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I Love Gachapon (WIP)View game page

A gacha game with a twist
Submitted by Goldfsh — 11 minutes, 5 seconds before the deadline

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Game Design#903.2223.222

Ranked from 18 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I put some pokemon ost while playing the game haha, this game is nice but can be improved in many ways, like making the aesthetic more uniform, adding music, more divided tutorial...


Thanks for the feedback! I'd love to make this a full game and finish some of the parts I ran out of time with (tutorials, music, sound, subsystems).


A lot of work has obviously gone into this game! I can't score you highly on theme or audio but game design and graphics you are getting good marks from me. nice job!


Thanks for the play and feedback!

For the theme, it's really the core of the game. I took it less literal and did a play on "if you love something, you won't notice it hurting you until it's too late". The game/story is you playing as a character obsessed with gachapon, who over time will lose their job and/or become homeless. While playing, the game keeps track of how often you miss work/are late/pass out/etc.

Thanks again for the feedback, I will be continuing with this concept in the near future. :)


Ahhhh, I see what you mean, I'll change my theme score a little bit to reflect what you explained. Thanks!


It's definitely an interesting game !
I kinda like the "hidden" connexion to the theme like if you love it too much you're gonna sell everything and miss job and miss sleep etc etc...great !
Art is hand made and really well done. You probably had a lot of trouble doing all this.
Maybe add some sound effects and musics ? It would be more lively.

Nonetheless, a good experience


Thank you! I'm so glad someone found the connection to the theme without it being in your face. I guess that's a risk with doing something more subdued and less literal.

I appreciate the feedback. :)


1 star.
Needs more IAPs. Despite being a gatcha game, the devs don't give the option for us to throw our money at them.
Also devs still have not implement autoplay, so maybe wait till they add that before playing.
Though it's BGM is fantastic! sometimes a bit out of place, but still points for that I guess. 
Also Sunset Red Bunny Best girl
/s (Except for the last sentence)




haha! Just comments I always see on gatcha games by players with 3 - 4 digit hours in them. >.<




I really like the intentions behind this game, but I feel the mechanics and balancing do not push the player to play the game to get the intended experience across.

Loving the aesthetic and idea behind the game though, definitely curious to see how this'll evolve.


I love this game, it is very addictive and funny. Pixel art is very well done. Suggestion to put favourite music in the background does the job. For me strong contestant of being best game in the jam!


Thank you so much! :)


I like your pixel style button and the graphics. Nice the sell and roll system as well. if you can make the instructor little text size and clear text type would be better but it is not necessary.

I also made one inventory system last semester. You can made this type very logic proved your code also very well. I like this turn page button and the grid layout. Very directly to the user. Comfortable user experience.

But i am not sure why I cannot listen the audio. 

 I like your game idle 

Jam Judge

Simulator type of game with alot of funny contents.  The art might look strange at the beginning but if you take a closer look, you will the effort behind every single pixel. However, i find that it does not fit to the gj theme.


I appreciate the play and feedback! Thanks

The theme connection is there, but I think it's missed by many. If you play the game and collect all of the sets, you'll end up missing work, losing your jobs, end up selling everything inyour house, and eventually, your house itself.

My take was more of "if you love something, you won't see it hurting you until it's too late". Because the main character loves gachapon so much, they don't realize it's making them late/miss work, pass out in the street and sell all of the things in their house.


Great game man!
Feel free to play mine back ;)