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Insane graphics, im jealous. Great audio. Feel some of the platform jumps, paticularly on lvl 1, which is supposed to be the intro is a bit tight personally. A simple jumping animation could add a lot. Otherwise really well done. 5/5.

Thank you so much for some very constructive feedback. I dont necceseraly plan on putting more time into this game, as I might have overly focused my game around the theme. However, I will definetly bring your feedback into future projects. I see where your feedback is coming from, and can use it for future projects, even if the mechanics are different.

In the future I will speed up slower mechanics (gravity flipping), in otherwise fast paced games.

Furthermore, I will give better warnings to the player :)

Honestly, I have Arachnaphobia and despite the simple graphics, that spider creeped me out. Cool game :)

thank you :)

thank you :)

thank you :)

thank you :)

haha yeah im aware of that bug. Didnt have time to fix it ^^

haha exciting is one way too put it. Sorry the text was so hard to read, Ive noticed I tend to find unreadable fonts pretty readable. So I should probably have asked someone else exactly how readable it was. Just wanted a trippy feel to fit the rest of the esthetic of the trippy gameplay. :)

I liked the idea, just wish it was a bit easier :)

Really enjoyed the music, despite the short nature of it :) Some minor bugs, otherwise good :D

Really cute game. Would love more of similar style. The sound effects where nicely done, kind of thought the death sound didnt quite fit though. With the style of the other sound effects :) very mesmerizing, pretty and simple graphics. Pretty polished gameplay too :)

Interesting little game. Maybe avoid "mouse3" for a browser game. A lot of people might want to play it on a laptop. Otherwise clever idea :)

Honestly, dont mind what you communicate. Just how you do it. Good luck with your thesis dude.

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Sorry that you feel that way. However, after playing your game. It seems you have a fundemental issue with the "theme" part of game jams. Which is fine. If you choose not to put too much emphasis on the theme. That is great. You made a very good game, that is enjoyable, and would make a great phone game. Im sorry you experienced my game as "poor". I was simply trying to fit the theme. Plus a few bugs, and lack of time thrown into the mix :) You make great games though. Keep working hard.  Also I dont mean to argue, I simply see this as a constructive disccusion. But I would say there are a lot more use for games than making an audience have fun. Plenty of games can at times make you frustrated, but lead to a feeling of accomplishment. Or even leave you feeling horrified, but allow you to experience something you wouldnt be able to in real life. Such as emotional games, such as The Beginner's Guide. :) Games are ever evolving, and can do so much :)

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Im sorry that you feel that way. The game isnt deliberately bad. However, the game is deliberately meant to lie about the rules of the gameplay, which I stated in the description isnt usually something you want a game to do. However, it fit the theme. Furthermore, the game was made more frustrating to play, by the fact that I ran out of time, and therefore didnt have time to polish the level design to accomodate for the reverse gravity properly. Or polish the gravity, how often it would flip controls and gravity and so furth. Finally, there crept a few bugs in that I would have loved to fix. Such as the spring board not at all working as intended. Which again made it more frustrating to play. However, it was submitted 1 minute before deadline, so no time to fix it. So while I do agree, that in the end the game ended up being unplayable and frustrating. It wasn't made so intentionally.

Good luck :) No need to apologize for bad english. Knowing some english is more than many do :) thanks for your comments on my game -:)

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Played the game. The jump button broke after first door, so couldnt progress. Unless that was on purpose. The design of the main character showcases a very unique art style. If you could somehow make future games completly in that art style (background and everything). The chance of your games being popular would increase a lot. People are really drawn to unique art styles. People like myself try coming up with a more unique art style ourselves for a long time, because without it our games feel too boring to draw attention. Main menu should also have matched the art within the game a bit better. Considering it's your first game it's a really good game though. Just telling you stuff that I hope can end up helping you improve even faster than If I kept quiet :) Can see someone has gotten way further than me in the game. So guess not jumping was on purpose.

I was sleeping, but thanks :) A lot of the difficulty is unintended. Submitted the game 1 minute before deadline, so didnt have time to optimize level design, how often controls or gravity would switch, or fix some of the bugs that made it harder.

Insane art and audio work. Really impressive all around. Great game. Probably one of the jams best.

thank you for constructive feedback :D

cool game, great graphics actually :) more polish and gameplay that could help make it better :) + audio ;)

cool walk animation :) unique game. Good job.

Really cool :D

Neat little idea, with more polish it could be a really fun mobile game :)

found the talking thing, great twist on the theme. Would have loved the game without the talking as a mobile game though. Haha :) Guess im a bit murdery.

Wait you could talk to them? I have to play it again XD missing such a big aspect of your game. Back into the game I go.

Art is really nice for your limited experience :)

Great Music :) Try and avoid the graphic stuff you did on the third level though. If you dont have a really good reason for it, it's really unpleasent to look at. Even so, well done finishing a game within a week. Your first one even. Really good music, and a nice little concept :) Short and sweet.

aww rip

aww that sucks :/

thank you :) Controls are the same most of the time, just flip once in a while to confuse you ;)

that's too bad. Have to keep going always :)

Great art :) No way Im going to finish this though. too many tricks haha

Creative idea. Well done :)

haha that's fine. You did great for your first game :) Guess part of the theme is making it confusing.

Trying to figure out if things were even working, while deadline was closing in, and I kept flipping around, made me also wanna punch a wall haha :) Glad you managed to get something out of it :)

Im not skilled enough to complete this, but criminally underrated. There is something about your jumping that feels extremly nice, perhaps it's the trail I leave behind. With the addition of a bit more good-will with the jumping, so it's easier to jump in running speed, the game could improve a lot. Really atmospheric. Great job.

Sorry, no clue how to open a yyz file.