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Super fun game, great job!

good job!

Id suggest maybe changing it to push space to start or any key, took me a minute to see the press S to start cause of the three s's next to each other

really appreciate the comment! Its deff lacking on alot of the player feedback and 'feel' parts. 

And i did code it well enough to where i could easily expand on it, but we will see if i decide to or not

Thanks a lot tho!

ha I wanted to do pokemon, but to make it a little different i used people with gear instead of pokemon (which is the final fantasy part)

And yeahhhh i was lucky enough to have the game this finished by the time the jam ended, no way id of had time for sound effects, i was hoping i would tho loll

cant wait! Was fun just walking around the one room hahah

ahh was hoping this would be updated by the end of the jam, was a great start! 

Great job! Is really well made

Great job! Is really well made

Quite impressive! Great job indeed 

Ikr, i pretty much had to make the whole game just to get a demo made, was a lot of work, especially because its a team RPG game loll

And im considering if i want too or not

Completely agree, there is  a lot of things i didn't have time to add in and lots of things i had to half ass to get finished. Thanks a lot for the feedback tho! Was fun making it

Really good set! Thanks a lot for this

Decent game! Good job

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Yes i was refering to James! If hes available to help id love too have him, otherwise ill whip some music up around the last week or so ha!

And thanks alot! I did program this quite fast i feel like haha
(probably cause im use to Unity Tiny and normal unity is like easy mode in comparison) 

Would be excellent if you wanted to help. 

Can message me on discord if you want 


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Curious if anyone wants to do/help with the art for my jam

Its pretty much pokemon, but with characters (sorta like final fantasy) instead of pokemon

If you havent found a team, i might be interested!

Im working on my game alone at the moment, so you may be better off looking for a full team. 

But heres what my game looks like so far 

For sure let me know! Your games super unique 

<3 you made the whole thing worth it. Appreciate it 

No worries :) The comment is more than enough <3 

But thank you for the feedback! I would probably agree with it :D

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This is a cute game <3 
I really like the graphics and the concept. great job!Im impressed by the extra detail you got into the game also!

Cool game, i enjoyed it! Graphics are dope also

Your graphics are awesome!!

NO clue how to beat the first level but he graphics are really really awesoem!!

rated! was a cool game!

Cute game! I like your graphics!

hmmmm i should be able to test it when my friend comes over later today!! Ill try to convince him :) 

This was awesome! Great game

Super cool game! i really liked it!!

pretty cool game!

This was a fun game!! Cute graphics

If anyone wants to trade rates with my game, leave a comment!

Iv already rated alot of the submissions, but still feel fre to ask!!

thanks alot!

Thanks alot <3

Man this game is awesome! Super super unique. I bet if you put another week on graphics and smoothing the controls out it would be a really good game!

<3 thank you!

i was excited when i thought of that ending haha

thanks alot, i really appreciate it! Yeah i was stressing getting everything done. Was super nervous i wouldn't upload on time.

Was dealing with thunderstorms and power outs for 3 days before the jam ended. Even had to buy a new router. Then on the last hour of the jam my internet went out for 30 mins and i still hadnt uploaded xD

Im sorry to hear that :/ Well from the screen shots, it looks fun :)

great reply! <3