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Hi. Thanks for giving me support, and I am sorry that it doesn't fit exactly what you need. The sprites are sold as is.

If there is something small (reasonable) that you would want, I may create that for you. Otherwise, if you want any other pack I am selling, I can give it to you as a gift.


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Whoa, amazing !

ahh I loved those games ! I love this cosy/chill vibe of the graphics/gameplay. Add me on Discord. It's "niesso" :)

Hello ! We have put together several art assets in a bundle, including UI elements, props, backgrounds, visual effects, animated characters. You can build a game from A to Z with our assets. All our assets are free for commercial use. It's worth more than 100 dollars, but it's all currently on sale for 20 dollars! Don't miss out ! 


Enjoy them as much as we did making them ❤️

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I really like your art style. Do you usually work on your projects all by yourself ?

thanks for the tips haha

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Hi! Nice asset! Just wondering, how many have you sold? I'm also thinking of selling assets =) TY

I love the illustration. I'm wondering who made it =) Thanks

We can talk about it

Yes, sorry, I think I should have mentioned. I will give a free code to you, so you can give it to the person who wins. Discord me in 19 days :)

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Sure, I propose this pack as a reward :

let me know one day before the end of the jam, so i can prepare the voucher =)

Thanks, Charley. Very kind ! =)

I'm glad I could help ! Let me know if you need anything else :)

Thanks, Charley. <3

Hello, everyone!

I'm selling the art assets of games I made for game jams. They are all on sale,  and I can do some minor customizations for your games !

🥘 Restaurante UI assets:

✨ Pixel Misc pack:

Thanks for the support ! 💖

Hey, Xentios; Thanks for playing. We didnt know of that bug with the chest ! The low effort solution for that was scatter some signs to lead the player to the boss room, and that should take you to the boss room. IT's weird you couldn't get there, though. We wiill take a look. Thanks

The art looks super polished. Great job

Ty for the feedback! Will def play your game, too !

I love how cinematic your game looks !

Thanks for the feedback ! Will also play your game later !

it was a team effort =) Makey Makey doesnt require a lot of programming skills haha

thanks !

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Hello ! Just looking to make a simple but charming little VR game. DM "niesso" on Discord: Portfolio:

Hi, Katie. Thanks for the invite! I, however, am a bit sick, I wasn't even able to work for a few days. I hope you get lots of submissions, as this seems to be an amazing project !

amazing job =)

ahh ok. Well, it happens! Loved the idea, tho

i love this game's aesthetics. Great job ! Love the drawings, too =)

this is very nostalgic =)

Nice concept. Mothers really do work hard !

The walls kinda got on the way a bit, but I liked the idea. Great job =)

so cool! i loved the animations, the graphics, and the point and click concept.  Great work !I got stuck at a certain point, but I think that's what you were referring to in the description, right?

Thanks ! <3

you are right! I am uploading the right build. TY I hope u r well =)

Nice game!

Enjoyed a lot, and I was very busy all the time hehe

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This si very sweet! I love the main music! Also, reminded me of Fall Guys and why I don't play it haha

funnn concept!

you got catch 'em all!! I love the music

awesome! i will check out your game, too!