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Haha, got me. Composing the soundtrack was actually what I spent most of the time with. Though that baby game was supposed to be larger, with various levels that would play different (unlockable!) music. I even had half a dozen additional song ideas, from krautrock to funk, country and even 60s surf space pop.

But well...ran out of time. :)

Hehe, thank you! It was a bit more...eclectic than I had initially planned, but still pretty fun nevertheless.

Thought about doing a remake of the game that would have different sound chip versions of the songs (probably NES/Mega Drive/PS1 and CD quality or something like that), but...who knows when I'll have time for that. x)

Sweet fruits, cute bugs and a wholesome short story- that is an adorable little game! Perfect for a short session during a break. The artwork during the cutscenes is also really nice and the soundtrack fits in wonderfully, too. Well done!

High score is 3255. :)

Thank you! <3

And yes, you can upload and use your created songs with it any way you want! Upload it to YouTube, Soundcloud, play it in streams, use it for game soundtracks...I'd love to hear what you'll come up with! If you want to share it on Twitter, there's also the hashtag #chiphopmachine for it. :)

Love the aesthetics here, both the art and the music. Seems like a very cozy game and I can't wait to find out how the story continues!

The gameplay and the levels could use a bit more variation to keep it interesting. And the English translation would probably benefit from having a proofreader. But so far, I think the game's direction is very promising!

Very cute, relaxing and later on even quite challenging! Was looking for a little game that I could just play for a round or two now and then...and it was perfect for that. Nice combination of minigolf and puzzles. c:

Aw, that's awesome! Thanks for sharing! <3

Loved the atmosphere of the game. Quite a few quirky and cute ideas that made me come back for the various endings (got four different ones in total, I believe). Good job!

Thank you! Do you mean exporting the songs as audio files you can listen to? Saving them as .txt files to load them in the app should hopefully work already. For audio files, there's a little tutorial video on the page as a workaround. :)

Aw, thank you for the kind words! Glad you like it! :)

Sorry to hear that. It likely has to do with Mac's security settings (Gatekeeper) not trusting an unsigned application, which is more common for recent macOS versions. It happens to a lot small indie devs that aren't part of the Apple Developer Program.

Here's a guide that might be able to help:

There is no export button inside the game, but here's a little tutorial on how to record your songs as audio files!

Thank you for your kind words! <3

Yes, you're free to use your creations with it for any songs, games, videos or pretty much every other medium! A credit like "using [LOFI CHIP-HOP MACHINE] by fricochet" or something would be appreciated, but is not required.

And I'd love to hear the final result, so feel free to notify me when you release it! ;)

You mean user audio files? That's not possible at the moment. I actually considered adding it in an update and it would probably work one way or another. At least on Windows, from what I've read. But it could come with a few downsides. Saving the audio files might be unreliable, sharing patterns would be more complicated and the interface would probably be harder to read.

Don't have much free time at the moment, but it's still something I wanna look into!

Don't know how I found this, but with that name, I couldn't resist giving it a try. It's a slightly weird, but pretty charming little cat sim!

Aw, thank you!

Just a few weeks ago, we were talking on a Discord server about wanting (more) LGBT Monster dating sims and this is exactly what I was hoping for! And just in time for Halloween, too!

Luna's design is what drew me in, to be honest, probably by far the most "kawaii" character of the bunch. Still, after having played the demo, I like that the other characters aren't just cute eye candy conforming to common beauty standards like in many VNs, but actually look like monsters with their own, unique design. I think it also brings out their personalities a lot better.

Speaking of which: I think they're all interestingly written; even the characters whose routes I probably won't take (due to personal preferences and not that much free time) add some entertaining dynamics to the group.

And while there are many LGBT VNs out there now, I don't think I've ever played one that combined such diverse identities in such a short space without feeling like it's too compressed or only about that (though I like how open they were nevertheless and it actually makes me want to explore and express my own identity more confidently). The characters' background stories were very entertaining and their little quips hilarious! I also enjoyed the short DnD session. And the ending of the Luna route wasn't overly dramatic, but still left me wanting to find out what happens next.

Oh, and the soundtrack was neat as well! Chill and rather subtle, but still interesting to listen to without the visuals.

Overall one of the most entertaining VNs I've played in a long time...maybe even on the way to becoming my all-time favorite! Really, great job there! Very excited for the release of the full version (but take your time).

Also featured one of the most relatable screenshots I ever took:

(I feel like I need that "meow, bitch" shirt now...maybe an idea for merch?)

Aw, glad to hear that, thank you! :)

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Ah, I'm sorry! After posting it and waiting a bit, I kind of had a hunch. Hope it was not too uncomfortable for you. :(

Yay, let's become mutuals! :) Started following you, you'll probably recognize me in the notifications. You can also set your account to private, if public Twitter becomes too much. Then you can restrict who can interact with you and who can see your content (i.e. only followers, and people can only become followers if you allow it). Some friends of mine do that as well and it makes it more comfortable and less overwhelming for them. Then there are also blacklists for single words, which I use a lot, that can also make the experience a lot more enjoyable. Twitter can be a scary place, but there are ways to make it way less scary. :)

And of course, I'll reply to the rest of your points as well, but I think maybe Twitter DMs might be a better place for that now, if that's okay with you? It's less public than here...and we can get a bit more off-topic there. I mean, this is the comment section of your game, after all. x)

Happy to hear that, thank you! :)

Awesome pixel art and character design there, exactly like I would imagine it if the Famicase cartridge was an actual NES game! Sound and gameplay also fit the setting quite well. Quite challenging (I barely made it past the first boss), but that's probably part of the retro charm. :)

Great pixel art there! A colorful, but not gaudy world with interesting characters and enemies as well as smooth animations. The soundtrack is also pretty neat. Had a bug here, though:

The enemy statue was stuck in place, I couldn't hit it and apparently, I was also invincible, as the enemy could damage me for all my life points, but the battle wouldn't stop.

But for an early version, it's still very promising. Good work!

Wonderful adventure game! Lovely character design and tiles...and a very effective use of the filters for the different times of the day and the weather. The music is really soothing, which kinda surprised me with a more Zelda-esque gameplay, but it fits pretty well and creates a very pleasing atmosphere. Playing it with a controller would have been nice (or maybe my old X360-style controller just wasn't recognized), but controls were still manageable with a keyboard. Awesome title!

Loved it! Very cute and soft presentation with a charming soundtrack and some pretty tough puzzles that took me a while. :)

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Nice aesthetics, a driving soundtrack and old school gameplay...that was fun!

An interesting approach there, requiring the player to not do anything to change the game world and instead  idle to see what happens. Very atmospheric. And of course, Debussy's music never disappoints. :)

Even if it's just one level, it was a very rewarding experience with a lovely soundtrack, interesting gameplay and very cute character designs, especially the protagonist cat! :)

Didn't get very far, though I love the concept, aesthetics and customization options. And having online multiplayer is a neat little bonus!

Got two endings, the first was a rather unhealthy meal shortly after starting the game, the other one took quite a while and ended with unpleasant dreams. I think a save/load mechanic would have been neat and would have made exploring the consequences of the different choices more comfortable, even increasing the replay value, as you wouldn't have to play all the way to the end to pick a different option.

But nevertheless, it's a really well-made text adventure/visual novel! The story is exciting, the artwork paints an immersive picture of the game world and these little pixel noise effects as well as the soundtrack do a great job at creating an unsettling atmosphere where you're never really sure if the next choice will be your last.

That's a pretty unique approach there, doing a sort of "minimalist blueprint hidden object Pokémon Snap". Didn't get to see the Bux unfortunately, but liked the "Brecht", "Huftier" and "Schwatz" nevertheless! :)

Wasn't familiar with that type of puzzle game before, so it took me a while to figure out how to play it best. Once I figured it out, it was fun, though! Fluid gameplay, great animations and an authentic, but not too obtrusive chiptune soundtrack. Great job there!

Got stuck a few times, with the ball apparently landing inside one of those platforms after passing the left or right side of the screen. Resetting in the pause menu didn't work, either (no option was selectable and the cursor just cycled through them from top to bottom), so I had to quit and restart the game each time...

Apart from that, it was pretty fun! Captures the NES style pretty well in terms of graphics, sounds and gameplay. Only 2.5 colors (if you count the semi-transparent background), but they're used well.

It's challenging and at times a bit frustrating when you miss the right platform by just a few pixels, but that makes it even more rewarding to get it right shortly after that! Needed 93 shots for all 18 holes, which is probably slightly over par, but for an amateur, that's probably alright. x)

Fun game!

Didn't get too far (high score was a little below 7000), but I liked the aesthetics here. Yellow and black is a pretty cool color scheme, the particles of the meteor trail are smooth and the bricks exploding into letters was also a nice touch that I haven't seen anywhere else before. Neat!

Simple but entertaining gameplay. Gets hectic, but not too overwhelming towards the end, making it seem like it's very difficult to dodge the other color often enough to fill the circle...but thanks to some clever programming, it's definitely manageable.

Cool graphics and sound as well! :)

That was a fun little experience! Cute graphics and very upbeat, with folks enjoying their beach day even when it snows. :)

Fun visuals, concept and gameplay! Short and sweet game. :)

Interesting idea here, mixing synthwave aesthetics (especially the soundtrack) and medieval fantasy. Reminds me of a browser game based on a RPG Maker 2000 game about vampires I played in the mid-2000s.

Only got to 4 blood vials with regular playing, then messed around and saw that just harvesting humans until you have 500 blood on day one and turning them into 5 blood vials was enough to beat the game, even escaping the Vatican that way. ;)

I love the character designs here! Big buff ant is probably my favorite, but they all look cool, interesting, cute or a combination of those. Finding out what their special talent is was also fun! :)

Pretty cute and amusing, as well as an innovative game concept! With the 55/45 mixes, it get's pretty tricky...also nice music! :)

A bit short and rough around the edges, but the art style, the level design, the music, the enemies...awesome! And even more potential to continue there! Ending was a bit abrupt, but I enjoyed playing all of it nevertheless! :)