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I agree!


Really cool game, the art is cool most of the enemies you can just skip (except the last boss). Cool music and I like the way you used the theme. If you can here is my game.

Cool game and meme, the game fits very well together. Here is my game.

Nice game, i like the art and the atmosphere you make with the music.

If you can here is my game:

Thanks for feedback, no the enemys have been placed.

Both of those things I will fix right away, thang for the feedback.

Ow i'm sorry I didn't look at the settings screen. I made my game using godot this was the first time that i used godot. Thanks, your white and dark theme looks really nice. Thanks for looking at my game.

Your resolution is off and your game crashes sometimes the time rewind effect is cool.

 I hope you can check out my game:

Cool game the letters are very cool. I hope you can check out my game:

I'm sorry i don't have windows.

Cool game, i would make a setting or something to make the game a little bit faster. Great music i like how high you jump and once you play a little bit the game flows very good. Hope you can give feedback on my game too:

Cool game I like the music/sounds it is a really calming game. It is harder than it looks i hope you can check out my game:

Cool game, I like the green boxes. Here is my game if you like:

Your music is fun, if you hold space you can not die and your characters are fun. If you have time here is my game:

I like how your level selector is part of the game and your music is cool. There is not match gameplay and there is a lot of dialog.

if you have time could you check out my game:

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Cool game i like the lighting of the game a lot the particles are also really cool. If possible i would add a way to play in the browser. If you can here is my game:

Like the other people say you need a tutorial. Your music fits the game well.

If you can here is my game:

Your music is very good and your game is too addictive, I like how to speakers move. There was a bug where there spawned thousand of plates and i glitch in the floor also sometimes the dead screen does not work.

If you have time: in browser)


Your game is a really cool platformer i sure am going to bookmark this. The controls are a little bit hard. Could you please check out my game if you have time:

I like the game design/idea.

pls check out my game:

Here is my game any feedback would be nice.

Cool Game,

I like how you used the theme in your game.

pls check out my game:

Hi cool game,

I didn't really know what to do and how to attack. You walking animation is really funny by the way.

pls check out my game:

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Cool Game I like the graphics.

This is my game:

Greate game,

Love the animations and the scoreboard at the end.

here is my game:

Greate game


Hi can i use your music for my game.

I have done the main game play and most sound effects

Nice game,
Can you please add a download button because in the browser i only have like 20 frames per second.


I think so, i don't see anything in the rules against it

I think it's a good idea but i would also add a way to play single player

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I think about 300

Thank you very much.

I think that you can choose.

thanks for the links

I'm using godot for my first time (i already really like it).