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Thanks for the feedback! I'd love to make this a full game and finish some of the parts I ran out of time with (tutorials, music, sound, subsystems).

Thanks for the play and feedback!

For the theme, it's really the core of the game. I took it less literal and did a play on "if you love something, you won't notice it hurting you until it's too late". The game/story is you playing as a character obsessed with gachapon, who over time will lose their job and/or become homeless. While playing, the game keeps track of how often you miss work/are late/pass out/etc.

Thanks again for the feedback, I will be continuing with this concept in the near future. :)

Thank you! I'm so glad someone found the connection to the theme without it being in your face. I guess that's a risk with doing something more subdued and less literal.

I appreciate the feedback. :)


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Neat game. It's cool to see a true mobile game in the jam. The speed was slow for me, and ended up being too easy to beat to be stimulating. The bgm was pretty good. :)

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I really liked your art. The darkness that came in was a bit buggy, and also ran in to collision issues that would make the character oscillate left and right. Fun little quick game though. :)

Cool concept. The heart text on each building/plant was a little misleading though. They all show +x%, rather than if they have positive or negative impact. Some feedback as to what the next upgrades will do would be very helpful.

I did run in to a bug after upgrading the house past lvl 4 that crashed the game. Also, the play area did not scale correctly, causing me to only be able to see half of the squares on the outside edges.

Good attempt, I would definitely play if you took this farther. :)

Thank you so much! :)

I appreciate the play and feedback! Thanks

The theme connection is there, but I think it's missed by many. If you play the game and collect all of the sets, you'll end up missing work, losing your jobs, end up selling everything inyour house, and eventually, your house itself.

My take was more of "if you love something, you won't see it hurting you until it's too late". Because the main character loves gachapon so much, they don't realize it's making them late/miss work, pass out in the street and sell all of the things in their house.

Very neat concept. I'm not sure if it was just me, but I wasn't really able to "get good" at it. It seems like if both characters are being shot at, then your going to lose. If the characters moved faster, or there was a way for one of the two characters to take all of the agro, this might be remedied. Good stuff though!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the game to run. :(

Pretty cool game! Reminds me a bit of some of the old browser games from the 90s-2000s with simple leveling systems/interactions. There was a bug where if you got an ending an pressed "No", the game wouldn't let you go back to your camp, and you are forced to take the ending. I believe the error was "no go:to start".  Good job though, played through a few of the endings. :)

I ran in to an issue with the tutorial breaking as soon as I clicked the button, and also, I was having issues with door interactions. I tried to find where to go, and pressed E on everything I could find in the game. Seems like it would've been a pretty cool game. :)

Very cool concept. I wish there were two separate buttons for reeling and casting though. 

Great game. With more levels and some sound design, I could see this being a commercial game. :)

Awesome game. I really loved the graphics, seems to be heavily influenced by overcooked. I really love the dash mechanic. It was implemented very well. Great job!

Nice game! One of my favorites of the jam. It reminds me of some old windows adventure/puzzle games I played as a kid. I wasn't sure of which directions the characters could turn. It seems like sometimes the can turn  toward walls/objects, but sometimes they cant. Some feedback for this would be awesome. Very cool stuff. :)

Very neat concept. I love that the horse and knight are puppets. Unfortunately, I was having issues with bugs and had to restart the game. Overall, pretty entertaining though. Nice job.

This game is great! Challenging but within reason. It really gives that retro game feel. One grip I had was that the characters feet are at the very bottom of the tile that it is in, which initially, was a bit confusing, but very easy to get use to. Very good job!

That was a really great experience. Graphics were exceptional. I was a little lost on what exactly to do or if there was an objective. Really loved the monster character. :)

Wow, awesome graphics. Minimalist, but still very polished. I wish that there cursor were locked to the webgl frame though. I had a few deaths from getting stuck on the edges when moving slightly outside of the frame. Great job all the same!

Cool game! Played it through, and still not really sure what triggers the darkness/brightness effect. Definitely fun though. :)

Pretty fun. Shoot bound to Z is a killer though.

Pretty cool concept! I could see this being a subsystem in a larger game. :)

This is really great! Can't believe it was made in two days. Had to play it to completion. Great job!

Thanks for the feedback!
Yeah, I'm really bummed that it shipped with two pretty big bugs (tower 2 and 3 not upgradable, upgrades past level 7 result in crash). I did post a version with bug fixes (but no new content or improvements, to stick with the spirit of the jam). Without the additional mechanics I had planned to implement, it is a bit repetitive though.

Although it was rough, I don't regret picking up pico8. I had a ton of fun with it, and the limitations were exciting to overcome. This was my first jam, so I underestimated how fast the end would come, and the fact the I would actually need sleep during the 48 hrs. lol

Oh yeah, I can see the similarities. In the context of those two games, I was aiming more towards Lovers. Unfortunately, pico8 doesn't support multiplayer, and only has a 128x128 display, so options will be limited unless I remake it in another engine. The goal was less "reloading simulator 2018" and more trying to mash resource and time management at multiple nodes (plate spinning) in to a hectic race, face paced to kill all of the creeps. Just fell short due to time. (first time with pico8 and lua, first game jam. lol)

Thanks again!

Really cool concept and nice art. I was expecting the "yell to control" mechanic to work differently. More like, "yell here and your units move away from you or toward you". This type of mechanic may have fit more with the theme since it doesn't give direct control.

If waves/stage were made so that strategy had to be employed to pass, this would have been much more fun/challenging. Being able to put melee in the front, then just charge head first to win made it a bit lackluster. With that said, still a fun game. Great job!

Really great concept and amazing art. I feel like if more enemies were on screen, some great combos could be made. It is definitely more fun if you let at least 3-4 enemies on screen before taking them out.

Cool concept and art. It'd be cool to see AI implemented, even if it randomly picks a response or attack.

Thanks for the comment! The tedium was definitely intentional with the ammo (hence the distance from the canon), but I may have kind of balanced it to be too often to make up for missing mechanics. A full playthrough to wave 10 consists of 90% loading ammo. The other mechanic that was initially planned was to have to repair the towers as well, but didn't have time to implement. I was also planning to add in-tower combat if I had time. I'll probably remake this and continue the idea, so stay tuned! :)

Thanks for the reply. The upgrade system was the last thing I was doing and it came down to the wire, so the jam version has 2 big bugs shipped. One is that only tower one is upgradable and second is that upgrading past level 7 causes a crash. There is a link to a version with bug fixes, but no new features (to stay in the spirit of the jam), in the description, if you would like to try that.

Great game. Took me a few rooms to realize I could pick up more than one item though. I would say a mini-map would improve player experience. If you pursue this farther, I would say you need a way to cycle your inventory, as it gets tedious (or just allow walk over for pick up so that when an item is dropped you could just walk in to it to cycle inventory).

Cool concept, but the controls are not play friendly. It would be nice if the character moved toward the mouse cursor rather than the opposite way of the cursor (I would have imagined that easier to implement as well). Also if move distance was half as much but able to be performed twice as much, it would feel much better. The way it sit, it feels more like trying to get lucky squeezing through a gap while fighting the controls, rather than a skill based platformer. I did have some fun, and do see potential though, so good job! :)

Great concept. Played it through and had fun.  I felt like the speed/power of the kick was a little inconsistent though. I could see this doing well as a mobile game if it was polished up a bit and kick mechanics were tightened up. :)

I definitely wanted to add more to the game, but started running out of time. I barely got the upgrade system in place. I had planned on making a few more activities, like repairing the tower, fighting enemies inside the tower, full upgrade menu with different upgrade types, changing ammo locations (some one runs in to the tower and drops of ammo in different locations each time).

I'll pursue this idea for sure, so stay tuned!

I love the art style. The concept is interesting, but I just don't get the game, and the game page doesn't really provide any clarity. Again, great art!

Cool concept. I love the ship graphics. It's a little slow paced for my shmup tastes, but still fun. Just picked up pico-8 for this jam,  so I can appreciate the limitations. Cheers!

This is awesome! The wings and nerf? gun were a little OP, and I couldn't manage to get a save with the portal gun. Tons of fun though, one of the best I've played so far. :)

I love this game. It's by far my favorite that I've played from this jam so far. I'd love to see you pursue this idea further!