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Thanks for the feedback! We originally intended to have a bit more of a detailed main character (hence the animated version of Eggsy in the title picture), but we fell in love with the little beaked oval haha. Glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately we didn't have much time to playtest this one so the difficulty gets a bit steep. 

Thanks so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for the feedback!

Thank you! The physics were supposed to be a little wonky especially with the egg, as we thought it for the "chaotic" theme pretty well haha.

Thank you! We wanted to add a tutorial, but alas, we ran out of time haha.

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Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely check out your game as well!

Oh my goodness, didn't expect to see you here! A CTE is a type of class, Career Technical Education. Not surprising at all that you got Computer Science 😂

Great game! I like the unique interpretation of the theme and all the cute art! I wish there had been music though :( Otherwise, great job getting this done in just a week!

Great game! I like the unique interpretation of the theme and all the cute art! I wish there had been music though :( Otherwise, great job getting this done in just a week!

This is definitely an interesting concept! As others have said, I think it could use some bug fixes with the rewind along with some general polishing. I also think the theme could have been integrated a little more than it was. Otherwise though, it was a really cool game! :)

Going to play yours now! Looks super cool :)

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I hope I'm not too late to add ours to the list!

Oops, I guess you're right 😅 I must've forgotten to put that in the tutorial. Thank you for the compliment though, I made the GIF ;)

Thank you! A story game was new for me, and our team worked really hard to give the game a little bit of lore ;)

Thanks for playing!


I like the idea behind this game! It took me a few tries to figure out the killer, and while I liked the first "twist" from picking a suspicious person and having them be something that wasn't the murderer, I was not as impressed by it when it happened a second time. I was also a little annoyed with the way the game is setup; after the first 2 tries, I had already heard all the dialogue and didn't really have any other suspicious people I wanted to guess, so I sort of just sat around waiting the two minutes so I could accuse again. I ended up picking the correct person, but I didn't feel super accomplished at the end because they didn't seem all that suspicious in the first place and I was just guessing until I got it right. I think it would be really cool to make the rewind go backwards in time so you could get different dialogue or watch as people left/came back, but I understand this was only a week-long jam. ;) Anyway, I may have just had a not-so-great experience with the game, but I did enjoy playing; also, the graphics were really amazing!  Overall, great job on this game, and I think you could definitely expand it!

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I just want us to get to 20, but I haven't been able to get many people to play our game. :( I'll go check yours out, if you could rate ours as well I would greatly appreciate it!!

Yeah for sure! Thanks for playing :)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it, we had fun writing the story :)

This is a super unique take on the theme! When I first started, I wasn't sure how you would fit in the "rewind", but you did a great job incorporating it. I also really enjoyed creating designs! It took me a little while to figure out on the second one that "no diamonds" meant that I was actually supposed to put in diamonds, but aside from that this was a really nice entry into the jam :)

I enjoyed this cool little game! Most of the issues I had have already been said (slippery controls, rewind doesn't really have a purpose, etc.), but one that I didn't see mentioned is that the boxes at the bottom with character art aren't really explained. I had no idea what they were, I figured maybe they were like the characters "disappearing" like the movies, but they seemed to be linked to the items I collected. I wasn't able to finish the game, so maybe I missed something. I did like the idea behind the game though, and I think using Back to the Future is a really cool interpretation of the theme. Great job!

Did you ever get a chance to rate my game? And if so, could you leave a comment with some feedback so I know you had a chance to play? We're still only at 14 and I think the new rating was from someone else.

Really cool game! I can definitely see this as a full project after the jam. It gets a little hard, so I wasn't able to beat level 8 but I really liked what I played! Also, I love the pause menu/level select design. It's super creative and looks great. Awesome job!

I liked the concept behind this game! I really enjoyed playing, though it took a couple tries to figure out the layout of the house. The bar at the top was a bit annoying and slow, and I didn't even realize it was "noise" at first; I was just annoyed and confused as to why me walking around downstairs would affect my stealth for a man upstairs sound asleep. Also, I'm not sure I would've been able to beat the game if I hadn't accidentally gotten the dog stuck on a table because he couldn't go around a corner to grab the bone 😅. Otherwise though, this is a really neat idea, and I'm impressed at the quality and creativity of the story for only a week-long jam. Great job!

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This is a pretty cool idea! I like that you were able to create a story and a changing environment around that story. I agree with some of the other players that the difficulty curve is a little rough; I wasn't able to even finish the "easy" mode because of the insane rate enemies spawn after the background changes the first time, but in all honesty, being on a laptop with a (pretty unresponsive) touchpad did not do me any favors. I was able to figure out the (really clever!) health on my second run, but at first I thought that was the clock's health and that the enemies were killing it (not me). Aside from that, though, this is a really fun entry and I like the clock idea. Great job!

I really enjoyed playing this! It's really satisfying to build up momentum and Tarzan-swing up and down between the evil red blocks. I don't really see the connection to the theme (I can sort of see "reverse" but not "rewind"), but otherwise this is a super fun and interesting game! Awesome job making this polished of a game in only a week!

P.S. If you intend on expanding this at all, I noticed a small bug where red blocks would spawn underneath the black ones and be pretty much invisible, but they still kill you. It only happened once in five or six rounds, but I just thought I'd let you know in case you weren't aware :)

I don't think I 100% understood this game... The first time I played, I didn't understand the point of the rewinds. After I realized you could do them after you died it made a little more sense, but the bugs made the game really difficult to play. :( I will mention though another thing I didn't see anyone else say is that in the second level there is not anything stopping you once you fall through the hole in the ground, so you just fall infinitely. Overall, good job on finishing something in a week, but it could use some bug-fixing.

Thank you! We're at 13, I'll go play yours now!

This game is super cool, and deserves way more ratings! It's pretty brutal at points, but I greatly appreciated the "skip level" button! I also loved the graphics, they're so simple but so well-done! Great job on this jam entry!

I really liked the mechanic in this game! It definitely fits the theme, and the puzzles were really cool (up until that "really hard level" that I admittedly had to skip) This is also really well-made and pretty polished for only a week-long game jam. Awesome job!

Our game is still only at 13 :( I'd really like to get to 20 before the end of the jam, I'll try to play the games of anyone who plays mine!

Five stars for cat mode!! But seriously, this is a super cool game with a really interesting take on the theme, and it totally looks like a high-quality full game, not a game jam entry that was made in only a week! The controls took me a while to get used to, but once I figured out that you can just record phrases as you play through the whole thing, it made a lot more sense. Great job on this game!!

Most of the games on this list have hit 20 by now but ours is still only at 13 :( If there's anyone still looking through this I'd love it if you could play and rate our game! If you do, let me know and I'll do the same for yours! :)

Wow that was so sick. I loved playing this, as others have said you totally feel like a real security guard! I also love how you make it challenging, you can't just stare at the painting the whole time and figure it out. I would love to see more levels added, and I think the only suggestion I have is to change "out of bounds" to something like "you're too late" so it's more obvious that the painting has been stolen already and you can't watch any further. I wasn't sure what it meant when that came up and I thought it was just a camera being disabled or something. Otherwise, though, this was such a fun game to play. Great job!

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This is such an underrated game!! I love all the microgames (except maybe the nineties one, I wasn't alive yet haha) and I'm beyond astounded that you were able to come up with all of those in only a week! If I had to give one criticism it would probably just be that the relation to the theme isn't super strong (although I can tell how almost every minigame fit in some way). Aside from that though, I loved playing this game and listening to the funky music while I did so (I got a high score of12 after like three different runs!). Great job on this game, definitely one of my favorite entries so far!

Yeah, I think our main issue is that we didn't include the theme all that much. If we end up expanding this we would definitely make the rewind feature more interesting though!

This game was super cool! Racing against yourself backwards is a super unique idea that 100% fits the theme. I think my main complaints are the slow speed of the character and the level difficulty. Almost every level except the last one is only solved by "red stuff first, green stuff second", so if you do continue working on this in the future it would be cool to see more puzzle-y/reaction-y levels like that last one. But I understand it was only a week, and honestly I am super impressed with the level of polish you got in that short of a time! Great job!

I really liked this idea! Taking the word "rewind" to mean nostalgia and retro games is a super cool twist that I haven't seen done much. I think my only nitpick is just that I was a little confused when playing since I figured you were just supposed to play through a bunch of different retro games (and you were "just trying to get a high score" like the evil video game said), not beat just one game. I'll admit I wasn't skilled enough to beat it and see the ending, but I think this is a super cool concept and with a little more polishing and content it would make an awesome full-fledged game! :)