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Totally Not a SummoningView game page

Five-minute story that annihilates the fourth wall
Submitted by LOWERCASE — 1 day, 22 hours before the deadline
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Game Design#173.9573.957

Ranked from 23 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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That was funny ;) I didn't expect that, but truly it was one of the best games I saw on this jam :P


Interesting approach for the theme. A little bit shorter than I expect. That folder in the desktop 10/10

Played and rated! It's a cool game!

Don't forget to check my game and rating it, please.


Interesting game. The dialogues were funny :D Sounds and graphics are good and fit to the game.

I didn't like to click on the windows messages but that was part of the game, I can live with that.

Overall an interesting approach. Good job :)


Interesting entry. I played it while streaming, which made the whole desktop finding thing a whole lot more... uncomfortable. But you coulnd't have known that. Just an interesting tidbit of information. Also, your picking up of my system's name is a little dodgy, especially if it's being streamed. That one was unexpected, so somewhat worse. Fortunately I called mine "M". :D

It took me a while to understand that the mouse cursor controls the aiming of the ship's cannon. Turning the mouse cursor into a different icon, like a crosshair, may have worked well in the narrative as an extra element to add to the game disguise, and solved this issue at the same time.

Graphics are simplistic, but coherent. I actually thought the PFX for each shot being fired looked very nice.

The dialogue flows and it generates and interesting dynamic where the player needs to alternate between looking left and right and, if you're anything like me, focus on that high score.

Sounds are alright, but there is no music.

The theme has been hit literally, and works. I think your game is the closes to the theme I've seen.

Now, with all this said, I enjoyed the experience and the game is clever. However, there is nowhere for it to go. This is a quirky game for a quirky event. Self contained. It's also very small. So a high rating for me, but it's high as a game jam game, destined to remain just this. Should this concept be considered for something larger, my eval would be rather different.


Fantastic game! The intro of the characters putting it together was great, I love the dialogue (especially the different effects on the text) and the meta gaming at the end is fun without being too complicated. Very nice!


Rated - Very funny and clever game!  Lot's of personality I like your effects like the blue explosions.  If you want you could juice it up even more with some trails, more particles, and screen shake.  Awesome job!  Please check out my game when you can~ good day!


Not gonna lie: This made me extremely uncomfortable in all the right ways. What an inspiring joy to experience blindly.


Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Definitely the best game I've played in the gamejam so far! Audio is great, and the timing of the little texts is perfect! Got a really good laugh out of this! I also liked how you managed to interact with the desktop and use it as a game feature.
Edit: showed the game to a friend and she loved it, BUT the fact that the game wasn't fullscreen got a little problematic with the asteroids for her.


this game is adorable!! I love it


Really good game, at the end i was thinking : "Oh Shit, i'm infected" and he was so cool ^^" Nice work !


Better then all games from this jam, but not clickhead, clickhead was amazing


This game is funny as hell. The dialogue is so good! I loved it.

Please check out and rate our game!


dis broke my 4th wall :0


That was really good! The dialogue was funny, and how you brought the outside the game elements into it was fantastic! Really cool ideas, nice work!


This is so genius. That I feel a little bad about my game. Still, amazing job.


Amazing game, would be surprised if you don't win


Concept quite original. Using not just the game screen is really creative. Asteroids game actually is pretty fun and feels good too. Art style is very crisp. Still, I feel like it ended too soon.


Cool, I'm but not sure I got to the end of it...


Wow so cool game,

i hope i can make a game so good someday.

check out my game:

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