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Impressive Work,  you should work on this Title more and continue improving it.

Solid Concept and Idea that could work out  well in a bigger Frame.

Solid Game!

Feels like a well designed and polished Game.

Good Job, great to play!

Nice Visuals, The gameplay seems to be bugged. I can't die and there spawning endless Zombies and then getting  switched between different Areas.

I dont like that the Dialogues take soooo long, feels annoying not to be able to skip it or fasten.

Is there no Sound? I heard nothing.

Looks like you planned more for this Game, very unfinished feeling. 

Besides that still a good work  for the amount of time!

Good but limited Experience, the Core Mechanic Idea is really cool!

The character handling overall needs improvement in my opinoin and the game needs more gameplay elements!!

Good Work, keep it up!

I like this idea. After the boss beats me and I grow up, I beat him. Nice with the modifier

What i would like to see:

  • A Dash that kills enemies to add more dynamics to the game.
  • Magnetic field to collect the gems!
  • Blood effect and more level visuals!

What i dont liked:

  • I don't like the sounds, to be honest, they are painful to listen to.


  • I think the enemies sometimes harm each other.

Well done, and good  Work!

You are right, the asthetics could be better,  i invested more Time into different things, since all assets has to be either self made or under CC0 License.  But i think im also a poor Level Designer :p

The problem is that the direction the p layer Looks is "bugged"  and doesn't work as intented  at the moment,  thanks for your feedback about the idea with the cursor i was curious about that already and i wanna try that instead.

The Theme? mhh,  isn't it obvious? you start from the beginning spot when you die? Jokes beside,  i was concentrated in this Project mostly around my Coding Style. The entire Game as example not uses a Single Else Statement, thats why the Title is Else Died.

Thanks for your Feedback and Playing it

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Mhh Clicker,

Some more UI Elements would be nice, seeing how much Minors and Majors you have.

A Animation  when you Click the Buttons to give the whole thing more Interaction.

Check also out some Free Resources like  for cool Icons you could use inside the Clicker.

Invest more time into it, Idle Clicker are cool you are on the track! Keep up the Work

im sure yes, noone will be mad about that

Really Cool and funny Idea.

However a little Hard to Understand how to Score. I would like to have Fullscreen.

Nice choice of Music!

Well Done

Funny Game. Those Pines when they fall on the Head.

Im not sure the 32 Stacks seemed not to work. The Pickup was sometimes kinda hard und very inaccurate.

Well done.

Lovely, I would love to have a Full Screen, i played it almost at full Screen through OBS Studio, quite Confusing.

Cool Little Game, well polished. Nice idea with the premade Highscores, i guess those are Numbers you hit? I would change the Default Name to something like "Novice/Master/High Wizard" depending on the Score the Player achieves.

Controlling the 4 Wizards is very Challenging, confusing and tricky, i think there could be also different kind of Level Setups in which Paths are blocked for Wizards or/and Demons. Were you control 2 3 or 4 Wizards.

Larger scaled Maps were you need to bring the Wizards to an Exit Point to get more Points or to unlock a new Level.

I enjoyed playing it. Well done.

Pretty Coool, i like the Sound Effects. I Would love to have a Sound Effect when the Player gets hit.

You could add some Trails to the incoming Enemies to make the visuals more appealing.

Enjoyed  Playing a Couple Rounds, Good Work so far can be a little bit more polished.

Im Not sure what to say about this. I don't want to be rude. 

I learned a lot about Scratch while im in for 20 minutes and how it works and i played a game that's better called: Try to Click the Sheep xD

The Game doesn't Load

Fun Little Game, well designed.

I'm having a little bit trouble "trigger" the Jump. I think you could improve the "Jump" Action. It feels very often that you press Left and Right but he only switching direction and not register the Jump Action.

The Wall Climbing feels super Cool, Nice Levels and very Casual to collect all "Star"s and "Diamonds".

Deserves more Level's

Since i don't like Pixel Art, i suggest a better Visual Style for this Game. But this is very personal i think.

Good work, keep it up

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Lovely !

Thanks for your Feedback.

U are right, a Tutorial Mode would be very good for this Game and introduction into the Features/Mechanics. For a Player its very hard to understand what he has and what he can do everything right from the Start.

Thanks for Pointing out a couple Bugs and Errors:

The External Links, i recently had updated the website to https so this might be the issue, the links pointing still on http, forgot about to Change that inside the Game.

The Bug with the Resources i thought was fixed, Need to take a look about it again. When you invest like 10 Gold it gives you 1 Material every Second, but if you make it 9 Gold it still shows 1 Material per Second but you won't get the Material since you not investing enough Money. Later when there are more Workers hired this problem solves itself kinda.

The Map Feature ala Quest Feature comes with reaching Year 5, but there's just a Slider and a Button coming up, so if you played past year 5, you might missed it on the Left Top Corner. There can be Quests accepted and Discover some Battles. But im honestly not sure about this Feature in this Game since its very different then the remaining Game.

Thanks for Playing and giving Feedback, highly appreciated.

Very Unique Idea, The Graphics can be improved and the actual placed Towers need some Visuals.

Really Cool Game. Keep Going and Improving!

The "Characters" look awful compared to the remaining Game.

Needs more Content, Keep Improving, good Fundamentals

a cool and polished Game, glad you could improve it!

Beautiful Game

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That's right, I just found this jam and thought it would be cool to submit our game, which we finally improved today after 5 months.

Mind you, the update was ready 3 months ago. However, I couldn't release it because I wasn't able to configure the CORS properly. So I almost cancelled the whole game update. Yesterday I was thinking through the game and thought, well, if I can't get the CORS to work, let's just remove the modding from the game and at least release the update so that a small chapter can be completed.

I then made one last attempt to find the CORS problem. And after 6 hours I finally managed to fix the problem without removing the modding.

With this achievement, I am highly motivated to continue working on this game. It was an overwhelming experience when I finally managed to write my CORS properly so that the game can communicate from the Itchio website to our Game Wikipedia website.

So guys, sometimes it's good to take a break and then continue with new knowledge and experience and try again!

A bit late but wanted to point out that it felt very  Difficult to perform the Wall Jump overall. It always felt a bit like the Character stucks.

I don't know much about Gotot, but it's good that you are making progress in learning the engine of your choice.

Saving and loading especially for web games can be difficult.... For security reasons, certain things can't be done in HTML 5 games, which is a bit frustrating for us as developers, but obviously necessary.

From the software industry I always hear the "Aim for 80%" and that's perfect.

I think the problem with software, games and game design is that there is no 100%. There's always something... there's always a tiny bug.... there's always this behaviour that doesn't work 100% the way it was intended, there's always this animation that's not 100% perfect and so on. There's always a workaround for some problem....

So once you polish to 80%, you're basically done, because everything beyond that is always and a never ending process of improvement :p

Leave them Wanting more is important for the Jam you are right, but also applies to published games, especially if you plan to expand the game after release. So you can bring a second game, an update, an expansion or something along those lines.

I think you did a good Job with your Game

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justified question

Personally, I'm not a big fan of pixel art. I find it kind of disturbing and eye cancer, sorry pixel fans I am not 😂.

So games ala Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, Metroid, Castlevania or even old Zelda titles, even though I love the gameplay and mechanics, I never played through those games completely because I don't like the look, I'm annoyed by the look and I want glasses to make everything clear.... but it doesn't work!!!!

But I like comic and cute stuff :p So the chibi character style is a perfect upgrade from pixel art for me. And since there's a huge asset in our package and there's also a lot of chibi artists (even I can do normal small chibi art), if there should be more styles and upgrades need for the project.

so the Goal with this Game is to make a "Fantasy Metroid Vania Harvest RPG", sounds awesome haha.

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So it seems like you are still at the very beginning of game design and your engine.

Tackling a project like Metroid is an ambitious idea for a beginner, I think, but with failure comes progress and learning. So that's nice.

So what have we learned? I'm not sure, let's say we improved our skills and libraries. As a Unity expert, even though I'm using the latest alpha engine version, there's not much I can still learn, I'm also a full-stack C# .Net developer, so i try to improve my coding Skills all the time and make myself challenges up, thats my learning.

We work with Unity assets a lot lately. Me and my girlfriend have bought over 100 assets in the last few years but never really used them. Lately we've been getting more into these assets and some of them are really incredible, useful and fun.

I've also been using the game Warrior Vania to improve my AI state machine with multi-threaded code for certain calculations *cough* still doesn't work properly. 

And I've been working on improving our audio asset for Unity, adding pooling and audio players and a scene management to submit to the Unity asset store once those are added. This System enables a Unity beginner to implement Full Controllable Audio Settings with Menu in a couple Minutes and play Audio Sounds at any Point in a Script by just 1 Line of Code.

and I ask too, or is that, "but I was the first one to ask, Mimi, so you can't ask" or are you serious about the topics you create?

 Since you have learned a lot, you should share your experiences with us., we are curious about it too. 

so what have you learned?

Hey Jammers

I think some of us haven't quite finished the game yet. But the Game Jam is over and the evaluation period is running. I don't see that as a reason to stop working on the game.

So i want to let everyone know that we have updated the game and included many suggestions from you to improve the game.

Listen to your Feedback, v.06 Quickswap and Map Decoration - Warrior Vania Prologue by Stusse Games (

Thanks for everyone who tested the Game, played it and left a Feedback.  Consider to take another look and if you haven't played yet, check it out and leave us some Words. You also can Download the Original Jam Version if you like so, both are available to Download.

Still nice to play, now i didn't bugged out anymore.

For some reason i didn't found any Farm Frog Items. and couldn't progress anymore. I think that drops from those little Frogs on the Map with that Big Frog? The little Tiny Blue Frogs that crawling on the Wall?

I killed that big Frog and then died in the next Map because i feel into the "Abyss" After that i couldn't get Farm Frog anymore. Other Materials worked fine.

I hope i didn't missed something i run plenty of times back and forth but didn't find any other Creatures that looked like a Frog.

Im still missing a quick Swipe/Dashing Sound when attacking xD I think that would add so much to it, but maybe im wrong. Not sure.

Still Like the Potion Crafting, i would suggest maybe a different Font since its hard to read in my opinion.

Good Work!