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Many thanks! =)

Cool! I really like that idea ^^

wow, premonition!

Yes! You are totally right. We just didn't have enough time to balance nor add a progress system in pace . Maybe in the futre, thanks

fuuuun! I really had fun playing the first two levels! I thought the turn bar could have an icon or even a text explaining what that bar is. I honestly didnt understand how the turn-based mechanic was working at first, then I figured it out...i'm still not sure about that sort of bar shrinking towards the may confuse people, i think? Good luck !!

Como sabia que alguém entenderia seu comentario? haha Obrigado ^^ Ainda estamos melhorando o jogo =)

VERY NICE GAME ! I Loved the color palette =)

I had some difficulties to jump forward. I Could jump to the left, but i am pretty sure that it was not the right direction. It is a very nice game, though, I think a tutorial would help. I also found the music a bit repetitive and loud. Other than that, great job!

Thanks for your feedback. We will take that into consideration. Also, we interpreted platformer as the sand blocks are our "platforms". We are just using the theme as an inspiration which is often encouraged in game jams 


Press Shift, i think ? u need to use your copy. It shows how in the tutorial

Thank you for playing!

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hi, i couldn't figure out how to remove the sprite once u put it in the particle. I have the newest version, but I don't see the confetti VFX one. ty

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Nice! Join our discord server ^^

What do you mean?

Very nice graphics =) GJ. Rated =)

Nicely done =)

If my heart let me play this game longer enough to see the end, I would!! Having said that, I loved the game. Great job !

I loved the vibes of this game. At first I didn"t know what to do or where to go, but then I understood. Very nice game, though !

Nice!! I love the music. "Man, this party sucks!" (keeps dancing!) haha These people know how to party (even if they dont want to !!) haha Nice puzzles =)

Fun game, very addicting hehe I like how interactive the menu is; Great job =)

Very nice job! Rated with care =)

I have to agree with Tend, but it"s an overall good game. I thought that the level design was well executed.

I loved the characters, great job!

I like the rewind visual effect, that's really cool! GJ Rated !

Nice visual effects! Well done! The game is fun, too =)

after the first dialogues, the dialogue box"s not a problem, though! I could see where I was going.

Great job! Why the enemies are so "futuristic", while the character is wearing an armor ? Anyway, nicely done !

Bravo for being able to accomplish your objectives in the jam. I thought it was fun to hang around...I am just not sure hwy the dialogue text would not disappear after a while..; Good job, though!

random question, how did u accomplish this glow in the text?

Very nice! Simple gameplay, but I really enjoyed it. I loved the pickup VFX and sound! GG

Nicely done! The environment is really beautiful. I thought the camera angle was too low, was it on purpose ? u should def continue to work on it, good luck!

Very nice graphics! I am impressed, great job =) Rated !

I suck at this type of game, but I had some fun playing it =) Congrats! Maybe add a health bar to the enemies? GG

Nice! I loved the puzzles! =) I hope you can take a look at our game =)

Well done ! =)

Great job! I got stuck here: , though. It's a very nice entry and you used the theme as main mechanic, well done!

Nice, very cool SFXs! I like the game concept. Great job!

great job!! so relaxing!!! I also went to a cozy feel in our game Playback. I HOpe you played it too =)

Loved the puzzles! I thought the SFXs were a bit too loud, but it's a really good game.  Great job !


Great job! As we talked on Discord, I really enjoyed your game!