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Very nice! Good challenge, and fits very well with the actual definition of "Love is Blind." Love the death sounds. :)

We thought it'd be funny to suck up shapes with the butt of the heart. And thanks! 

Thank you very much!

Definitely a weird friend! Not quite sure what was happening the whole time, but I could see it develop into something more. 

This game shows that you don't fancy graphics or shooting enemies to have a good time. Very fun game! I did have to give up after a while due to having no checkpoint. Having to restart after being very high up is frustrating. Very fun, though!

Very impressive for a week of work! Shooting feels off, doesn't seem very accurate. Something's up with the score system, since it was telling me one score in one place and another score at the end. Hooray for flying diamond carpets!

Definitely a few kinks to work out, but it's a decent game! Even if I hadn't taken a blindfold off a character, they'd still hurt me when I bumped them, which seems like a bug, maybe? I could see this going further. 

Short and sweet, I enjoyed it! Could definitely use a bit more audio, but it has a nice story. :)

I loved this very much! Short and sweet, but could definitely be longer. 

Nice concept! I could see this being a mechanic of a bigger game. It'd be more fun if the enemies were shooting you back. Not much challenge when they're just meat bags. 

Got a score of 10,400! Took a couple tries to see exactly what I was doing. Maybe add some tutorial gifs?

You've definitely got the start to a fun game here! Could 100% use some noises, music, or anything to try and grab attention. Fishing for zombies, who would have guessed!

This game has a lot of potential! For being 13 years old I am impressed. You are definitely on your way to making awesome games in the future!

I don't think it really fits the theme, but it was a very creative play on words! Keep practicing, and I hope to see more games from you in the future!

Thank you! 

It was very fun to play! Even with the pixel perfect jumping, it was very fun! 

Definitely don't give up on the future! :)

My partner and I spent our first day/night brainstorming and planning, then we went from there. I doubt we'd have gotten anything if we had started last minute.

Very fun! Never thought I'd see a game that was a cross between Frogger and Snake. Man, I miss Frogger! I don't think it really encapsulates the theme, but it is a very fun game nonetheless! Definitely needs background music to complete it.

10/10! Definitely one of the best I've played in the Jam yet!

Definitely an interesting game! Subtitles would be good for the narration; I was having to turn up my headset to hear the words. During the tutorial part, the shop/inventory/pause menu disappeared, so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with it. The procedural dungeon part is fun! And being able to "recruit" new blobs is pretty funny, but they randomly die off for some reason. 

Lots of potential here!

Great job! I love puzzles, so this was a fun one to play. This game feels pretty complete for a jam, but I could see this being turned into a mobile game with TONS of levels to go through. 

I love it!

Hooray for Bullet Hell games! I've never been very good at them, though. This is a fun one to play! I like the blind aspect and appreciate that it seems to be capped as to how blind you can be. So if you really wanted to, you could play at the slow speed the whole time but only ever see a portion of the screen. Innovative!

This game has potential! The graphics are unique and enjoyable. I couldn't wrap my head around what this game was supposed to really be, though. Your tutorial showed a couple things to click, which is good for a Point and Click! But then Level 1 was exactly the same. And Level 2 was its own adventure. I had no idea what was going on! There was no guidance about who my character was, what the obstacles were, or what was interactable. 

This could be fun after some much needed polishing and workshopping.

I hate horror games! Not what I expected when the theme has Love in it. 

Good game, though! It's nice that the keys randomize each time so you do have to search every playthrough.  Music is intense once you get those keys. Going forward, having something to say how close she is to you would be good, either in the way of a radar or you hear her talking or something.

This is a great game! Lovely graphics, nice background music, and brisk but fun gameplay! The snow spray seems like it could last for another half second or so, to give just a bit more thought to what I'm doing on the level that requires a lot of wood planks. 

Definitely meets the more metaphorical meaning of Love is Blind, where one is so infatuated with something they lose sight of the dangers around them or the thing they love.

This was very fun! We ended up taking down our blinder, but the challenge was still there! This game feels fleshed out, and it seems a lot of work was put into it. Definitely the best I've played this jam so far!

Playing with a joystick would really be fun!

This is fun! Could definitely use some audio, though. High score of 89! Took a couple rounds to realize how to play it correctly. Maybe have a score counter on screen to show that we're making good progress? This game definitely has the blind part of the theme going for it. And hearts. 

I like it!

I was confused from the get-go. There were no instructions, so I was left to try and figure out what I had to do. I guess match the timing of the hearts so they match? There wasn't much to go off of here.

For the theme, you gave the story at the beginning, but it doesn't really come into play in the actual game; You don't see what your percentage means.

Good concept, but definitely needs some wood-shopping.

It seems you've uploaded your Game Maker project file, and not a stand alone game for us to play. 

Unfortunately there's no goal to this game, and only one mechanic. There is no challenge for the player to work towards. I wish there was! The character is too much like Cyanide & Happiness, not original. 

A good concept! Controls could be more fluid. Getting stuck on the trees when you think you should be passing them is a bit finicky. I liked the audio! There is no end screen, so I was just kinda... frozen at the end? Hitting 'F' let me move forward bit by bit. Definitely fits the theme in a more literal sense, since we can't really see our way around.

Thank you very much! We should have a better tutorial soon to help everyone with the tricky controls. 

Thank you!