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Thanks for playing and sharing the video! It was really fun seeing someone else play my game!

I love it. The controls feel a little chaotic, but everything else is on point.

That's a really unique mechanic. I really enjoyed it (though I didn't understand it right away). 

Thanks! Yes, there is: Pixelating basic 3d shapes seemed like the easiest and fastest way to give my game a unique look.

Really cool idea, a possibility to zoom out might improve it even further.

Really unique mechanic. Some puzzles feel a little counterintuitive though.

Nice idea, but the controls are somewhat hard to beat.

very interesting concept, especially the controls are completely new to me

fun idea, though a little hard at the beginning

such a unique idea

Wow, that was really fast. Thank you!

wow, super beautiful game. Only the sprinting mechanic didn't activate when standing still.

omg!! thank you


Wow, what a shame that this game has only got 6 votings... For me this is a incredibly entertaining game. Congratulations on your entry!

Maybe you could try out my game too, if you have some time... ;D

extremly entertaining game. I had a lot of fun while playing every single level. Can't find any critism here.

Maybe you could try out my game too ;)

Finished it ;) Just the fact that you can't move and turn around at the same took a while for me to understand, but thats no big deal. It's pretty funny when you'r fighting against bookshelfs. ;D

Maybe you could play and vote my game too ;)

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Super beautiful and peaceful game. The only thing I missed when playing the game are mid air controls.

Maybe you could play and vote my game too if you have some spare time ;)

[Edit]: by the way, congrats for passing the 20 votes mark!

Wow, this is, in my opinion, by far the most creative entry I have played! I really like this idea. The background music and the controls were pretty nice too. Congratulations!!

Maybe you could play and vote my game too. ;)

Super fun game, I had to laugh a lot everytime I hit some glass ;D The sounds were also very fitting.

Maybe you could check out and vote my game too ;)

Fun little fps minigame. ;) I just had problems killing the gray flying cubes... The music was really fitting.

Maybe you could try out and vote my game too... ;D

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Ok, the lie is about the games theme ;), and the game itself lies to you too, as you are killing you own army...

The dash in gerneral needs to be reworked. I'll consider you advice when doing so.

Last but not least: thanks for the feedback and please don't forget to vote for my game ;D under

Wow, this is a truly amazing game! Just one tip for improvements: don't overuse the bloom effect. I could imagine that it would look even more amazing if you reduced it a little. ;)

Maybe you could play and vote my game too ;D

I really liked both endings, but the one where everyone lives made me laugh a lot ;D, so thats my favourite;) I also enjoyed the soft background music.

Pretty cool game prototype. You could rework the mechanics a little so it feels more interactive. 

All in all I had quite some fun exploring this secret mountain.;D

Maybe you could try and vote my game too;)

thanks ;D


no problem ;)

Wow, amazing music and incredibly strong physics and character controller. What a pitty that you couldn't finished some levels. ;( Hopefully you will rework this project!

Maybe you could check out my game too if you have some time left.;)

glad you liked it ;)

Beautiful music and graphics. The controls feel pretty solid although it is a little annoying that you can slide off the edges of the platforms. Other than that I really enjoyed playing you game!

Maybe you could play and vote my game too;)

Although I couldn't quite understand the concept I enjoyed playing this little creation.

Maybe you could check out my game too;)

Although it's a little hard to understand whats going on, I had quite some fun playing this game. ;D

Please rate my game too if you have some time left ;)

Well done! I especially liked the main characters design. The controls felt very solid too. 

By the way, congrats for passing the 20 raitings!

Maybe you could test and vote my game too, if you have time. ;)

Yay, now I have enough space cash to buy the next space ship when it's out ;) Good game! Just the fact that the mowing sound didn't stop when I finished mowing was a bit annoying, but thats not a big deal.

Maybe you could play and rate my game too... ;]


Fun game although I didn't really understand the concept ;D I really liked the music by the way.

Maybe you could rate my game too;)

Very beautiful graphics and music and super smooth controls and animations. Sadly I have been only able to find 9 of the 10 pills, but thats not your fault. ;) Congrats to your first game jam submission!

Maybe you could play and rate my game too ;]

Wow, this is superhard but fun, congratulations! The music did also fit the theme very well.

Maybe you could check out my game too;)

Very creative way of implementing the theme. Given the fact that this is you first game, its pretty good in general. Keep up your work.

And maybe rate my game too;)