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Hasnain Noorani

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Thank you for the kind words! I really appreciate it, I've decided to continue this game so how about you follow. You'd get proper updates of the game!

Thank you so much! Music was definitely the problem,  but I'm working on it.

Here's my game!

Hey thank you! I really appreciate those words. I've reworked quite a few things and I'm working on the story line right now. Thanks for playing my game!

That's great! I'll be waiting for this game

Played this game! It was really amazing! Looking forward to play it as a complete game with more levels.

Gameplay : 

Also play my game as well :

It was amazing. Worked out quite well, I also started late. Probably put around 20-25 hours in my opinion. 

You can play it here :

Wow! Thank you. I've also decided to expand this game and work on it! Lots of changes have been made. I think It'll make a good game

Sure! Will play your game too!

Hey thank you so much! These words mean a lot to me.

Please rate as well!

Gameplay : 

Overall the game was fun! Missed sounds really, otherwise it was fun to play. Also the concept really felt unique, so kudos!

Try out my game as well :

Yes! Rated also!

Thank you! Yeah the sound thingy was probably came from a lot of users. 

Played your game, it was fun! Will upload a gameplay on YouTube soon <3
You can play my game here :


Hey! It's my first gameplay, so really sorry for the sounds.

Hey! I played your game, I'll add the gameplay link below, I hope you don't mind no commentary, because my mic broke a week ago. 

Thank you, I really appreciate that.
Well there were two things to take care of, first that damage inflicted shouldn't reach 100 and your health shouldn't reach 0, and you had to turn off all the lamps.
I understand it was a difficult task communicating the idea, because we started making the game late, probably 3 days before the deadline.

Anyways, Thank you! It means a lot to me

Hey! Thanks for those kind words, I'll definitely take a look at what you said. About the difficulty, since it was single level so I kind of increased it, which I think wasn't a good idea :D

Sure, I'll see if I can do it or not <3

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Hey! Hopefully you had fun in the gamejam. So I decided to make a gameplay series on my YouTube Channel ( Link ), it's not a famous channel but I'll do it anyway.
Drop your games in the spreadsheet below if you wanna get a gameplay, I'll probably do 10-15 games:



My game :

Thank you!

Strange. Are you sure the controls are assigned in the launcher when launching the .exe?

Really sorry man, I wish I could

Uh, like? .zip?

Hey dude! I'm still waiting. Can you tell me how much time it's gonna take?

Thanks! I really appreciate it

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Oh, I'd love to get the project if you are willing to give it to me. I'm actually planning on making a open world Cyberpunk car- shooter style of game (Rollcage style) and I just can't get the open world setup right. I'd really like to use yours for my project.
If you want to discuss about the project then you can contact me on Discord :

The games look surprisingly good! 
I see you haven't left any of your contact, I might wanna talk to you about Cyberpunk level design and such.