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The Pied Fisherman of HamelinView game page

Submitted by haaxor1689 (@Haaxor1689) — 2 hours, 37 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#1113.1183.118

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Awesome game man! Hit a few bugs on my way where the zombies disappeared or the brain got stuck but overall this is a really cool concept and with a little polish such as shadows to show where the brain is in space this could be a really awesome game!

Loved the mechanic of the fishing rod and how fun it was to whirl the brain around hehe :D

Here's the video you requested:


Thanks for playing, I'm happy that you liked it. I didn't have enough time to polish stuff like showing that the zombies are hurt (that's why they disappeared) or proper dying animations for them. Shadows are nice idea. Also you forgot that you can rotate the camera, but well that's on me since the onboarding was really short and not playtested enough,


Overall the game was fun! Missed sounds really, otherwise it was fun to play. Also the concept really felt unique, so kudos!

Try out my game as well :


Yeah sounds are something that I have no experience with and I didn't have enough time to add it. Thanks for the feedback.


You've definitely got the start to a fun game here! Could 100% use some noises, music, or anything to try and grab attention. Fishing for zombies, who would have guessed!

Jam Judge

Seems like a normal game on the first look but you will notice fast, this game is not just one of those average games. Very good game concept and the art work is brilliant. The only thing missing here is a nice spooky background music and some audio. Still a respectable game.


Man I love the graphics of that game, really well done!

Great game, took me a bit to get going but I loved the graphics and overall execution and the original idea. Good job!


Looks cool but nothing happens: road is blocked on both sides, there is nowhere to go and no zombies appear. Can you clarify what to do?

Check out my game (3D-horror) as well:


The zombies come out when you throw the brain near the manhole on the ground. It's a shame I didn't have enough time to make better polished onboarding.

Submitted (1 edit)

I summoned the zombies and threw the brains behind the blocks. Zombies came, waved their hands towards blocks/brain a bit and nothing happened. I tried this several times and even managed to put the brain exactly on top of the blocks.


Very cool concept. I wish there were two separate buttons for reeling and casting though. 


Thanks for the good idea and thanks for playing :)


Unique game! Making the character movement a bit faster and it would be a lot funner! Alos got stuck on the third level i think it was. Couldnt find where to spawn the zombies from


Thanks for the feedback. The catch in the third level was to rotate the camera to see the manhole cower hidden behind concrete wall but I guess I could have added tutorial prompt for that instead of confusing players like this


That's very impressive all this pixel art. The idea to come as a fisherman to bring zombies to you is just insane ! Nice idea ! 5/5 innovation !


I'm happy that you enjoyed my game and thanks for the compliment about the pixel art.


I was very eager to play it since I've seen posted screenshot one the channel! I really like the graphics style, I always kind of like mix of 2D retro graphics with 3D worlds. Unfortunately game has few huge flaws, goal is very unclear until you find it out. Dynamics of the game could be a little bit more faster and the fishing rod animation is a little bit too slow and feels unresponsive because of that. I think whole game has huge potential for something really nice and playable but at current state is not that good as it could be.


Thanks for the feedback and the suggestions. I ran out of time a bit and therefore I'm not happy with how the goal is communicated to the player either, I hope I had some more time for polishing.