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The letter P :)

Typically, for puzzles hints, it is written in ROT 13 to prevent people from accidentally spoiling themselves.

The letter r

I am honoured that it is your favourite entry! Thanks so much!

For V, think of what objects look like the letter V.
Helps for most other letters too :)

Save option coming... not very soon.

Yeah it only checks scrabble valid words from length 3 to 9.  >_<

Heyo, thanks for your feedback :)

You can turn off the music by spelling mute/silent/similar words.
Also, there are more than 1 way to win(or lose).

Someone also made a walk-through here with hints. Spoiler alert ofc.

Thanks :)

Pretty fun once you get it - interesting concept

Thanks for your feedback! There is no maximum speed right now. Mwahahahaha.

I made it get faster and faster so that the game progresses faster.  If you only have 1 ball on screen, slow-medium speed balls would be near impossible to get past it. But if i lowered the AI speed , when there are multiple balls, the balls get past it too easily and player won't have enough time to consider their options. Not too sure how to do it without speeding up the ball, but I definitely should have a soft cap on the max speed. 

haha! Just comments I always see on gatcha games by players with 3 - 4 digit hours in them. >.<

1 star.
Needs more IAPs. Despite being a gatcha game, the devs don't give the option for us to throw our money at them.
Also devs still have not implement autoplay, so maybe wait till they add that before playing.
Though it's BGM is fantastic! sometimes a bit out of place, but still points for that I guess. 
Also Sunset Red Bunny Best girl
/s (Except for the last sentence)

Hi! Any chance you could make a build/version for any other platform?
Most of us can't really play your game and vote if you only have a linux build

Haha yeah! Ran out of time to polish - or make a menu.
Only found out about the jam halfway through .

My audio was inspired by John Cage's 4'33 - you are part of the music! :P

Thanks for trying it out and for the feedback ^^
Was trying to balance between risk vs reward in the sense where you can get rid of bad messages early on but it means its harder for any message to get through later on. Didn't want to shut down either method by making it too hard or easy so it led to slightly longer pong gameplay than I would have liked - though if you found it challenging i think i succeeded to some degree at least >.<

Hi Jupiter_Hadley!
Thought I give you a heads up to tell you that just fixed the issue.  Turns out it was a stray space the caused the issue - sorry about that! >.<

The issue about songs being unable to load is fixed now!

Hey, just checked out your game! I thought i was being unique :(
I guess great minds think alike ;)

Haha! Enemy Placeholder is masterpiece I added into the game after months of deliberation and consideration, affecting every aspect of the game! /s

Definitely would take yours and others suggestions into account if I expand upon this :)

(1 edit)

Ah, yeah. If you play with the assist mode, it allows for for holding down keys, added that in coz I went crazy playing my game when trying to find the optimal sensitivity and whatnot of the beat detection algorithm. On the difficulty selection/menu, you can hit your arrow keys switch between difficulties. Look for the ones appended with " - No assist" if you don't like the holding feature. Capturing the beat works more like your typical rhythm game without assist. The beat is supposed to be clicked right when it's center touches the edge of the black hole, without assist, I think you have about ~0.5s window? Not very certain as I forgot what I set it as.

A click track is a great idea! Something like a metronome that plays softly in the background or when there is a lull in the beats, not sure how it would affect the game, but will play around with it. I believe(or hope) that it be easier to find the beat when the player actually provides their own song - maybe i add a some indicator whether you are early/late with snares or something.

Hehe, thanks! I'm glad you liked the visual response! Definitely considering adding a short tutorial and/or a better visual indicator or hint that you are supposed to play it twice.

Hi Fledered, It is indeed a prototype. I'm glad that you found it nice as it was hastily threw together in the time I had waiting for or within public transportations. 

Would love to hear any ideas or suggestions that you may have for it as I may consider picking this project up again for the future :) 

Hey Daniel, thanks for your feedback :) 

The metronome to start is a great idea! I definitely add it in if I continue this.

Currently, spamming the same note won't get you high scores. Unless you spam them insanely quickly though since each beat has a minimum of 1 damage, maybe I allow it to do negative damage next time >.< 
But outside of trying to hit notes reaaallly fast, it does actually have incentive for players to make - i won't say beautiful, but at least half decent melodies as the algorithm will try rate the melody and scale the damage accordingly. If I remember right, it should be possible to deal either up to 16  or 32 damage per note.

(2 edits)

Hi fricochet, thanks for your feedback - really appreciate it. Your lanes only move if you hit it to the beat. Hopefully I didn't violate any copyright laws - though i be removing all the songs available once I have time to update it as it was originally meant for the user to give it their own song/audio but I forgot about file protection until the last moment and just hastily uploaded it as it is >.<

The songs currently in there was all found on Youtube and it's video title written/spelled as in the game for anyone that want to check them out.

you ain't the first ;)

well, i kinda have a unfair advantage as i played it before it was on itch >.<

Its not an AI ;) It your past selves @AdamStrange