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Thanks so much! An good in-game tutorial would've definitely helped make it easier to understand, and we may update it after the jam. Thanks for playing, though!

I was all alone so it's a little hard to properly grade haha. The concept was cool and really unique, but I would've preferred a little more explanation; for a while I thought the red things were spawning new bugs... then I realized it was taking away the ones I had. Great job making an online game, especially one without an engine, though!

That was really fun! I was a bit worried with all the warnings, but it was really well-written and fun. I do have one question, though: why is there a timer-looking thing in the corner? Does it matter at all? Anyways, this game kept me playing, and I got all six endings! Awesome job!

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I love the "pew" ๐Ÿ˜‚ I think the game got a little repetitive after a while, and I wish the dash had lasted a little longer so I didn't need perfect timing to not hit the spikes. Overall, though, I really enjoyed it! And congrats on making procedurally-generated levels for the first time!

I think this is a cool idea, but it would definitely work better as third-person so players can see the colliders better. Also, I still don't understand how to get past the third wall. This could use some polishing, but it definitely fits the theme!

I'm sorry! The game is pretty hard and kinda complicated to understand. We were trying to go for uniqueness so at least we got that much!

I really enjoyed the mechanic behind this one! It fit the theme really well and was fun to play. Good job!

Great job! This was a really cool little game. My only recommendation would be to add some more direction in the last level, because I wasn't sure why there were two cubes if I only needed to bring one to the end. Otherwise, the game was really fun!

Yeah, that's definitely our game's biggest issue. We tried something complex but didn't spend any time on a tutorial. :/

Hey! It doesn't seem that you've rated our game yet! (And don't worry, I'll rate yours too) :)

It's always you being attacked by yet another virus. If only there was a way to control it...

In this fun, yet simple game, you play as a computer virus that tries to destroy every last PC on the planet. The only problem is: some people are smart, and have installed an antivirus software. However, it's your job to make sure that the bugs don't get caught and destroyed. Can you do it? If so, try and beat your best time and comment it in the comments section of the game!

This game had a lot of effort gone into it and I would greatly appreciate it if you were to rate it. Thank you :)

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This is a really great idea! This mechanic was easy to understand, yet still proved challenging to master. This could definitely be developed into a full game. Also, the quality was really great, from the particle effects to the super cool glitchy menu screens. Awesome job!

Great job! The hints seemed sort of unnecessary on a lot of the levels, but this was still a cool, quick little puzzle game that stumped me a few times.

This game is absolutely hilarious! I can't tell which bugs were intentional and which aren't, but it adds to the fun of the game. ;) Great job!

I like the puzzle mechanic a lot! You should definitely keep working on this idea and creating more levels. Also, I loved the music!

Thanks so much! And of course I'll play your game whenever I get a chance. :)

Thanks for the feedback! Trying to get the difficulty curve right was really challenging, so it's probably not perfect.

Thank you! That slingshot took us the entire first day of the jam, so I'm glad you liked it! ๐Ÿ˜‚ The tutorial issue is a common complaint; I just wish we'd had time to put one in!

A tutorial is the main thing we are lacking, but since we only had 72 hours we could only do so much. :/ Thank you for the suggestion though!

Yeah, a good tutorial was the main thing we wanted to implement but didn't have time for. Thanks for playing, though!

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Thank you! We added the "help" section pretty last minute to be a "tutorial", but I can see how a real one would help. A mobile game isn't a bad idea...

I'm glad you liked it! Sorry, it's not the easiest game. Even I haven't gotten more than two computers in one run!

And we thought we fixed all the bugs... ๐Ÿ˜… Glad you still had fun with the game though! Thanks for playing!

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I love it!!! I got stuck for a while thinking that I was supposed to jump super far and get to the left side, but when I figured out (by accident) what I was supposed to do, it was so so good!!! Amazing job!!!!!

(Also does the squishy box guy have a name???)

Jonas allows it. :)

I played for like 20 minutes straight so I'd say it worked pretty well! Haha

I really enjoyed playing this one! The puzzles weren't super obvious most of the time, but they made more sense after reading the walkthrough. I really love your take on the theme and how you included "bugs" in the game to create puzzles. Awesome job making this in only 72 hours!


Also, I had to restart after the golden door one because I destroyed the floor and thought that meant I had to explore and find something. I went crazy mode and ran all over the place, then checked the walkthrough and realized there were no colliders. :/ As others have said, the puzzles could have been clearer but you 72 hours so I understand. :)

The visuals in this game were really good, from the parallax background to the character/glitching animations! However, I think the game would be a lot better with music and it lacked any sort of goal or way of losing. If you are really determined you can save yourself from any fall, and while I appreciate that you don't have to click directly on the dots, I didn't even have to aim until around 1500 so there wasn't much of a challenge. I think with a little more polishing, though, this would be a really cool game to publish, possibly for mobile!

The time stop mechanic was a really cool and unique idea, but for me it didn't really feel that helpful. Also, the mouse was really unresponsive at times (even when I was moving) which was a bit annoying. Overall, though, the level of quality is really impressive for a game jam and the way you interpreted the theme was super cool and unique, so great job!

I liked this interpretation of the theme a lot! I think it would be a little fairer if the platform you were standing on couldn't disappear underneath you, but I still had a good time playing this one. Also, I want cheat codes!!!

At first, I really enjoyed this game because the sound and particle effects made killing enemies really satisfying. However, I do wish there was some more description with all the numbers on screen, and that the XP filled a little quicker since it got really repetitive after a while. Overall, though, the game is pretty polished for 72 hours and was really fun! Good job!

Nice job! I enjoyed playing this game, and the gravity pull is really well-done and satisfying. I wish there were a little more clarity on the effects of some of the planets (the one with yellow smoke was confusing) but overall the game was short, simple, and enjoyable. :)

Thanks so much for playing! The bug screen can be brought back down with the "B" button, but in hindsight we didn't make that very clear... I'll go mess with the screen size now though. Thank you for the tip!

Thanks a ton! I understand the text thing (we kinda sorta forgot to add a tutorial until the very end) but I'm really glad you want to play multiple times!

Thanks! I'm so glad you had fun! :)

Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it! I just updated the game with a tutorial so hopefully controls will make more sense now!

Thanks! We actually didn't have levels and went for a randomized approach instead. We wanted to do something outside of our comfort zones (read: not a platformer)

Cool take on the theme, and the ending and main character made me laugh. The sound in the background confused me a bit because it would randomly play sound effects every once in a while. Overall, good job!

What a crazy twist! I think this game could definitely benefit from a reticle or crosshair to show where my cursor was since I lost it quite a few times amidst the insanity. Overall, though, great job!

Yes, we definitely did. :/ I hope you still enjoyed the game once you figured it out!

I love Baba is You, so I really enjoyed Bitly's escapades. :) Great job with the puzzles and art!