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Can you survive the onslaughts of enemies, see through the lies of the virus, and make it home?
Submitted by samndan — 1 minute, 12 seconds before the deadline
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Game Design#2113.2793.279

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Played and rated! Interesting concept and works nicely :)

My positive points:
-The environment, the models and concept are in my opinion pretty good looking and work nicely for a starting point.
-I would say that the link with the theme is kind of medium, as it does indeed lie, but we don't really feel any importance to it in the gameplay, maybe that's something you could improve in the future :)
-I haven't encountered any kind of bug.

My negative points:
What bugged me (get it?) was the lack of sound and animations (for reloading for example) and problems with the cursor.
Concerning the cursor, I could see the game's cursor during the entire gameplay, and the sensitivity was feeling a bit weird for me although I'm used to playing fps games.

I can see this being polished and becoming much more fun, as it already is for a starting point :)

I'd appreciate if you try and rate my game as well!


Interesting concept. Having the game specifically tell you which part it's lying about feels like it ruins the lying of it. Still, good job!


Nice game! The modeling and animations are pretty cool. The main thing that I feel could be better is to include some time lag when shooting objects from rlly far away so the distance could be felt. Great job and keep going!

The game is cool and well made. I was impressed by the quality of the models and animations.

Also the controls feel very smooth, like a solid fps game.

In the first run I though that the pod was an enemy and I started shooting it, maybe because I'm retarded but probably the health bar of the pods should be of a differt color, like green or something.

I didn't completely understand the virus part. I noticed that there was always more enemies then the bar showed and I tried to pickup some health and it damaged my stamina but I didn't understand if the "Health was infected" panel was true or not.

Anyway I think the virus that changes the components of the classic wave fps is a really interesting idea and the fps itself is really well made.

If you refine a little the virus part to make it more clear for dumb people like me and add a cool sountrack this game could be really neat!

Well done and good luck for the jam!




my review :

The game was very fun! I liked the game desing and the idea with the infected stuff.

the grphics were awesome i like low poly stuff. the audio were okey.

few things to improve maiby:

disable the mouse cursor!

and maiby create more enemys. but maiby you hadnt enough time. whatever

keep up the great work mate!

hope you will get a look at my game too :D


Nice game, I wouldn't make this 3d art in a month.

I really like the 3d level design, pretty impressive for 7 days! The game itself would have gained a lot from a little music and sounds. As it is now the enemies did not feel like a threat at all even if I lost health

Rated! I really liked your game! Unique idea!

Don't forget to rate my game please:


Impressive 3D gameplay! Hard to believe that you completed this in a span of a week! :O


This is not a bad prototype, but it looks not finished to me. 

The concept is good, and what you started to do with the waves, the map, the weapons you can collect, the enemies... this is cool.

Thing is, a lot of things are not achieved:

  • The UI is bad. You're using the default font, and the default UI elements for everything in the game.
  • There are only audio for your shots. No music, no footsteps, no UI sounds, no sounds when I get hit, no sounds indicating a wave is done...
  • Absolutely 0 player feedbacks. When you get hit you'll never notice it. This part is super important.
  • Controls are okay but could be much better. It feels like you're flying when jumping, mouse sensitivity is very low....
  • Some details: with the current camera's placement, you can see the gun floating... if you don't have a 3D model with an arm and a hand holding the weapon, try to use the camera to hide the grip of the weapon. Same, the player shadow... we can see the pill form used to make the player, that's not good.

Also.... where is the lie? Did I miss something?

I hope my feedbacks will help you to know how to improve the game and maybe to know what you'll need to focus for any next project you'll start!


Thanks for your feedback. The lie part is found in the main mechanic being the virus which will make it so that every wave the game lies to you about one of the following (the players health, points health, wave progress) to an extent. That's explained in the how to play section.


I see! Note that it's always better to make this comprehensible by playing the game instead of reading the description. Same goes with the tutorial and the controls. Player wanna play, not read :)


Yeah that definitely something our games have always been lacking in, so that's the aim for next time. Thank you so much for your feedback!


Amazing game! Good job on making a FPS shooter game. But there could be a line showing where you shot your gun. Music would also make it better. Overall really good. Had fun!


The graphics are beautiful and really well done. However, the gameplay was lacking a little bit. The shooting felt very static, never really sure if I was hitting enemies or not until I saw their health go down. Even just flashing them red would be improve it. I really think you should continue with this idea a bit more, polish it up some and get some friends to play it. There's a lot of promise there, it's just lacking in feedback. Congrats on getting a game done for the jam though!

Would be great if you could take a few minutes to review our game too :) Thanks!


The game graphics are awesome, the only thing I would recommend is make the map smaller that way when the enemies are spawn the player doesn't have to go that far away to be able to shoot them, Since you can't shoot from a long distance. Everything else is awesome :) I really like the spiders :D


Really good game to say it was made in a week! The spiders were creepy and having to defend 2 points made it so you wasn't stood still :D


I really like the critters!


This a amazing that you could do this in a week! Although I'm not a fan of FPS game, I still love your game play. The controls are smooth and clean. This really makes me enjoy the game!

It's great if you could also play and rate my game! It'll be fun!


The amount of work this would take me! How did you complete it in a week!


Lots of late nights, experience, and caffeine

Submitted (1 edit)

This look great

How did you manage to make a whole 3d game in only 7 days?



Lots of late nights, experience, and caffeine


I really loved your 3D assets man, especially the creepy monsters... It wouldve been cool if you removed the mouse pointer from the target reticle but thats fine. Good work my dude.


Yeah I'm not quite sure what happened there. In the unity editor it disappeared but when we built it, it stayed locked in the middle and by that point we didn't have time to change it

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