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Office Escape - Lie your day away!View game page

Lie to your coworkers to avoid doing work, or simply blame Gary!
Submitted by UkaChaka — 1 hour, 14 minutes before the deadline
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wow, this is one of the funniest submissions I've played, so congrats!

Would be cool if you could play my game too;]

Gary is...way more buff than I expected XD
Really had fun with this game! The art is great, especially the character designs - the main character looks tired/ out of it which fits with him not wanting to work while all other characters aren't expressive at all, so they don't appear to have their own personalities - they're just obstacles, as he would see them! I liked that part of the design a lot. I do think all assets need to be in pixel style though, to go with the characters. 

Really funny concept and a neat game that fits the theme of the Jam, isn't very frustrating to play and has nice artwork. Well done!!! :)


Thanks a lot for your comment! :D

Very simple game but still have good details! Easy to understand. Fits to the theme. Rated!

Don't forget to check my game and rating it, please.


Thanks for playing! Rated your game too :)


Rated - I really like the sprite design!  The sound is top notch too, great job!  The choice elements are interesting, and you text has a great pace (a lot of jam games the text comes up so slow lol).  My only suggestion is to make the background and cards the same pixel size as the characters.  They look quite different (style) so they feel like 2 games smashed together, however still cool!  Good job!  Please check out my game when you can:


The graphics are a treat :) Great sub for the jam!


Great job! I really liked this game, but I do have just a couple critiques. First off, players would likely have a better experience if blaming Gary wasn't explained as having "no consequences." I went through my whole first round without blaming him (or feeling the need to), then played through again doing it to see what would happen when he confronts you. Secondly, (as others have said) the cards often don't match up with the questions. There were many times where I picked something I thought made sense contextually, but the person was confused anyway. Otherwise, though, this is a really fun and polished game with great graphics, music, and humor that totally fits the theme. Great job!


Despite some of the cards make no sense with the questions, I still find it hilarious to get past someone with random excuses XD The graphics is quite attractive, and the dialogues are well written too!


Good game!

Sometimes the answers didn't make sense though (I used the "having trouble" card but they thank me :P)

"I wouldn't trust everything the tutorial says..." this line made me a bit suspicious so I didn't blame Gary. I think it would be better without giving this hint because maybe I could have blamed him if I hadn't seen this line.

I like the music and the art style.

Still enjoyed playing it though. Good job!


After a bit I stopped looking at the narrative and only focused on the colours. I categorised the cards by colour and tried to match the categories. I don't know if I got it exactly right, but I was able to finish the game on my second attempt without ever blaming Gary, who, for some odd reason, decided to be mad at me anyway at the end.

In essence, I ended up playing a slightly obscure version of Rock Paper Scissor. I think there is a very precise reason why your game fall down this trap so quickly. And that is the disconnect between the cards and the question. For instance, there are very few question where answering with "It's in your spam folder" makes any sense. So I deduced, this card is green, because only trivial stuff would be sent this way (bear in mind it doesn't matter whether I'm right or wrong in my interpretation. This is my thought process as a player). A better example would be the "Birthday" card. I identified that one as green as well, so every time there was a green question, like "Did you steal my yogurt?" I would answer "Birthday", and Jenna would say "that makes perfect sense". In short, your game shows very quickly how poorly contextualised the answers are, so minmaxing is what players would do fairly quickly. The solution to this issue is having cards that are directly tied to the question. There could be multiple cards for multiple categories, that's fine, but they should make sense in the context.

Art is nice in the character design, but the pixel art doesn't match the rest of the enivronment, which isn't optimal. Pretty good looking overall though. Note, don't use Arial as a font. :D

Audio is fine, quirky music. Not many sounds though.

I don't think the game fits the theme very well. The game is not a liar, it's a game ABOUT a liar. I see these as different.


Haha, thanks for playing and taking the time to write the feedback!

I went to watch your stream of my game and you seem to have gone with the assumption that there was more "logic" to the way you pick cards but it was only a matter of : if a colleague asks a question with a blue word, try to pick a blue card. It's just that! :D

Now the game DOES lie to you too on different things stated at the beginning :

- There are item pickups (urgent folder + coffee pot) which give you an extra card.

- Blaming Gary will trigger a boss fight if you blamed him! in this stage, Gary asks you about the lies you blamed on him and you simply need to pick the word that was displayed in the speech bubble when you blamed him. Failure to do so results in instant game over.

- no hidden doors: well you did find that one (flappy bird type mini game)

I will agree that some of this was lost in implementation due to a lack of polish at the end (fair critique) but it's there! ;)


Pretty nice game. Though, I couldn't figure out which cards to pick based on the colour of the words. Also, the bathroom minigame is quite difficult; perhaps you can remove the gravity aspect.


Agreed the mini-game was done 3 or 4 hours before submission and needed  a bit of polish... I meant it as a little break from the more static core gameplay.

The color of the card should reflect the color (theme) of the random word included in your customer query but it is kind of out there and will also be refined in a later versions if i get around it.

Thank you very much for your feedback!


lol it was fun to play. I don't know what happened at the end as I gave an answer to Gary and it just said game over. it seems other people had different endings :)

good job on the game :)


haha I had originally a version where if you gave a wrong answer to Gary he'd throw a coffee pot or a folder at you which you d be able to catch and throw back at him but I could not get it to work in time, so Gary ends up "killing you" in one blow... :D

Thanks so much for playing and glad you liked it!

Submitted (1 edit)

Wow, great entry!!! I had a lot of fun playing it, the music is super fitting and so is the art, and the design of the game is so fun. I just noticed a few bugs like the name of Frank appearing on everyone haha. One question about the Gary part though. I kept note of all the times I blamed him but when I gave the correct answer to what happened I die... Am I supposed to lie? I also got one case where he said I blamed him for something that I actually didnt or maybe my memory is playing agmes with me haha. Also, I had a problem with the bathroom break: I cant see the player for the flappy bird like game. I only see the folders which renders the game unplayable... shame.


Hello! Thanks for playing and for the detailed feedback!

Your strategy going into the "Gary fight" was 100% correct, so it was either a bug i couldn't spot during my testing phase or the questions were formulated in a misleading way. You re supposed to pick the keyword that was in the speech bubble when you blamed Gary. Either way, that's some good feedback for me to investigate and improve upon.

Regarding the flappy bird game: the folder is the character but he falls too quick and it s easy to lose all three lives in seconds (i only realised that too late after posting the game) . 

Thanks again for playing!

At least Gary got his revenge in the end! 

Nice game, I like the pixel art design for the characters, I would probably enjoyed the enviroment better if it had the same art style, it feels a little weird having two different art styles for characters and rooms. The same goes for the UI design.

The game is fun, especially blaming Gary, but I think you should be able to do it a limited amount of times, like a secret move.

 It's cool that you  can pick up items to have another dialogue option. The cards are fun but after two or three runs I was just looking at the colors instead of reading.

The flappy folder mini game is a cool feature but I stopped trying it because I had to play the level over again instead of going out the same bathroom door.

I get the theme of the jam even if the one that's lying is the main character and not the game itself.

The music is solid, subtle but effective.

Good job, really enjoyable!


Hello, and thanks a lot for the feedback!

The original idea with the theme was to lead the players to blame Gary, since the game tells you that it's free and without consequences, when it actually triggers a "boss fight" where you have to remember each random keyword that was on the screen when you decided to blame him.

In the same way, the game lies to you at the beginning, saying that there are no hidden doors or pickable items but you did find those so at least I made something right! Congrats!

Reading your comment made me understand i did a poor job of implementing the theme:

-it's actually pretty easy to get away with just using the cards, and I guess most people didn't even make it to the Gary boss fight...

- the color hints are too obvious to tell you which cards will work best and they don't give enough punishment when you use the wrong color.

Agree 100% with your comments regarding Flappy folder : i tried to make it go back to the same room, but because each level is randomly generated with a different set of rooms, i couldn't get it to work as intended before the time limit! I coded myself into a corner and had to make it restart Day 2 instead...

Same thing for the artwork: the bg items were all designed at the start of the project before i settled on the character design with pixel art. 

Again thanks for playing and taking the time to write such a constructive feedback! Best of luck to you with "Tales of the Cursed Word", big fan!


Yeah about the boss fight, I get to it only on the second run because I was curious to see Gary in action :) The idea of remembering the keywords is interesting but I couldn't get to the end because the second time I played it I blamed Gary on each answer ahah

plus I have a really bad memory..

As for the pickable objects, I noticed them after the first run but it was fun to have a new option for the dialogues, it gives it more replayability in my opinion. 

Again, I think it's a cool and funny game! Thank you again for the support and best of luck to you too!


Damnit Gary what have you done. If I jsut knew how buff he is beforehand :D

Nice game idea :)


haha thanks for playing! ;)


The questions are interesting! The audio is suitable. Good job!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Cool graphics! The animation is cute, and some of the texts made me chuckle.

Keep it up, UkaChaka!


Thanks for playing! Though I think we have yet to have someone beat the final boss...


Garry, It's just a prank, bro!

Love the concept and execution! I could imagine this being a card game on mobile!


Thanks a lot man, that's a huge compliment!

I think a lot of the current content kinda goes unnoticed because i couldn't implement enough hints to make it understandable, so if I have the chance i'll definitely re-visit the concept :)


Ah, I can't play in my browser :(


ah sorry to hear that, what browser do you use? Should work fine on any desktop version of Firefox or chrome...


I'm on safari but I'll try chrome and firefox.


This has much more potential. Such a relatable game lol


haha yeah, i had to scrap a lot of features that werent working in order to meet the deadline ! Did you blame Gary a lot during your playthrough? :)


Know the feeling, we had some boss ideas that had to be scrapped last minute. Poor Gary got some of my heat :D