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Hello there, sorry for the late reply.

You need to use the space bar to morse. Quick taps are enough to morse a dot, and holding the bar slightly longer Morses a line. To start a game mode you will need to either morse one or two lines for 1 and 2 players respectively. We are planning an update that will add an input monitor to the main menu.

This game is freaking awesome! But it's so hectic it hurts my wrist and fingers in a matter of seconds.

Yeah, if we continue building on this game we are definitely going to speed up the gameplay a bit and make the arena smaller.
The CPU is not really "playing defensively", that's just randomness deciding it likes to aim (which is weird because we made the chance of that happening pretty low. But the programmer who wrote it had never written AI before, so yeah :) ).

Very fun and crunchy, but maybe a bit too immediately difficult?

Great idea and presentation! I like it!

I know how difficult it is to make a mystery/horror game during a jam. I tried it myself during Brackey's Game Jam earlier this year, and at that point I had a whole week. For what it's worth, this is still a very solid and pretty attempt!

Fun and good-looking, but hard as nails. The difficulty spike at lvl 3 is a bit too much imo.

I love the robot, that's for sure! I must say this reminds me a lot of Titan Soul though.

Fun concept, and I do like how you detailed the ship. I do feel the level is a tad too big to be practical (that's the point, I know, but still a slightly faster move speed or more doorways would be great). I also didn't seem to encounter dangerous asteroids anymore once I was a bit away from the start. I saw lots of small asteroids but they seemed to just be background elements.

I'm really liking the overall aesthetic of the game, especially the 2D art (I wish the 3D art could capture the same style more, but that's gamejam art of course). I do feel the mansion is just a tad too big and it's pretty easy at first to get stuck, which feels pretty unfair if that ends up killing you. Near the end of the game I was kindof wandering about aimlessly trying to find where to go next. A smaller mansion and maybe some more clear signposting of doors opening would help. Maybe use some directional sound so players at least have a vague direction?
Not too fond of the twist ending, it feels a bit last-minute and perhaps it would've been better to end with the mystery unresolved?

Thank you! We should maybe explain the game rules a little better yes. We'll get to that!

Thank you! You're absolutely right in that the actual fight starts a little too slow.
Pay very close attention to the spacing of your inputs. We programmed it to be very close to actual morse messaging so timing is very important. That said we've noticed a few times ourselves where seemingly correct input didn't take (though we didn't get accidental moving ourselves).

We're certainly considering polishing this up, and maybe even adding some more content, at some point!

It's a pretty fun idea and the game looks good, but I'm missing some player feedback.
For one it's a shame there's no sound effects for deaths and fire and such, and some things are a bit surprising. In the last level for example I was certain I had to do something with those two mushrooms, and the little rock on the ledge that turned out to be a bomb was a nasty surprise.

The game also controls a little too sluggish imo. Making all the characters just a little faster would be better I believe. All in all fun concept, but it needs a little more meat on its bones (and a spelling check. A few hints such as "princess" vs "prince" are confusing and the game page says skills are used with E while the game itself says right mouse button).

Interesting challenges made from just the idea of "one action is accessible at a time". Just a shame of the audio and the quick ramp up in puzzle difficulty.

Deceptively difficult and great for it's simplicity

.. - .----. ... / .... .. --. .... / -. --- --- -. .-.-.-

Thank you! It was certainly fun to think up how to program Morse :)

That's a shame that happened because it is a fun idea.

It's well made, but it is kinda just Titan Soul with a horde instead of a single boss.

I really suggest pacing your difficulty and helping your players with a jump trajectory arc while charging the jump. I feel the mechanic is more tedious than difficult.

I feel the kick back mechanic is underused currently. Doesn't help that it's a bit of an overdone mechanic when people think of one button games.

This feels rather broken at the moment. For us Enemies only spawned at the start and eventually we got stuck in the randomly generated map further down the track. Additionally it played two different songs on each speaker which is very confusing and somewhat painful.

I'm a Unity dev myself, and must say one of its biggest pros is the vast amount of resources out there to learn and use it with.
If you want to push yourself into learning something new this jam, you could give it a look. If you're in the discord and have questions, hit me up!

Hey, thank you for your positive feedback on the game!
It seems I was able to get you in exactly the right mood I wanted the player to be in, and you were luckier than some in not encountering bugs.
Thank you for playing and commenting!

Hi Igor, thanks for telling me your thoughts!
I realize I didn't exactly convey the idea and gameplay behind this game, you're completely right in pointing that out and players getting "lost" is completely on me. 
To clarify, as a player you're basically building a project within 7 days. As time goes on, you'll be forced to inflict self-harm to see this project through, gradually spiraling out of control as your sleeping pattern becomes untenable and you begin to seriously self-mutilate to finish the project. The core idea is that love and passion can blind us, to the detriment of ourselves, and this isn't limited to love for another in the traditional sense.

Thanks for reporting the getting stuck bug as well. You're not the only one who's encountered this, and I'll be looking into it.
I will definitely give your game a try.

Unfortunately this game is really hard to play if you do not have a Qwerty keyboard. Please use Unity's Horizontal/vertical axis input system next time.

It's a cute idea really, and I'm undecided whether the gridlocked movement without a stationary turn is great or terrible. It is hard to tell how much you move in the dark though, perhaps it would've been better to keep the map stationary and only move the player character. This might have turned the difficulty down a bit too.

I didn't like the background music unfortunately. The visibility toggle is also a bit hard on the eyes. Maybe giving players just a fraction of a second more time to see everything would be better and strain eyes less.

I really like the intentions behind this game, but I feel the mechanics and balancing do not push the player to play the game to get the intended experience across.

Loving the aesthetic and idea behind the game though, definitely curious to see how this'll evolve.

Really liking the music, and the pun is absolutely great!

A simple, fun game to try for a few minutes, and harder than it looks!