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Thank you so much! The sounds thing was my fault because I rushed into developing and didn't read the rules correctly but I'm glad you enjoyed it and it made you laugh! :D

Found this from your Youtube channel so I had to play it and I loved it! The graphics are very nice and it feels like a real game. I enjoyed the twist at the end and now I feel bad for all  those poor green slimes hahah. I did find that you could keep bouncing on the enemies heads and not take damage but apart from that, good job! :D

I guess it's not for everyone but thanks for playing anyway :D

Thanks for playing! :D

That's the best score I've heard anyone get so far! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D I didn't see that in the rules because I rushed to start developing but hopefully it doesn't affect the game too much 

Thanks for playing! :D

Thanks for playing! :D

Nice game for a weeks work! The graphics and sound effects could definitely be worked on and it was very easy because the flowers and balls didn't do any damage. I liked the story and it had a cool concept so well done! :D

This game has very nice graphics and it's based on a classic game but spices it up with the lying twist! You could maybe include some sound effects and screen effects when you win or lose to add a bit of feedback for the player but apart from that well done! :D

This is our game for the community game jam called Deceit Island! Don't play this game if you get easily frustrated hahah.

This is our game for the community game jam called Deceit Island! Don't play this game if you get easily frustrated hahah.

Yeah it feels too floaty when jumping up, that's all :)

This was a really good game I loved the narration it was hilarious! I liked the butterfly effect reference too! It fits the theme well and the art was very nice and unique. I think you could work on the movement a bit and add some gravity and also I wasn't sure where to find the keys for the last door but apart from that it was great!

This was a great game with lots of different puzzle like elements! I really liked the movement and how the sound effects. It took me ages to figure out that I could move those platforms with my mouse but then the timer ran out and when it reset the character was invisible for some reason. I'm not sure the big timer is really needed as the 10 second timer works perfectly by itself. Well done for making this in such a short time! :D

Hahah I'm glad you bared through and managed to finish it! Thanks so much it means a lot to hear that :D

P.S. The carrots just wanted a hug ;)

Thanks so much! We have fixed the camera issue and will be patching it once the game jam rating period is over, but apart from that I'm glad you enjoyed it :D 

Thanks so much that means a lot! Glad you enjoyed it :D

This was a really fun game! I loved how the robot slides as you change direction! It was a little hard jumping on small platforms as you can't move in the air and you have to roll and jump instead but apart from that it was really good! :D

This was really fun and I loved the sound effects! It was quite hard but once you figure it out it is great!

I liked playing this game and the movement of the boat was nice and smooth! It was very hard though, I never made it to the edge but now I am wondering if there is no edge and it is the lie haha

This was a good game for such a short time making it! I did find the purple text a little hard to read and I think you should make the text come up only if you click something instead of hovering over it as it can get a little annoying at times. Well done!

Really good concept, I've never seen something like that before! The graphics and movement could use a little work but apart from that, well done! :D

Thanks a lot! :D

Thank you! Wow -125 you must have a lot of patience hahah

Thanks a lot! :D

Yeah its just a normal laptop keyboard so you're probably right :)

Nice game for a weeks work! Maybe make the spikes a different colour from the walls because it wasn't clear what was what but apart from that well done! :D

Thanks a lot! :D Yeah hopefully the issues didn't affect your experience too much. We will have all the issues fixed soon

Nice concept for a game, I wasn't sure how to get to the endings, I took a picture of everything but nothing much happened

Hahaha don't worry I'm not sure many people made it off the first level either

This felt like a real full game it was great! I loved the art and the storyline too! I got stuck on the bit with the stones that had a gap for a sword and stuff and I couldn't figure out where to go from there but I really enjoyed it!

Thanks a lot! :D

This is our game for the community game jam called Deceit Island! Don't play this game if you get easily frustrated hahah.

Ah that makes much more sense! I thought he pushed her off hahaha

It happens when you are pressing space and up at the same time and then try to move left. There is nothing really to show other than that it doesn't move. I tried the game again, this time letting go of the up button once I jumped and it was a great game! 

I enjoyed the story and the art of this a lot! There was quite a few spelling mistakes that take you out of the game a little. I didn't really understand the ending though, was the game a hallucination or was the bit where he had flowers in the future?

Thanks for playing! :D

Thanks for your feedback! We are looking into the camera issues and hope to get a fix once the rating period has ended :)

Very unique idea for a game and I like how there were different minigames within each organ!

Really good game that fits with the theme well! I loved the different traps and the art was very nice too. I did reach the end of level 5 by just jumping up from the start but that was the only bad thing about this :D