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It's good, I just wish there was more. I like the voice acting, and the environment is very nice (I spent a while wandering around). I'm glad to hear you'll keep working on it, I'd like to see where it goes :)

Nice game, I enjoyed the puzzles a lot but a bit disappointed that I don't get any cake :(

The leaps of faith can be a problem, and the level design is quite repetitive, but the art and music is pretty great. Movement is also quite good but I would've liked the ability to play with arrow keys. Good job!

Amazing looking game! It could do with some improvements to the gameplay (as other people have already said). I really hope you continue to work on this though, it's definitely one of my favorite games in this jam!

Fantastic game! The intro of the characters putting it together was great, I love the dialogue (especially the different effects on the text) and the meta gaming at the end is fun without being too complicated. Very nice!

Very fun game, I like the faster gun a lot. I'd like to see more varied types of guns if you continued to work on this, and it would also be nice to have a way to deal with the hallucinations when you know they're not real. I love the way the hit sound changes pitch as the enemy takes more damage, the trail left behind the tanks and the dithering effect when you go behind the trees are also very impressive. Well done!

I originally wanted to do a split ending, where you'd attack the bird friend instead, but unfortunately ran out of time, and I agree on the sound.

Thank you for rating! I'll be rating the games of everyone who's posted here, so you're on the list :)


Good job on the game as well, short but I thought it was quite fun and I liked the way you used the theme.

Very fun game! Mowing down the enemies feels very satisfying, especially if you let them follow you for a bit and get a couple in one go. The only issue I have is that cutting the grass can feel inaccurate, like sometimes I'd need to go over the same tile a few times trying to get it to register. Aside from that I enjoyed it a lot :)

I liked the puzzles in this but I found combat to be quite awkward until I got the bow, maybe if the attack had more range or the character could walk backwards while attacking the combat would feel better. I like the art, especially with the lights, and I think the theme was used very well. Good job!

I thought the difficulty was hard but mostly fair. I like the voice over, though sometimes it's a bit hard to make out what it's saying. I'm not sure what the main character is but I like the other assets and the particle effects are a nice touch. Good job!

The controls are very difficult to work with, I didn't enjoy this one much I'm afraid. That being said, the low-poly assets are nice (and I like the design of the aliens)

It was quite confusing to play, I think it'd be nice if there was more time to get used to what you're supposed to do before being asked to invert it. It fit the theme very well though (especially the endings!) and the graphics and audio were really great too. Good job!

I love the art style! Took me a while to get used to the combat but I think I get it now. I quite like it though there were some bugs, like sheep floating in the sky. Overall, good job, I enjoyed it :)

I usually get frustrated at this type of game, but the double jump really helped in situations where the game lies (especially the part with the disappearing ground) and I ended up enjoying it. Good job!

It's very unique, I had to play it a few times before I knew if I was doing well or not. I enjoyed it once I understood it better, in particular the dialogue is quite funny :)

Love the aesthetic! I usually get frustrated at this type of game but the double jump helps a lot and gives you a way out when the game tries to trick you. I wish the camera showed further in front of the player, I ended up taking it very slowly, apart from that it was quite fun. Good job!

Love the ending, haha. The first screen was really confusing, I thought the second number was a '9' as well, but after getting past that the minigames were quite fun :)

I liked the sounds, but it's quite simple. Also, I found it was possible to run up some of the rocks and use the momentum to get over the walls, which was fun to do but I don't think I'm meant to be able to do that

Oof, sorry. We were running out of time near the end so only a windows build unfortunately

(:>{ ]¦

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The controls are on the game page, but I'll post them here as well because I forgot  to include a text file in the download:

Arrow keys to move, Z to jump, and X to use unlockable spells.

There are 4 spells performed by pressing X while holding a direction with the arrow keys - if you've ever played Smash Bros, it works like that :)

Your standards are too high

I physically cannot

I've been eating spaghetti every 3 hours since this competition started and I don't plan to stop until I've won, which is becoming increasingly more likely - I'm using the spaghetti as a substitute for sleep so I can work around the clock, and I'm making non-stop progress. Mere mortals cannot hope to compete against me now.

I know, it's meant to feel like you're drifting through space but I think the movement is too fast, and deceleration makes it a bit too floaty. There was also going to be a more precise movement, which had higher acceleration but a lower maximum speed, but I unfortunately ran out of time.

Thanks, the "shader" is actually just an image of some translucent grey lines, but I think it gave a good aesthetic (I also coloured it in Unity to emphasise the blue and purple). 

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