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thanks for playing :) I already played and rated your game :)

thanks for playing :)

tesekkurler, sizin oyunu oynayip yorum yazmistim :)

good job on your first game. It looks well designed

as it has so many death endings I would prefer an autosave function or spawn back at the last place mechanic. After a while you don't want to start from the beginning and select all the correct choices again.

continue developing games! the next step is teaming up with a composer and adding some background theme, click sfx etc.

fantastic graphics, congrats to your artist!

aha the second text adventure I played on this jam and I love it.

the music is good and adds nice ambiance. 

I would like to have tab completion on sentences, I look for it whenever I see something like a terminal window :)

thank you for playing and your comment :) I will check your game for sure! 

thank you for playing and your suggestions :) they are well noted

about defence vs defense i think its american vs british english but it’s not my native langusge so i’m not sure :)

thanks for playing :) our composer is @exyl :)

thank you for playing and your suggestions. they will surely help to improve

everything besides camera movement was intentional.

 upgrading availability on different waves, car cant accessing some of the machines are all intentional to set the difficulty of the level

i agree on the camera but unfortunately didnt have time to improve it :)

it is a nice platformer. even easy is fairly challenging. it would be a solid game with an inclusion of a 2d artist

hi, here is my game:

it was fun to play! the art is good, controls are pretty smooth.

I wish we could pick the dropped guns as well

hey, here is mine:

you are welcome. please rate my game as well when you time :)

I actually liked the graphics. looks cool and reminded me some old school adventures. I had difficulties on controls and interactions but that might just me :) good job in a week!

here is mine :)

here is mine :)

very good attempt on a text adventure. I have some suggestions for future games (or updating this one after the jam). overall good job, I enjoyed and remembered my childhood :)

-when the user types in a wrong command count it. if there are 3 wrong commands in a row give suggestion of using (such as type 2 words for example: go west)

-also bring up the same suggestions when user types help

-it might help to add the clear command to clear the page like a terminal screen

- you need to add some replies on very common commands. even if it doesn't do anything

for example. look around (if that doesnt work you can add a reply of you can't see anything significant etc.)

-the last one: look for scriptable objects in unity if you haven't done already. if you architect your command with it, you can easily increase the amount of replies in your game

fantastic art! congrats on your artist. I really love this style :)

the map is well designed, the only problem I see is the character controls; which very normal as you didn't have any time to get feedbacks and improve it. overall good job

thank you for playing :)

I thought about this on the 3rd day of the jam and then started developing it :) didn't see any similar concept before and don't know if it exists :)

fantastic entry.  congrats on so detailed thinking

my only criticism would be the extra long trolling at the beginning :) otherwise it was excellent

very interesting idea and implementation :)

done! please rate my game as well :)

lol i am going down with my lives :)

nice 2.5d animation on death. liked the usage of 2d. the game is a bit hard for me :)  overall a great job for a first game


you put a lot of thinking into this game, good job on that. I can feel the amount of time you spent on the confusing puzzles and paths.

The game has the developer potential but missing the artistic aspects which is understandable for the duration :) 

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done! please rate my game as well :)

well made! probably one of the best of the jam. I liked the art, the puzzles, humor and all

I also want my $200 :)

the light effects and the mechanics are really nice. good job


you really put a lot of content into this game. congrats on that!

there are stuff to improve but you can't do them all in a week all by yourself so you have chosen the content and i believe it is good.

love the 2d billboard arts. it was probably fun to develop this one :)

hey, this is mine:

lol very cool mechanics but it's too hard for me to control :) good job on the game

hey, this is mine: