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Make a Weird HeartView game page

Make friends with a weird guy...
Submitted by Flightyfelon (@Flightyfelon) — 4 hours, 48 minutes before the deadline

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Game Design#973.1853.185

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  • Fabulous game idea with brilliant graphics. Absolutely high quality. I can only highly recommend this game.

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Wow the visuals are stunning!
That monster is so cute!

The audio creates a playful atmosphere and the gameplay is... interesting :D

I hope to see this game developing into something more :)

I've made a weird heart!


Super cute game. I'm super impressed by the visuals - incredible this got done in a week, honestly. I think this could work better with just mouse controls, too.

Maybe if the friend would interact more with the pieces instead of just being intrigued by them, but I think I see where you were headed maybe. There's something here, I kind of wish there was more substance.

Still can't get over the visuals. Seriously, great job.


Graphics are top notch :)! Special mood because of it. Not really a game as we know it.  Out of the box thinking. I like that. Fun to do and to see all the animations and reactions. Fun to play! Well done.

Jam Judge (1 edit) (+1)

Fabulous game idea with brilliant graphics. Absolutely high quality. I can only highly recommend this game.


Thank you so much!! ;U;


The graphics and the audio are really great! Also im sure this is the most innovative idea i have seen this jam, so good job on that one :) I would have liked it if you could also use the mouse to control your arm, but besides that it was a great experience, thank you for making this game.


such.. an interesting game, i couldn't quite figure out what the whole objective was (is that the point? xD) graphics are really good, audio is nice, but honestly i don't really see it matching with the theme? its got the love part down, but not really blind? i could be misinterpreting it overall really good game :)


The point is to make a weird heart and to have fun hehe. Not really much beyond that ;P

In terms of Love is Blind? Yeah I definitely didn't take it too literally, though I guess I interpreted it as not understanding what's going on inside another person's head, and watching their reactions to figure them out? I'm glad you liked the graphics and audio!


Definitely a weird friend! Not quite sure what was happening the whole time, but I could see it develop into something more. 


you made quite interesting game. I loved the monster graphics and the first interaction, just slap his head. For me it wasn't really a fun, but that's just my taste for games and when I pressed enter I had completly black review :/ but as I said for graphics and Audio 5/5. 


Oh I wonder what happened that made the screen go black like that? I’m so glad you liked the graphics and audio though!

It is a bit of a weird little game hehe


You went further than most of us did with the level of dedication for the effects! :D Appreciate the effort! Fun/second beats a long and boring game all the time! ;) 1 setback: my hand was moving a bit too slow, but maybe that's just the impatient me seeing the destination, and not wanting to sit through "the slow ride" over there. Don't take it personally! The sound is also great, and the fact that his fur pulses whenever he reacts to something. That's a good approach to evoke feelings! The overall look of the game proves you gave it careful consideration and attention to all the elements on screen.  Check out mine, when you have the time:


Thank you so much for the thoughtful review! Yeah the arm is a tad slow, though it does get faster as the game progresses ^_^

And yeah I really wanted to focus on the relationship between the player and the monster and how the player interprets the monster’s emotions.

Also I’ll definitely check out your game!


Really nice job on the graphics, and an interesting game! Although, my inner psychopath wants this guy to flip the table, punch me in the face, then the game turns into a fight to the death lol.


Lolol didn’t have time to program it ;P


Great artwork. Wished the monster could give me a hug :)


Lol in my next game I’ll definitely have a hug mechanic just for you ^o^


That was a really great experience. Graphics were exceptional. I was a little lost on what exactly to do or if there was an objective. Really loved the monster character. :)


Definitely not a normal game experience. I loved the monsters reactions and the aesthetic as a whole, though i was a bit confused as of what i was supposed to do.  The game has a lot of potential and if there were more objects to be played with, it could give the game more replayability. 

An intriguing and unique submission!


I really liked your entry but I wouldn't call it a game. Overall it was well polished and all the sounds and animations created a nice aesthetic. Creature's reactions were interesting but didn't serve any real purpose. Maybe making the objects a little less bouncy would help to provide better control over the result.


Yeah haha most of the games I make tend to be more like... "interactive experiences"? There really isn't any obstacle in Make a Weird Heart except what you perceive the fuzzy monster likes and dislikes, and trying to make a heart in those constraints.

The point definitely isn't to make an exact heart shape, but to have fun, and enjoy the monster's antics ;P Definitely isn't a classival game in any sense hehe


Very simple but so beautiful game! It's nice to watch, music in the background match nicely. I don't understand process how creature decides what he likes or not, but it's fun.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Really loved the graphics, fun sounds. The mosnter animation must have taken a lot time.  I didnt quite understand how to make a heart, though. I will play it again later. Maybe a lil tutorial would be cool? Idk , i may just be a bad gamer. Anyway, i really enjoyed its graphics. I'd love your feedback , too ty


So I played it and i was really stunned by the effects on the character and there reactions. It looks vibrant and full of life.

I was a bit disappointed by the possibilities since you can only use few thinks around you, but the art was terribly good !

In overall I really enjoyed it a lot, very well done !


The visuals are so amazing! I also really like the sounds and the atmosphere overall. I managed to "win" but I did not understand exactly if I did well or bad :P


As always, your game jam games are colorful and full of surprises. Following you since LD and it is great to see you on this Jam.
The game is colorful, cute and feel refreshing. Even though it's really short or I couldn't make a "real" heart out of shapes :P Still fun and enjoyable.
Well done


Thank you so much for the kind words :’)

Yeah I tried to make it impossible to actually make a real heart, since I wanted people to get creative