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Hi I'm also struggling smart me thought that it was a smart idea to make a game in rust (a programming language i have never programmed in) with opengl (a library i have never used before) ._. I don't know if I'm gonna have a working game at the finish line. Good luck with your game :)

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I think it isn't allowed because piskel is quite modern and it's difficult to make pixel art with ms paint (This is just my opinion :) )

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Very original game! In the beginning I didn't understand anything, but after some time I figured out most of the mini games (although I still don't get the tile clicker). The music was fitting, but the visuals in the mini games didn't really match. Simple matching visuals would make the game a bit more attractive I think. But overall a very fun and original game :)) Congrats! And if you have some spare time, feel free to check out my game as well ;))

Very original game! I loved the visuals and music. I did find the game quite challenging because the rewind juice was often too little to repair your mistakes. So I ended up dying quite often. But overall still a beautiful game, congrats! And if you have some spare time, feel free to check out my game as well ;))

Great game! I really liked the visuals and the music. Though the rewind button didn't do very much, it would be nice if it had a bigger effect. But overall a very fun game, congrats! And if you have some spare time, feel free to check out my game as well ;))

I had much fun! I really liked the music, especially once you understood the game and were going from level to level.  Although at the beginning, it would maybe be a little less chaotic if you started with someting more calm. In the beginning the text was also a bit slow. But overall very fun game, congrats! Also if you have some spare time, feel free to check out my game as well ;))

I had fun playing the game! The resolution was a bit low, but I liked the concept of your old bodies becoming blocks. Congrats on your game! And if you have some spare time, feel free to check out my game as well ;))

I really liked the game! Although I was awful at the beginning, it was really fun once I got the hang of it. I also liked the fact that you got points and could upgrade your weapons. Great game, congrats!

I really liked the atmosphere the music and visuals created. Though the controls were a bit difficult and twitchy. I maybe would have helped if the camera angle could be controlled with your mouse, instead of the controls itself. I was also a bit confused where to go and what to do, but I just kinda went everywhere and I still had much fun. Very well done, congrats! And if you have some spare time, feel free to check out my game as well ;))

I really liked the game! The graphics were amazing (simple but effective), and the audio fitted very well. I had much fun. If you have some spare time, you can always check out my game as well ;))

Very clever concept and nice visual design. I found the music to get a bit annoying after a while though. 

an easy to pick up and fun game. I especially liked how, in the first level the game mechanics were explained to the player whilst playing, through text that ran above the game. 

A few small changes that you might consider:

- A "restart" button for instantly restarting the level when you screw up in the beginning, instead of having to either lose all your health on purpose or exit out of the game and restarting manually

- Some short of visual indicator to let the player know a rewind is going to occur. It doesn't have to be a long time before it occurs, even just a second before would be fine. At the moment, you have to either rely on luck or memorize exactly when they occur if you want to evade them, as you do often not have enough time to reactively move out of the way of obstacles. 

- Returing a bit sooner to the home menu when a level has ended and obstacles stop coming; the game continues for some 5 to 10 seconds with nothing happening before returning to the home screen. You could add some sort of finish line to visually show where the end of a level is and have the player instantly return to the home menu after running over the finish line.

I like the idea, art- and map design and visuals. You have to simultaneously constantly think ahead and calculate the optimal inputs to get to your destination as fast as possible whilst also making sure to stay on rhythm. The fact that the game plays your inputs in reverse order adds yet another layer of difficulty to it. 

Fun for people who like a challenge, but a bit too difficult for your average player I'd say.

Simple but fun. I liked how you have to simultaneously jump and move whilst using the rewind key. This makes for quite a challenge, which is always appreciated. 

Also, nice art design and soundtrack.

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I did, to be more specific here is what i did and did not like:

  • I love the loading screens
  • I like the voice-acting (is it recorded or text to speech?)
  • I like the 3d world and the atmosphere and the lighting
  • I do not like the upper right icons
  • There is not a lot of freedom (of course you did make the game in one week)

Your game reminds me of gta5 (because both your game and gta looks like your in a movie).

I hope i did not miss anything. (I just summed up what i remembered.)

Here is my, hope you like it:

Cool game, I love the animations.

Cool game, I like the setting.

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Thanks it was inspired by broforce. (I will check Contra and Commando out they seem like fun games.)

I like the game.

Cool game I like the boss in the beginning. If you have time to check out my game:

I like how you implemented the theme in your game. If you have time to check out my game:

Cool game i like the rewind effect. I hope you can check out my game:

Good game it is very polished I like the mechanics. If you have time can you rate my game:

played and rated

played and rated

Love the game, the music you choose is beautiful and your game mechanics are very fun.

Nice game, I love how different your game is then the other games.

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Love the feedback, your game has amazing music. (Your last point is not a bug.)

Nice game

I actually already have rated your game.

I agree!


Really cool game, the art is cool most of the enemies you can just skip (except the last boss). Cool music and I like the way you used the theme. If you can here is my game.

Cool game and meme, the game fits very well together. Here is my game.

Nice game, i like the art and the atmosphere you make with the music.

If you can here is my game:

Thanks for feedback, no the enemys have been placed.

Both of those things I will fix right away, thang for the feedback.

Ow i'm sorry I didn't look at the settings screen. I made my game using godot this was the first time that i used godot. Thanks, your white and dark theme looks really nice. Thanks for looking at my game.