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Binary Bedlam

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You were featured in the jam video!!!

Great fun!  Found all the spots, taped together all the photos, opened and entered the... not going to spoil it for others :P  Enjoyed the art and gameplay.  Well done!

P.S. - Great credits lol

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Thank you!  Yes, I stayed up the last two nights of the jam, fell into delirium, broke our game, and couldn't fix it in time, lol.  We are nearing completion on the post jam version.  After adding final polish we'll share away.

I really enjoyed watching your making of video (I'm that first commenter on YT).  It was cool to see the process and what ideas ended up making it into the final build.  Thanks for producing not just a fun game but also a helpful behind the scenes video.  I'm definitely going 2D next jam.

My little brother and I have shared our project planning folders HERE

P.S. - Be sure to add the app into your google drive list of apps to view the flowchart properly.  Enjoy!

I was pleased to see one of the my favorite games of the entire jam Black And White go on to win it all!

In depth CGJ post-mortem!  Enjoyed the read, thank you.

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Awesome post jam additions!  I especially enjoy the subtle animations as the map of keys appears and the time warp.  A+ for clarity and brevity as far as instructions, UI/UX, and pace (menu and gameplay).  

There's something extra cool about transforming the keyboard we're physically touching into a manipulatable version of itself on screen - meta key points!

I also appreciate the separation of jam v post jam builds.  We'll follow suit.

Hey, it's going well.  After baking lighting, optimizing meshes, adding proper UI, debugging logic, and sprinkling a few timeline cinematics throughout, it feels like an entirely different game.  I'm playing your updated version right now!

The current results are the default itch ratings.  The judges will surely check people's eligibility against their additional requirements and announce the official results.

I understand your frustration fully.  

However, I've learned these jams are not the place for deep, involved analysis of rank outcome.  The vote system is deliberately simple.  You can deem it inherently flawed or accept that its goal is not to guard against self-evident pitfalls but rather to count, albeit faulty, stars.

This system is not concerned with unassailable congruity as it clearly allows for several less than honest approaches to rig advantage.

I know it's spirit-breaking to work hard on something only to be beaten by demonstrably weaker entries.  Please don't let this be your last jam!  Instead enter the next one expecting everything from yourself and nothing from anyone else.

Congrats to the winners - well done!

Overall 279th.  Our best category was audio 108th - my little brother's narration.  GJ lil bro!

Thank you for checking it out. We’re just waiting for the rating to finish and then we’ll share a ‘slightly more fun’ version lol

Great audio!  I enjoyed the intro cinematic and story telling.  Controls felt pretty good.  I did get stuck on the level with two moving platforms but after trying a couple times I figured it out.  Rated - nice game jam entry!

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Well, I didn't think this project was really big enough to warrant version control but I was wrong!

Great post mortem video.  Your game was one of the first jam games I played!  I am still amazed at how many mechanics you guys were able to script together in just a few days.  

We were also exhausted by the end.  I made a huge mistake (that I'll never make again) - Thursday night I stayed up all night adding to the game, went to work Friday, then stayed up all Friday night as well (I didn't realize it was possible to stay up that long).  It backfired though because Saturday morning I was so delirious I broke our game and couldn't fix it in time.  Lesson learned!!

@watabou you reign supreme as Lord of the Generators in land.  I seriously love all the generators you've constructed over the years.  They're so awesome and so useful.  You rock!

Thank you =)

I agree.  We thought it was a unique theme.

Lovely artwork.  Smooth animation.  Relaxing music.  The political messages here actually remind me why I admire capitalism above all other systems we humans govern ourselves with.

I'm stuck right in the beginning.  I'm also on a laptop right now (no real mouse - just click pad) so that might be the reason.  I can move, jump, and swing the sword but that's it.  How do I get past or use the eye block and weapon block?

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Very cool.  Love the music and sound fx.  The time slowing effect is done well and the sounds also being affected by it is a nice touch.  I generally don't like camera shakes but this one was subtle and wasn't distracting.  The twist at the end fit the theme perfectly.  Rated - great jam entry!

P.S. - The macOS version works perfectly

Hmm. Try opening your itch dashboard and double checking the settings  It sounds like a page setting is incorrect. 

You can always just upload to another site (google drive, media fire, etc.) and share a link to it on your game page or on your jam page. That way at least people can play and rate it during the rating period. 

Of course! I’ll check it out

Make sure you’ve chosen the correct game type / page type for your game. Since you’ve got a downloadable Windows game, the drop down menu should be on executable and not the Unity game web game preset. If you choose the default first choice (Playable Unity browser game) but upload an executable file (downloadable game) your game page won’t display correctly. 

Are you able to see it in your dashboard? You may have just hidden the files. 


The mini games are great starts for more in depth mini games.  Do you get a random mini game when clicking on the windows?  I couldn't tell if it was random.  The cage game was confusing.  I was swinging and swinging and but couldn't beat it.  Are we supposed to break out of the cage?  By hitting the bars or moving it around or something?  Rated - fun entry!

Funky and unique rope mechanic - really like it!  Rated - great jam entry!

Thank you!  Our team is grateful.  We'll share a more complete version after the rating period is over.

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1. Are you trying to share webGL game playable in a web browser or a downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux?

2. Which engine did you make the game with? (Unity, GameSalad, etc.)

3. Did you just upload your project folder or did you build your app version, compress it, and upload that compressed file?

Thank you for play and rating - means the world to us. We’re working on it!

Alright, I see the link but you need to make sure in your google drive, when you get the shareable link on this file, that's it's set to 'allow anyone with link to view'.  That way you won't have to approve through email every time someone tries to access the link.

Awesome! I’m glad it worked out. I’ll check it out. 

Oh wow! I was not expecting that. Very cool

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Well, where are the files?  I don't see a download game button.  I see the normal play button but that just brings us to your game page and there's no web game there.  Are you trying to share a webGL game or a downloadable game for windows, mac, or linux?

EDIT - I see in your description that you used Construct 3.  Did you just upload your Construct project?  Or did you build an app, compress it, and upload the built app?  

I just watched a quick tutorial on Construct.  You need to go Menu > Project > Export > Choose a target (mobile platform, windows platform, etc) > and build your app.  Once you've done that and have the built (run-able app) version you can compress it down with a compression utility (so it's a smaller download for us).  

Construct will likely export a folder with files in it.  Compress the whole folder and upload the compressed file you get after compressing.  You can use any compression tool like WinZip, 7-Zip, etc and use any compression method like zip, 7zip, rar, etc.  Since we can't upload during the rating period you can upload somewhere else and just share a link to it here so we can play and rate it for you.

I think I'm stuck.  I was holding space but the two items and arrows were just spinning forever.

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I partitioned my iMac and installed Windows do I can try it out. I’ll get back with a rating for ya. 

EDIT - Wow!  The low poly artwork is really polished looking.  The fox running, turning, and jumping animations are clean.  Camera movement is smooth.  The music is nice and calming.  The dialogue from the bird (introducing the gameplay) is paced well.  The movement control feels nice and tight.  I had a couple of rendering issues.  It seems you've included some post fx and they're just not displaying correctly for me in parts of the level.  If I get too high (up on a high grass platform) the sunlight pretty much white washes the entire screen.  Other than that, I enjoyed running and jumping around as the fox.  Rated - awesome jam entry!

Thank you for checking it out. We’ll share a more complete version after the two week rating period.