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An unfinnished educationView game page

This game is not complete
Submitted by KalleCoolGamer — 1 hour, 59 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#9481.1341.500

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Submitted (2 edits)

Liked the idea! But was confused on what I was supposed to do. I did make the guy bleed with the space bar but that was it.

You got some innovation points though, since I've rated 100 games and as far as I remember, I haven't seen a game with an idea like this. :D


Definitely different. I didn't get its point though.

Check out my game too pls


Describing this game is.. difficult.  Great job I think? Definetly interesting, graphics are well done. However, other than chucking marios outside my screen, no clue what the game was about :P Cool experience though. Good job.


Hey Ruby the intent of the game was to get diffrent patients in the clinic but due to your unfinnished education you have to make them sick instead of cured, with we provide a couple of tools to do so. but as you can see we are no way near a playable state


haha okay, that's a pretty cool idea :) You got pretty far, too bad you didnt have another week to work on it :)


yes and 2 of the 3 devs gave up and jumped of on day 2


that's too bad. Have to keep going always :)


I want to check this out! Are you able to build a macOS version?  You can upload to an outside site (google drive, media fire, etc) and just share the link so we can play and rate it during the rating period.


will do




here you go

Submitted (1 edit)

Cool!  I'll check it out

EDIT - Hey, it works!  Besides using what looks like copyrighted material! it's pretty fun!  The interaction of grabbing a tool or item off the shelf and using it on the patient then returning the item to its place and grabbing another works well.  The sound fx played correctly, too.  This could definitely go somewhere.  Great start and good job on the entry!


thanks and what do you mean with copyright materiel we found licenses fir all our use cases and hand drew it all in photoshop i would gladly send you all the psd files so you can chek for your self 😁


Oh cool.  The character just looked _exactly_ like mario.  I really don't think it's a huge deal for this jam though.  Pay no attention to me lol

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

i know it is mario my uncle works at a license distriputing company in denmark, and we got us a non comercual  use license witch is valid for a month (witch states that under no curcumstanses are we allowed to make any kind of profit of, of this. And after the month has passed the charecter should either be deleated or replaced with some one else)


Oh wow! I was not expecting that. Very cool