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Yeah, the hitboxes are not super accurate and fitting to the sprites... in fact every obstacle is the same gameObject; it just chooses a sprite randomly on spawn. Thank you for playing and for your positive feedback!

Thank you for playing and I am happy you had fun :)

Yeah the public health sector wouldnt like this game for promoting drinking. Especially promoting drinking and sailing at the same time!! But actually rum is an acronym for Really Uplifting Milk. So everything is fine!

Thanks so much! I have to admit the scream is taken from :D

Thank you for playing! I am always happy to see someone taking time to play what I made. The scream is taken from though :D

I am surprised how this simple thingof making the bear turn around for a great game mechanic. Nicely done!

Ah I love this kind of humour :) a nice little funny plot. The actual game play is then almost a bit... generic. 

Its a fun little arcade game. The theme could be more present. It feels more like just a gimmick in the game but not so essential to the gameplay. I would wish to see the code for the enemy AI just as a showcase for a beginner like me :D

A wholesome message. Made me feel good. One can say its short or not so adherent to the theme. Well, I think it shows potential and is an interesting idea. I hope to play some more of your games in upcoming jams!

This game caught my eye because I thought the main character is Donald Trump, but its just a builders helmet and not Trumps blonde toupé... doesnt matter, I had fun anyway! :D nice approach on the theme, and i love that the wall is not only barrier and weapon but also platform for yourself. One thing with multiple purposes. Mark Brown loves these kind of things and I hope he notices this entry ;)

I have to admit: I tried to play it alone. It was quite a challenge and I didnt make it very far :D But its an intesting idea to implement the idea for a coop game!

I like the underlying idea and its adherence to the theme! The game mechanic itself.... well I found out that I survive longer when I just run and not shoot at all. But maybe that was the pacifistic message you wanted to teach your player ;) Well, in the end I got out of bounce and could have survived for eternity. If you would refine the actual gameplay, the idea can make a fun game!

I dont know if I did something wrong, but I pressed space three or four times and I won and the game didnt do anything anymore :D I once tried to do a turn based rpg myself. I quickly gave up. So kudos at leastfor taking on the challenge to do it in 48 hours. The adaptation of the theme could have been a bit more clear. It doesnt make much difference of the enemies are doppelgangers or just the usual rpg enemy.

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I cannot believe this game only has four ratings so far. I really love it. It needs some time getting used to but the concept is simple but a fun adaptation of the theme. Once you press space you feel very comitted. It makes you nervous that you only have so much control. I almost felt the therrifying danger of space just by that mechanic :D Seriously, great work!

PS: Of course I would also love a rating of you on my entry :)

I don't wanna be a smart ass, but: your earth is mirrored :D I think you did a great job in turning the old school missile command into a 3D game. The combination of photorealistic earth and minimalisticaly coloured effects is a bit weird, but for a short game jam ok. Bring that in line, add a bit more substance and maybe upgrades or the like and it will be a great opportunity to sink more time into playing it.

PS: Of course I would like your rating on my game as well ;) 

Yes, I made it through Level 2 after getting some feel for the controls. After that I quickly got the general idea you were following. Brave dwarfs sacrificing themselves to help their comrade reach the goal.

Is it just me or does the drums of the music fit the dynamic camera perfectly in style? :D Nice rolling and release mechanic and I appreciate your effort to put in some decoration like flowers and stones. If expanded, maybe add a score system or flashing texts for extra high jumps. Something to reward the player for not just keeping the mouse button/space down but actually aim for perfect timing in releasing.

PS: Of course I would like your rating on my game as well ;) 

I read One Butt Dwarf and was bit disappointed... just kidding. I like the art style and the sound design. The second level really is a hurdle especially because it stands between the player and the first level where the essential gameplay idea is first used. Maybe you should try to make this a bit easier. 

PS: Of course I would like your rating on my game as well ;) 

So thats what it likes if a mathematician takes acid... just kidding. I really love your adaptation of the theme. I agree with Lavaloid that the colour combinations is a bit odd though. I am a big fan of your dangerous 1-bunches. Gives it a caldeiscope-esc feeling.

PS: Of course I would like your rating on my game as well ;) 

First of all: Cute character Design! Reminds me a bit of Adventure time. Very cute. Its a fun little game. The controls could need some improvement as they feel a bit floaty, but I caught myself playing this endless platformer longer and with more fun than some of the 'bigger' entries of the jam with fancies visuals and game concepts. Thanks for the playful minutes I enjoyed thanks to you!

PS: Of course I would like your rating on my game as well ;) 

Interesting mechanic. I got off screen pretty much though. I agree with andrei009 - some level and expansion on the concept and it could be quite fun!

PS: Of course I would like your rating on my game as well ;) 

Thats an amazing puzzle game idea! At first I though: Huh? Whats the challenge. But when it came to multiple clones, my brain just wanted to give up. very quickly :D I am not soooo sure about how you implemented the theme of the jam here though. But maybe its an antonymic approach. "I am Legion for we are many." comes to my mind....

PS: Of course I would like your rating on my game as well ;) 

I think I can see some Celeste-Influence here ;) I was about to do a "you can only jump once"-game for this jam too, but then I thought: is even this single jump necessary? You create a move set that lets you overcome hurdles without jumping anyway, why then even give a "free" jump... but thats just some thoughts I had in general with this approach. But I must admit, I like the time and effort you put in your tutorial/help signs.

PS: Of course I would like your rating on my game as well ;) 

I want to be honest: I am not a fan of Tetris, but I want to make it a fair feedback :D I am a fan of your approach and the minimalistic design around it makes it a feel quite good. Some scene transitions looked a bit weird. The level loaded a bit later than the new shape. But hey, in a 48h Jam game, those things are normal. I would have liked it if in every play through one had only a single shape to point the jams theme out even more. But then it would be less fun though. 

PS: Of course I would like your rating on my game as well ;) 

The concept is really nice and the presentation fits the idea behind it pretty well. I only was a bit frustrated about the controls. I slided past corners and entries many times. Maybe slow the player down or allow or more tile-like movement.

PS: Of course I would like your rating on my game as well ;) 

I think you have an original idea here which can be expanded upon. At the start I wasn't quite sure who is who but I figured it out after the first three letters. There were no consequences though and no progression - well except that my dog was killed... maybe you can find a way to make the player more invested in who he helps.  I hope you will post an update of it in the near future after rating period ended :)

PS: Of course I would like your rating on my game as well ;) 

My first thought after finishing this game was: I want more! This concept is really cool and I want to see it expand with more possible cool combos. I felt reminded of Yondu's arrow of Guardians of the Galaxy.  The music and graphics add to the experience. Great job :)

PS: Of course I would like your rating on my game as well ;) 

Thanks for your feedback. I knew it was a gamble with this idea that my interpretation of the theme might be a bit too... free. I just didn't want to do another "you only have one minute"-level. I had fun making it, sooooo for me it was already worth the risk :)

A fantastic puzzle game. I really like it and I usually lose my patience quite quick when it comes to puzzle games. (I hate Sudoku) But that one has a great concept, calming visuals and is really fun to spend some time with. Great job :)

Thank you :) It somehow almost automatically came to this kind of end. One should never underestimate sheep.

Yay! I am happy to hear that! Thanks for playing :)

Yes, I was inspired by those clicker/idle games. I usually always polish my jam games and add some more content after the jams ends. So it is likely I will add some more features. Thank you for your nice words and for playing :)

Thank you for this positive feedback. Nice to hear :) And I am always happy to see my games being played. Thanks for that.

Good news! You can now teach them also Quantum Mechanics ;) Thanks for playing!

Hello there,

we now have our very own Discord Server:

#1 Rule: Be kind.

Great idea! As I thought only 5 or 6 people will join the jam, I did not think this far. I set up a very basic server for all you people who want to discuss and show the games, look for teams or feedback or maybe just want to connect with other game devs in the making.

Here is the link:

Important rule: Be kind.

As mentioned before, there is not a theme in the classical game jam sense. But there will be something you should try to integrate in your game. An additional challenge so to say. And this thing to include in your game is *drums*

Your Opinion on Pineapple on Pizza

Have it as a comment, as an easter egg, in the end credits, as a sound file, textmesh, sprite, etc... just let the player know, how you feel about pineapple on pizza.

With that out of the way: Ready! Set! GO!

I sent the email about 50 minutes ago. But good point! I should post it on the starting page - sorry!

You dont have old unfinished projects? You must be one of a kind! :D

But yes, a new game is acceptable. Of course you can also use old unused assets like sounds, music, sprites... that you made before instead of a whole old project.

I am excited to see your idea come to life. Note though that the actual theme of the jam will be more like an additional challenge which will be announced today at 6pm (european summer time).

Mix it up! The goal is to make playable what was not playable before. If the music fits, then go for it. Rib the musical heart out of the one corpse to breathe life into the other. Spoken metaphorically here of course.