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so cool!

Thanks, it's kind of you.
Eu também poderia traduzir o jogo, mas eu acho que nao temos a intenção de ir além do que ja fizemos. ^^

sure, that would be great !

yo, ça va? tu pourrais peut-être enlever mon nom de la liste? tu peux laisser jsute mon prenom. Merci

it's true, but some people can only work over the weekend. You may, however, start earlier. This is not a competitive jam. The main idea here is to make tools to help everybody in the game dev community =)

hey bunny

i was just wondering how u made


so cute, I loved it =)

i'm in a team already, not sure if i will get inspired. we will seee; u?


interesting mechanics, you may wanna look into the jump interaction thing. i kept dying

Hey, y'all! I am Niel.I love making games.

I may be interested in making a tiny game

thanks for answering the survey! i will try yr game =)

it's a good start; keep going

Yay,thanks, joshua!

thanks for the feedback

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really cool. it has personality =) kinda reminds of steven universe

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yea, u r supposed to poke the eye three times, we will need to imrpove it...we didnt have time to polish it =s ty for playing =) did u participate, too?


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I couldnt figure that out. Thanks

hmm what discord channel? u created one for this game? oO

nice game, did u use a shader for this?

I really enjoy the game concept. Fun times!

we actually wanted to adapt it to mobiles/tablets, but we were afraid that there wouldn't be enough time. Thanks!

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I'd love to have your feedback on our game if possible =)

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How is it fair to compete  graphics-wise when ppl are allowed to use free graphical assets from
Just wondering. Don't wanna cause a scene

wow, that looks like a lot of work. good job! i thought that the music didnt really match the gameplay, but it's a good song. I enjoyed the game in general. are u planning to continue?

I'd love to share some feedback:

we are planning to release it on the play store, so it's important for us ^^ thanks I'd love to play people's games, too

where are these bodies coming from? haha


Sorry, it was my first time working with Vorondur, so it took us 7 h to finish the game, but we are happy with the result!

Hey, we hope so! we want to finish up the "story level" which is a bigger level where there is a temple at the end.

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I also like the idea, but i found it a bit hard at first, I died so many times haha maybe i am just bad. I thought that the player could have at least three lives, you don't wanna make it too hard at first, right? =) The character could also use a bit more animations/design. very good entry , though

cool thanks

but we don't have the theme yet, right? also, the programmer that works with me won't be able to do it before that

nice game, i didnt see this one before. I loved the art, but I didnt feel very confortable seeing a man carrying a woman like an object, but I am sure that u guys didnt mean it that way.

I really wanna participate, but the jam starts at 10h30 pm here where I live, and I have an interview on Sunday morning(i know, it's weird, but w.e.). I was wondering if we could either start one hour earlier or make the game on Sunday afternoon. Just wondering