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Submitted by Evepto — 9 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#6572.1942.194

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I like the music the most :) I didn't understand, what the cursor can do, but the effect was good :) 

Some suggestion:

- there could be an increasing difficulty, I think overall it is too easy


I have made it so when you get a higher score it increases, but it is maybe a little bit hard to see


and the theme??



 nice game, played and rated.

Please feel free to try out my game and rate it here:

Many thanks,



After this jam end, can I still see my comments or will this comment be deleted after the jam?


Very good concept. I really liked it. Played and rated!

Don't forget to rate my game please:


Simple cute game, but theme...

Submitted (1 edit)

I really liked the concept and the graphics! But I'm not quite sure how this fits the theme


Nice game. Sweet and simple. Good job!


hi. I like your game, specially the art that I loved it ! the way that you didnt allign the buttons is really cool and unique. I found the game cool, I personally didnt like the audio effects, but thats me. When the player collides with something, I really thing it should stop and load a game over scene or at least stop. Another little thing that makes your game amazing is the doubled score, thats something that I didnt know that it was so useful. Serious, good job ! I really liked it. Other thing that you should maybe think of is putting the score in the end and maybe using playerPrefs to make the highscore.


if you are thinking of making the highscore system you should watch this video from Brackeys.

Well done ! If you want you can play my game and rate it too ! I would really appreciate it 


Another thing, I dont see this game fitting in the theme, Do you want to explain me that ?


It fits a bit to the theme because when you are playing as the ghoast maybe some players think you can go trough the obstacles but you can. Sorry, it is not a really good reason but it was hard to come up with a good ideah to the theme


Thanks!! I think I already use PlayerPrefs, to keep the highscore you need to dowload it I thin


The character is in the middle horizontally which makes it very hard to play since the player has such little time to react. Also the stalactites that force you to go to the middle aren't centered and at first, when you don't know the game only has 3 y position options confuse you and kinda makes you think you're too high up and you end up crashing

But those are small, simple mistakes - otherwise the game is really great!


I think you followed blackthornprods tutorial too strictly till the point it looks like I copycat. I am not saying you shouldn't use well established game ideas. I would suggest you do what you think will be fun and original next time because you have potential too become a great game dev

You can check out my game here


Thanks! Do you have any suggestion how I can change it and make it original?


You can make it in a game where you are a turtle and avoid plastics in the ocean


It can be a good ideah, but I think instead I will have a original GamePlay instead original Art




I don't know why, the music kept me going to try to beat my high score! xD




The game idea is okay, but for me it is a bit too simple. The graphics is overall pretty good. The music is okay, but it could have been better. Overall an okay jam game.

Deleted 1 year ago

nice game 

work more on graphics and it would be the best

try mine and tell me

rate if possible


I work on my School PC, sorry I can just play "Played in browser games"


i like the soundtrack ;)




Like mokigames says, it's very similar to blackthornprod's game. I also couldn't find the theme. Marc "Hoshi" Jacob sums up the flaws that i also see. Overall a good work, but not for this theme.

I would love it, if you could try out my game as well


Similar to blackthornprod's game. Cute, but soon I needed more.

Art is nice.


Pretty standard game but well executed. I do have a few pointers to give you :

Putting a "front parallax" in an endless runner that is the exact same color as the background and actual obstacles is a bad idea. Took me like 30 seconds to understand which "layer" I was supposed to care about. It did become obvious once the big obstacles started showing up.

What is the use of the mouse pointer ? It's cute and stuff but I didn't see anything I could click on.

In a runner game it's preferable IMO to have "smooth" controls instead of sudden transitions between three heights.

Otherwise I like the character designs. Audio could use some work but at least there's something.

If you like RTS games, I also would like some criticism on my own entry. Maybe a rating too while you're at it :)


Good job. Very solid game. The parallax effect is really nice and the graphics are good.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure how you used the theme in your game. Did you not use it or did I not get it?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems your are a fan of Blackthornprod because used a lot of stuff out of his tutorials. ;)

Oh, some stuff to improve your game:

- First to the bug. The highscore keeps increasing when you are dead :D

- I did not see any increase in difficulty in your game. Maybe you could speed up the game after some time.

- Your mouse pointer is behind the UI elements. The problem here is that you used a gameobject for the mouse pointer, but you should use a UI element (image) which follows the mouse position.


Thx for the tips :)


Feel free to give our game a try ;)


Very cool game, fun sound track.

Pleas make a mobile game of this game later.

I think that it is perfect as a mobile game i dit find a bug,

wen you die the high score goes on.

check out my game:


I like the scrolling parallax effect! Good job on managing to complete this game jam.