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A rhythm dodger that allows the user to input their own song
Submitted by rubyleehs (@rubyleehs) — 14 days, 16 hours before the deadline
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Im unsure if I played it correctly, but the music is beautiful. I included it in my A Game By It’s Cover 2018 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

This game is stuck on 'Your songs are loading' for me.


Hi Jupiter_Hadley!
Thought I give you a heads up to tell you that just fixed the issue.  Turns out it was a stray space the caused the issue - sorry about that! >.<


It looks pretty great and the soundtrack is promising (and hopefully doesn't violate copyright laws?), but I don't really get how the game is played. Pushing the arrow keys to the beat of the audio, the pulsating circles or the arrival of the little objects that come down seems to work sometimes. But I couldn't find any pattern that would reliably change the lanes when and how I want to. =/

Developer (2 edits)

Hi fricochet, thanks for your feedback - really appreciate it. Your lanes only move if you hit it to the beat. Hopefully I didn't violate any copyright laws - though i be removing all the songs available once I have time to update it as it was originally meant for the user to give it their own song/audio but I forgot about file protection until the last moment and just hastily uploaded it as it is >.<

The songs currently in there was all found on Youtube and it's video title written/spelled as in the game for anyone that want to check them out.


I played it again today and figured out that you could get the lanes moving by simply holding down the arrow keys, which is a tactic that usually doesn't work in rhythm games. Still, simply tapping the keys to the beat didn't really work for me. Maybe there was some kind of latency, maybe the time window was too small. Hard to say.

But some form of visual feedback where the beat is supposed to be would probably help a lot. A click track in the beginning could also help to get into the groove. Especially songs that have a long intro without any percussion (e.g. Flower Dance) or no percussion at all with varying speed (Flight of the Bamboo Cutter) are pretty unpredictable when it comes to finding the beat.

Developer (1 edit)

Ah, yeah. If you play with the assist mode, it allows for for holding down keys, added that in coz I went crazy playing my game when trying to find the optimal sensitivity and whatnot of the beat detection algorithm. On the difficulty selection/menu, you can hit your arrow keys switch between difficulties. Look for the ones appended with " - No assist" if you don't like the holding feature. Capturing the beat works more like your typical rhythm game without assist. The beat is supposed to be clicked right when it's center touches the edge of the black hole, without assist, I think you have about ~0.5s window? Not very certain as I forgot what I set it as.

A click track is a great idea! Something like a metronome that plays softly in the background or when there is a lull in the beats, not sure how it would affect the game, but will play around with it. I believe(or hope) that it be easier to find the beat when the player actually provides their own song - maybe i add a some indicator whether you are early/late with snares or something.