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Adventure game based on solving puzzles.
Submitted by Gianni Vallerini, RedBambooLeaf, Giuseppe Gangi, samuelebandini, Fabio Fatticcioni, Manuel Ghezzo, SofiaTaylor — 3 hours, 42 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#723.5963.596

Ranked from 47 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Amazing to see what a team can pull off! Besides what was already mentioned in the comments, I would say the puzzle with the spaced tiled (the ones where there's a footprint on every one of them) seemed impossible to figure out...


Thanks for the feedback man! We appreciate that!


Great polish game. I love the art, the music, the animation.

I really like the concept of having a little minion that reveal things.

I didn't like having a game over when I encounter the red frog. Because I didn't understand why. And also I had to restart the game from scratch. I wish the game was less punishing, and gave me an opportunitie to fix what I did wrong and continue my adventure. It totally broke my momentum and I didn't had the motivation to restart.

The audio i really great, but the door need a sound effect when opening. :p

Nice and simple puzzle.

Level design is smart.

Definitely a commercial potential game.


Glad you liked it :)

You've spotted some weakness we didn't catch yet and provided us with some very useful feed... thanks to that we will be able to improve the experience a lot if and when we'll explore it for further development. We appreciate that a lot, thank you.


What a lovely game! Loved the art and the music ! Controls were a bit hard when walking over the tiles and maybe a checkpoint would have been nice but other than that amazing job !



Thanks for taking the time reviewing our game!

And yeah, you're definitely right with your feedback, thank you for pointing that out :)


Huge amount of work!! Don't starve style almost perfect (RIP Wilson ;)). I played it like two hours and did not regret. Very very polished, music is nice, animations are great, puzzles are clever.

My 2 cents: paths are too long, character controls are not that accurate when it comes to walk over the tiles.

Overall, one of the best of this jam! Bravi ragazzi, ottimo lavoro!

SPOILER ALERT: I couldn't finish the game! Where the hell was the sword???


Thank you so much man and... 

 Winston was a great warrior :)

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for your time!

Also there was a Don't Starve reference at the sword, "He starved to death" - "Sound familiar"


AMAZING GAME! I have nothing more to say. :D


The best of what I tried so far! Really huge amount of awesome work here. The art, animation, music and design are just great!

Some tiny notes: - There are a few missing sound effects (opening the gates..) And my Xbox360 gamepad does't work in the game even though it seems it should (controls screen)

Besides this tiny stuff the game is absolutely awesome and my personal favourite so far! Good job!


Hey! Thanks for the feedback, we're glad u enjoyed it! 


This is by far the most polished game out of all I've tried so far. Some hiccups with the movement, the way you slide out of the pressure plates if you get the puzzles wrong at first looked like a bug, but it's really great stuff.

Siete italiani? @RedBambooLeaf mi aveva scritto a riguardo ma poi non l'ho più sentito

(for some reason my submission doesn't show up in comments, you can try it at


Bomba!! Grazie di averla provata

Sisisi, feedback megagiusto e utile grazie!

Bella, aggiungo il tuo gioco ad una collection di submission italiane :)


Amazing artwork. 

Did several runs and what I most miss is some kind of checkpoint. On the first double-path where you can see the frog it's not a problem because it's a short way and repeat it is simple, but as you go on it's a bit tedious. For the rest, incredible!

Developer (1 edit)

Great! Thank you.

Yeah checkpoints are definitely something really useful that is missing, thanks for the review!


Rated! I really liked your game! Unique idea!

Don't forget to rate my game please:


Thank you so much! 


Really well done!

Both of the art style and the audio are great!
At the part where are two gates with two switches I instantly chose the right.

Then a bit later I went back to that point and I went trough the other gate... :D
Just to be sure I didn't left anything important there... -,-
Welp, i didn't. :P

Oh and here's my theory.
Elijah wasn't kicked out of the village because he was a liar
but because he did something against the forest
and then became a liar.

Btw nice job!


Hey! Glad you tried our submission and thanks for the comment :)

About the story: the Forest of Deception tries to deceive those who lie and bring them to Angràkos (the big frog, nameless in the game) so that the beast can feed its evil spirit. Elijah actually lied and was exiled for that; he initially identify himself as a liar but when, in turn, he's deceived he (maybe :D) eventually change and promise he won't lie ever again. His fate depends on choosing whether to follow the truth or... to follow Ruth :-)


Amazing artwork in this game - and the audio is very good too! The progression is a bit slow and the items are a bit counter-intuitive,  I would assume I can wield that sword and that shield :) Also quick bug note, when you walk backwards the z sorting of the trees is reversed and it looks wrong. Great game!


Thank you, that's very helpful :) You have a good point on the items!


Amazing looking game! It could do with some improvements to the gameplay (as other people have already said). I really hope you continue to work on this though, it's definitely one of my favorite games in this jam!


Thank you very much!

Happy to hear that 




Holy! How did you do this in a week?? The music and sfx were awesome and the art looked really good. While the gameplay felt a bit slow, the graphics looked great. Nice job!


Thank you so much, glad you liked it! 

Yes, you are right, maybe also because the paths are too long.

Thank you again!


Extremely well done for a week. I got huge Don't Starve vibes from the art, and the gameplay was fairly smooth as well! (though i do wish there were checkpoints). My only real complaints are the font used in the controls/loading screen (i honestly couldn't read it at first), the 'stiff' controller another reviewer mentioned, and the lack of checkpoints making going all the way back a chore. Other than that, though- the game's great! Congrats.

Developer (1 edit)

The checkpoints are a good idea and maybe the font wasn't our best choice haha

For the "stiff controller" we know, you are right and we will try to fix it.

Thank you so much for the feedbacks and for having played!


What a stunning game! I liked everything - the gameplay, graphics, music. I hope you are planning on expanding this game because I would love to play it. Well done!


<3 Thanks! Yeah, we would love to do that too and thanks to the feeds we have received I think we will be able to improve its playability drastically.


This is amazing! I can't believe this is a jam game considering the amount of polish. The artwork is really amazing, everything moves when you touch it and the music and writing are great. At one point I'm not sure how I died but still, this is amazing. I had no idea that 2D artwork could work this well in a 3D environment.

One minor complaint I have is on the character controller: it feels a bit stiff because there's a short delay from when you push a button and when it starts moving, and a slightly longer delay when it should stop. Also while the side animation puts his feet quite in sync with the ground, the front and back look a bit like he's skating. 

Anyway, great game guys, congratulations!


Thank you SO much! Glad you liked it. You're totally right about the controls :S We figure that out too late thanks to people's feedback.

This is actually all 2D, the 3D effect was made possible by rotating some stuff and use some billboard effect. It was a pain in the ass for the colliders and lights2D which we had to remove, but apart from that it was actually fun to play with this configs.


Really? If you don't mind, could you elaborate a bit on how you obtained that 3D effect? I'm really curious.. Did you move and scale stuff according to the player position or something like that?



I didn't handle that directly but basically rotate the ground and objects that lay on the ground by 45 degrees. For the object standing on the ground, you don't need any rotation. Pivots for standing objects should be at their bottom. Standing moving objects should move relative to the ground rotation. This way you got that depth effect by moving the camera upward and backward on the ground. The moving objects will need some sort of dynamic adaptation for the order in layer to always appear in the right order.


wonderful game - the music and sound effects are amazing - the art is unique - truly doesn't feel like a game jam game !


Thank you so much! <3


This is the first game I rated (out of 30) where I can see that you put more effort into the game than I did. It is artistically satisfying and stands out against all the top-down shooter and platformer. Great teamwork guys!


Thank you so much! :)

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