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kinda like a clickbait haha well, we didnt have time to implement the graphics...

Nice game!

Enjoyed a lot, and I was very busy all the time hehe

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This si very sweet! I love the main music! Also, reminded me of Fall Guys and why I don't play it haha

funnn concept!

you got catch 'em all!! I love the music

awesome! i will check out your game, too!

Thanks, Mostly =)


ty !

Very amazing job, I like the concept! =)


Hi, Mister. The webgl version is not working for you? I don't have any problem here.

we are using voice recognition in the game, so I wonder if that's the problem? cuz it works fine here

oh, i'm sorry, let me see what happened! weird, we tested it very quickly

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U could have used the super jump (by pressing E, we didn't have time to add a how to play in the game, sorry)
Funn, thanks!

nice graphics

it would be nice to upload onto

I can help u with that if needed or we can just post it on Itch io

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<3 it! I wonder how u had a such smooth experience in the video you posted, because I lagged so much, i guess I need to change my computer =x


This is red and sweet! I loved it!

nicee!! hollow knight vibes!

'im shocked with the quality of this game!!


This is soo beautiful! music is so chill! And that spider was so scary!!

This is soo beautiful! music is so chill! And that spider was so scary!!

This is soo beautiful! music is so chill! And that spider was so scary!!

Hi, Andrew. hit me up on Discord, let's keep in touch, then =)


My work:

This seems awesome. cant wait to test it!

This is awesome! cant wait to check it. is there a SDK file?

Q1. Doesn't matter, as long as you can provide a video of the gameplay...ideally, provide us the plyable version of the game, then for those who have that specific gear, they will test your game =)

Q2. The theme is Construction / Destruction. But feel free to interpret it however you want it.

Q3. Use whatever engine you want.

Q4. Yes, just write that in the description of the game.

Have fun !

Introduce yourselves, let's team up !

Many thanks! =)

Cool! I really like that idea ^^

wow, premonition!

Yes! You are totally right. We just didn't have enough time to balance nor add a progress system in pace . Maybe in the futre, thanks

fuuuun! I really had fun playing the first two levels! I thought the turn bar could have an icon or even a text explaining what that bar is. I honestly didnt understand how the turn-based mechanic was working at first, then I figured it out...i'm still not sure about that sort of bar shrinking towards the may confuse people, i think? Good luck !!

Como sabia que alguém entenderia seu comentario? haha Obrigado ^^ Ainda estamos melhorando o jogo =)

VERY NICE GAME ! I Loved the color palette =)