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Unleash your inner Clint Eastwood!
Submitted by solepilgrim — 5 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#6064.0004.000

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Neat game!  I really like the board layout and western music!  Also the sprite art and design are great!  After the jam when you work on it some more, maybe and some cool wind + tumble weed particle effects to add to the western atmosphere.  Awesome job!  Please check out my entry if you have time.  Good day!


Hey, that was pretty unexpected, but actually pretty cool! I wasted a couple of shots, figuring out the aim mechanic, but quickly got the hang of it. It can be kinda slow, as other people pointed out, but since it is a strategy game, that's understandable. Nice job!


Spent a while on this trying to figure out what to do / how to do it. It's rather slow but, very cool mechanic - great idea! Never seen this before.


Interesting idea, if only the input didn't go so slowly - I was hoping for a real-time battle (: good work


I share the same sentiment than other commentors. Really original concept, but way too slow. Check our game!


Very cool idea but the game play is a bit slow for me at least, me and the cpu are playing both very defensively so half the time we're just aiming and hope they came in my shooting range.


Yeah, if we continue building on this game we are definitely going to speed up the gameplay a bit and make the arena smaller.
The CPU is not really "playing defensively", that's just randomness deciding it likes to aim (which is weird because we made the chance of that happening pretty low. But the programmer who wrote it had never written AI before, so yeah :) ).


Cool concept, but really slow, it takes a while to get used to but half the tiem the game doesnt take your input correctly and just executes part of the input, making you move in a direction that takes a lot of time to correct.

The adherence to the theme is great, you only use the space bar to execute a multitude of commands.

Super original idea, wouldnt have thought about this game in a million years.

Fun? It's a game to polish, as a concept is amazing, but fails in execution, still a good entry.


Thank you! You're absolutely right in that the actual fight starts a little too slow.
Pay very close attention to the spacing of your inputs. We programmed it to be very close to actual morse messaging so timing is very important. That said we've noticed a few times ourselves where seemingly correct input didn't take (though we didn't get accidental moving ourselves).

We're certainly considering polishing this up, and maybe even adding some more content, at some point!


Took me a little while to figure out how aiming works, really cool concept though!


Thank you! We should maybe explain the game rules a little better yes. We'll get to that!


Oh, this game... Very unusual and peculiar, idea about using Morse is brilliant.


Thank you! It was certainly fun to think up how to program Morse :)