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Anyone else really struggling

A topic by GoobyDev created 43 days ago Views: 127 Replies: 3
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So i have sort of wasted my morning trying to make a game and made an endless runner thing but it very loosely fits the theme and really isn't all that fun. Just wondering if anyone else is struggling as much as I am with this one. 

I ended up dropping the endless runner idea but now it's about making something else

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Hi I'm also struggling smart me thought that it was a smart idea to make a game in rust (a programming language i have never programmed in) with opengl (a library i have never used before) ._. I don't know if I'm gonna have a working game at the finish line. Good luck with your game :)

I'm also struggling with this one, i think the theme and style is very unique but i can't think of a good idea that is at least somewhat do-able in the one day we have, i had an idea for a semi horror/exploring game but i don't think it would be interesting enough and also not very possible to complete in the time frame we have.