more Levels!

This is really cool

Good Work, keep it up!

Noice Visuals,

have some potential, the glide isn't sure how it works.

Overall i had a hard time getting over the second obstacle that machine after those 3 guys you have to shoot.

Good Work, Keep it up and improve it!

I like those little Challenges, sadly there are only 2 Bosses. 

You should make more!

Good Work

Beautiful little Game

On The Start you can Dash to the left and go down to get the big battery directly.

Nice Visuals, Movement feels good. 

Low battery Theme well integrated

Lovely, Good Work, Keep it up!

Nice Submission, the Visuals are great and it looks like a game.

I think its a little bit to easy and im missing attack combinations. But for the amount of Time this is a great Job and the Result is good.

The Movement could be a little bit more polished.

Overall a good and also fun experience to play. 

Good Work keep it up!

Wow just by having this weird ESDF Feeling makes it so hard and weird to play, why you dont stick with WASD? whats the point of moving one to the right and make people their wrist twisting?

The Up Key and also Down seems not to work or did i not play far enough? I honestly quit because i felt so bad playing this keys and always moved my hand to WASD

the timing of blocking or attacking is unclear. The Points don't go up

Visuals looks interesting. 

I tried multiple times to make Games like this but i always lack of game depth, its really hard to make good.

your visuals are really interesting and retro, feels pretty nice

the aiming because of the camera angle is difficult to make feel good, and it also feel here not so nice. Had that issue myself to and i always gave up on that.

Nice Game little game, good job.

Pretty Nice, enjoyed a couple Rounds but im not good at those Games. It feels really smooth also the Animations are nice, the Model looks good!

I got pushed multiple Times outside the Rooms couldn't progress anymore :(

Background Music is good,

It took a moment for me to realize that that Orb is shooting and not the Mech, cool Idea the Aiming with it feelt a bit weird.

Good Job Guys

I have found you here, try to check out my Submission.


You can move around and Enemies appear to shot.

You are a Mech

What else do you need?

More Gameplay :p U consider of Updating the Game?

Yeah the time is a huge factor and i think always to make something in a short amount of time under pressure is always something different.

For my Game i tried to be as simple as possible with by creating my system to get that much stuff in, so there also might be better ways of doing stuff. But as long as it works, it works.

See you someday again in another Game Jam

Hey, see you found your way here :p

Thanks for the compliments, the Models are all Assets from the Assetstore (Credits in the Desc) as i have like 0 Artist Blood.

My Goal was to get a good foundation going to evolve this Game as i lately also enjoy playing those kind of games a lot. So i used this Jam also to make a Kick Off / Prototype for my Surivor Game. So yeah Simple WASD and Mouse, the Controller works not fully yet because of the Mouse Aiming but im working on that to so make the Game acessable with a Controller.

Your gripe is right, as i balanced it last night in a couple Hours, as i also ran into Issue when building the Game that the UI was not on Place, i wrote about it in the Devlog of the game Kaiju Survivor 0.1.0a - Mecha Game Jam 4 and Alpha Version - Kaiju Survivor by Stusse Games (

Yeah the Mutators for the Map are awesome and i think the will stick and i will extend them, sothey also will grant bonus to Experience or finding Kaiju Blood. 

The Audio and Graphic Features comes from my Asset Zeus Unite - Game Core

I joined alot of Game Jams, and something i really dislike is if people have sounds in their Game but no options to regulate them or turn them off. That was my initial raason for creating the Game Core Asset for Unity. In 5 minutes a existing or new game can have a whole Scene Transition System with Sound and Graphic Settings (SDR and URP)  which is also easy to extend. So Work from about 300-400 Hours is just implemented in 5 Minutes in all of my Games. (As it is also available in the Unity Asset Store)

You are right the Balance is not good i also discovered many more issues while playing it after submitting, my submit was really late and i was almost close that i couldn't make it

Known Issues:
Those Who Control The Machine Mutotor is not hooked up and cant be activated
The Enemy Death Sound is in 3D Room and is difficult to hear as it is to far away from the Camera
The Buttons Sounds are to loud compared to the remaining Effects
If suviving longer then 6 Minutes will make the Game lag, the Enemy Death Effect doesn't get cleaned up and will trash the system full

And of course Balancing isn't that well, however i considered some more Features to the Game such as Ultimates for the Low Battery and Equipment that changes the Base Stats and Starting Attack from the Mech, aswell as 2 more Weapon Types, Area Damage Weapons and Single Strike Weapons and i considered about different Armor and Damage Types to get later also more Monster variation and playstyles

Ah so much in mind and stuff but the time....

Thank you for Playing it