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Maaan, i want to play that game but can't get past my antivirus for some reason... is there anyway you could publish it in WebGL?

Based on the screenshots alone it looks like a must-play

EDIT: managed to play the game and boy this is by far the best i've played in this competition: 5/5!

The entire look and feel, level design, music... everything is so pro and kept going for ONE. MORE. TRY! Love this game! And the boss fight is too good!

Good stuff man!

Man I love the graphics of that game, really well done!

Solid game concept, nice pixel art and atmosphere! Had a bit of difficulty at first with the controls, i thought maybe you shouldn't have to point the mouse at an item to be able to pick it up with E, but apart from that it's a homerun for me!

Love the concept and everything about the game! Also how the level design looks very meme-ish!

Very original game :)

Hahaha thank you so much!

Thanks a lot! Wasn't sure the puppet thing would be obvious cause of how the graphics turned out xD

Thanks man!

Thank you so much ! Yep i tried your game and really enjoyed it! :)

Haha thank you so much for your kind comments! 

The thing under all characters' legs are meant to be sticks  - the original idea was to portray them as "stick puppets" made and operated by little kids or very childish adults. I wasn't feeling too confident about drawing and animation, and thought it would be more forgiving to display characters in this way! :)

Very good stuff! Well done!

Great Job Johnny! really liked the idea and execution!

Superb idea, just wished you had accounted for non-Qwerty keyboards (Bert is almost unplayable in my case -_-) but i really love the idea which works great with this theme

Very cool game!

So happy to have participated, but kinda bummed out that I couldn't spend more time to debug lvl 2 and 3!! D:<