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neat little game.  would be cool if the difficulty increased a little faster.

i like the idea but the controlls are kind of weird.

nice game. just an easily readable instruction would be cool

i really enjoyed playing this game. the only thing i missed was some background music.

well done!

neat, little game.

it is just a little unfair sometimes because there are obstacles you simply can not destroy...

Did you forget that there is a given theme?

Good idea, maybe I‘ll add something like this in the future.

Thanks. Originally I wanted to make use of the limited missiles, but there was just not enough time left...

I  search so long, but I was stuck in the middle area due to the gravity

hmm, i can't find a way to leave the cave...

I loved playing this game. The kind of sad story mixed with the piano music and the high difficulty is just perfect!


Nighttime: most of the game is black -> night

Eerie: you are alone on a rocky island in the night

Ambient Piano: the background music describes the environment 

Vibrant: everything is kind of shaking and interactive

Sorry for beeing late...

Finally figured out how to start the game... I didn't know that  i could use things like the camera as a platform. Anyways, it's a nice little game. Items or things like that would be a cool thing, as well as some kind of "auto-shooting" so a player doesn't have to keep pressing the mouse button.

I will try to add more gameplay to it in the future.

How should I collide with the play button?

I really like this game.

Congratulations to your game jam entry!

All in all a nice game with a good difficulty.


These files can only be executed on the Windows platform.

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With this information I was able to finish the two levels. ;) 

Some kind of a hint inside the game  would be cool.


Good idea. I'll add this after the  rating.

This is just the Window platform but not MacOS or Linux

I don't really understand this game...

But I really like it's look.

this game's platform is not HTML5. It's Windows...

Nice graphics, but I couldn't finish any level because the second elevator in the first level just didn't go all up.

game sadly didn't work for me because there are no "errors"

this is just the windows version...