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Thanks for checking it out! Were you able to make it up the walls on the first try? Sometimes the jump velocity and trajectory felt like it was affected by machine performance and I wouldn't actually be able to get out. I'd love to make sure no one has that problem.

Either way, thanks for checking it out =]

heh, the alley was supposed to be from a raccoon's perspective, finding a console and tv in the trash and playing it (hence the one-button controls). I couldn't find a model to include in the scene, so what's there now feels like a weird, swoopy, unrelated intro and frame crop.

Nonetheless, thanks for checking it out and for your feedback! =]

I'm fairly certain I created my project through the jam page earlier this month, but my project page doesn't show any association to the Jam.

How can I fix this?

thanks for trying it out!

Super cute game to end my rating run before the jam is over. I love the story and the music. Beep.

Cool art style. Gameplay reminds me of Bastion. For the love of Pete reduce the base enemy HP! :)

Great job. Made it all the way through. This is a very zen game. The visuals and sound fx were really good. The open room levels were kind of a bear to get through, but I loved it overall.

Super polished visuals and gameplay. One of the few games I've actually retried because it was fun. Awesome work!

Presentation is a little weird in the small window, but I love the visuals and the game design overall. Really solid idea. Some simple sfx could go a long way! Great game

Love the visuals. Took a ton of tries to figure out the first level puzzle, but overall nice work

Thank you for your feedback and for checking out the game!

Glad you liked it, and thanks for checking it out! Also what do you mean by sticky keys?

Thank YOU for checking it out! I'm glad you liked it

Thanks for checking it out!

This visual design is legit. Great job with that. The gameplay got a little repetitive kind of quickly, but the level of polish on everything truly makes this game stand out. Awesome work =]

Super freakin cute, almost like an interactive children's book. Love the visuals. Controls felt a little sluggish, but it worked. Would love to see more sound design. Good job

Reminds me of a Virtual Boy game. Very cool.

This feels like it would be amazing on a tablet, but it's too fast to use a mouse with any sort of precision. I really love the art style!

Super cute game. I'm super impressed by the visuals - incredible this got done in a week, honestly. I think this could work better with just mouse controls, too.

Maybe if the friend would interact more with the pieces instead of just being intrigued by them, but I think I see where you were headed maybe. There's something here, I kind of wish there was more substance.

Still can't get over the visuals. Seriously, great job.

I really really love the aesthetic of this game, visuals, sound, and narrative delivery. The controls, for me at least, are just not worth sticking around for. Sorry. 

It's definitely something I think I would enjoy if I felt like I had better control of the player. I learned a valuable lesson in the last (and only) jam I submitted a 2D platformer: keyboard controls just don't work for precise movement and jumps.

Awesome job on everything else, though. Seriously I loved it.

The hint heartbeat was always fast for me so I never found Love. =[

Would be an interesting concept if it worked, though. I like the music and use of SFX.

Just so you know and in case it wasn't clear (another thing I can work on!) you can move the discs independently. You don't have to reach the goal at the same time, you just need to have both in the goal to move on =]

Thank you so much for checking it out and for your awesome feedback! =]

Great suggestion with the timer! I hope to include more levels and mechanics as well. Thanks for checking it out and for your feedback!

Thanks for checking it out! :D

Hey thanks for trying it out!! Is there something I can do to make it more accessible for you to play on your own? I'd love to hear any suggestions you might have!

Thanks so much for your feedback! It's definitely in line with other comments about learning the mechanics. I plan to take some time to update the home screen so the controls are more obvious =]

Thanks again for trying it out and for your honest feedback!!

Woo! Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks VERY much for your honest feedback. You validated a lot of the concerns I had, especially with the start screen. I actually wanted to make some visuals for the controls instead, and possibly make it so you couldn't start without at least moving and firing echos. And also having ping reminders on the second level.

Good call out with the keys and gates, too. Maybe I'll make them so they look more appropriate.

Thanks for trying it out and again for your feedback!

that's awesome =] thank you for giving it a shot and for your feedback!

thanks for trying it out! Always good to hear feedback :)

Glad you like it =] Thanks for trying it out!

This is awesome feedback, thank you!

Thanks for checking out our game =]