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Bobu is a lieView game page

A decent platformer (?)
Submitted by Wolfy Games (@Gers2017) — 2 seconds before the deadline
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Game Design#3083.0773.077

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Cool game. I like the graphics. Mechanics are nicely done but dying because you touched side of the spikes is just unfair... It's sad that dialogues aren't working, it seems to have some interesting story to tell.

Please give my game a shot and rate it if possible ;)


Cool mechanics, Music was quite loud. I really wanted to try and collect the coins.


A really fun and cute platformer! I like where you going with that artstyle! I definitely will want to see more of your games with this artstyle! Rated ! <3


Thank you JazeGames!!! That means alot for me I'm glad that you like the game. For some reason I like to make cute art.


Sweet color combinations and overall theme! And i thouht we were running short on time.. If nothing else this game definitely wins the "last minute" award!! Great job. What a rush that must have been.


Thanks I put my heart in the game and I forgot the time...

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

As promissed, here is my feedback.

Let's start with the good stuff. I really love your graphics they are awesome. Your game was fun to play and I really enjoyed it. You spend some time with the level design and really thought them through. I really liked how you gain the abilities over time and learn how to use them. Similar to our game, which you should enjoy ;)

Now to some not so good parts and how to improve them:

  • Ok, the reason for this one might be the time, because starting from level 3, I think, there are no backgrounds anymore. It's a little sad, but it's also working without background quite nice. For the background in the first levels, it is not repeating perfectly, there is a hard cut and it is not filling the screen all the way to the bottom. So when you fall down, you see the edge of the picture.
  • Some particle effects are not that good or I guess not finished. I'm not taking this into account because we also run out of time for that :D
  • It's really sad that the dialogues are not working. I think they will present a story that's matching the theme. But like it is now I can't give you a high score for fulfilling the theme. I hope you understand that.
  • The arrows are not really adding any value to the game other than, just go in the other direction the arrow is facing most of the time. I would remove them.
  • Now to some points about the character controller, because I had the same struggles as you did. First of all, the collider on the character. I'm not sure if your character has a capsule collider or your terrain has rounded edges on the collider, or maybe both. But the character is slipping of the edge, which is not really nice. By using box colliders for both you can solve this problem. I know that some game dev videos tell you to use capsule colliders but that is only needed when you have ramps, which you clearly don't have.
  • Your character has a fixed jump height. I'm assuming you are add an upwards force to your character to make him jump. This is ok, but you take away control from the player. It might be wanted, but most modern platformers use variable height. The longer you hold the button the higher you jump. I solved the issue by setting the upwards velocity of the player when I press the button. However, it was a little tricky with the double jump.
  • The character is clearly strugglin with moving platforms :D I think you set the parent of the character transform to the moving platform and this somehow disabled the character from moving. I solved this issue by adding the velocity of the moving platform to the velocity of the player when he is touching it. This way you are still able to move. 
  • It was a little harsh to take the double jump away from the player after he learned it. He got it back later in the level, but I think it is not good to take away abilities.
  • I think the reason for the last point was also the time, but your game stops quite abrupt.

I hope this feedback helps you.

Would love if you give our game a try. I really think you will love it due being very similar ;) I really enjoyed your game.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you! This feedback it's great

About the dialogues. Yes they have a bug and it's because the game was made in a inestable version of Unity (Because in the editor works fine) and it's the main reason to fit the theme. So good bye theme points...
About the backgrounds to be honest I just wanted to make vertical levels and I didn't have many time so I make a flat background.
The arrows are lying. You know the game is a liar.
I take out the double jump becasue a want to make the player able to choose levels. But the time kills this too.
and I really sorry about the end! The time! Just 2 secods was left! Sorry!

(edited: I forgot to tell you that I enjoyed your game °<°)


Damn you really live the risky life. Submitted 2 seconds before the deadline :D

I will play your game today.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)
  • Nice art and a good variety of music.
  • I would like to be able to jump with W. Perhaps you can also add controller support.
  • It's great that there are checkpoints.
  • Something is broken with signs; often don't like to appear when I press space. It's almost as if you have to look at a different sign, before you can active the sign again.
  • The movement speed is very slow while you're on a moving platform.
  • The area pictured below was too difficult for me (I think it's in the second level). The dark purple enemies are also too difficult, since their projectiles follow you around.



It's so fun!


This game was honestly really fun, definitely the best one out of the handful I played so far. Really good use of classic platformer mechanics. The art is fantastic. The music is great too, did you really make all that in this week? I will say the most frustrating part was forgetting I could dash while trying to pass the first set of rabbits. Once I figured that out, it wasn't too bad. The signs didn't work for me at all, pressing space did nothing, which is a shame because I'd love to see what they said. The moving platformers were a bit glitchy with sticking you to them they way they did. Overall tons of fun.


I found if one stands on the right of a sign, just touching it, space (usually) works to show the sign - some are really funny to read and make up part of the charm of the game... guessing just a collision issue.

Deleted 213 days ago

Thanks! I really appreciate your comment!
There's a bug with the dialogue boxes because in the editor works pretty well, and with the moving platforms I forgot to add a line of code. My bad. Gotta fix fast.


Oh I died so many, so many times!
Good fun tho!
Really cute graphics...!
I am going to try an win this - challenge accepted! I want to see those later levels :D


Not going too hard with the theme but giving a cutesy vibe that I love. Great song and nice movement flow