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Love the graphics in this game! Overall, great design. It looks beautiful.

Please check out and rate our game if you have time! Thank you

This game is awesome. You have control over the subject but not a precise one, is great. And the music loop doesn't get stale fast. Great game.

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Great job! the game is very fun to play. Didn't expect it to be so puzzle-like.

If you have some time, please check and rate our game. 

Thank you!

I had fun playing this game! Good job overall.

If you have some time, please check and rate our game too!

Good  luck

It's a fun, creative game! even though it's simple, it's very accurate to the theme and you managed to make it fun and not infuriating. I actually like this game a lot. Good job!

Check and rate our game if you have some time!

Very original! It's kind of hard to play but that's part of the fun. I wasn't expecting the input to change, that was a great idea.

If you have some time, check and rate our game too! Thank you.

At first I didn't know what was going on but then I was like OOOOOH, that's what's happening!

Overall, very original game! I also went back to read the instructions and I understood everything much better. 

Please check out and rate our game too if you have some time!

Good luck

Really good game, really good theme and cool ambientation, the only thing I think it needs is some invencibility frames, the skulls hit me like 3 times in a row and the spikes the same

Thanks for your nice words! We're kinda burned out with platformers at the moment but we have another projects on the works, so keep an eye out. And yeah, we'll check your game!

You're totally right, we usually try to add as many controls as possible like jump with "W" and "Spacebar" but we totally forgot about the arrow keys this time, if we update the game we'll add arrow movement. Thanks!

You're absolutely right. Also the camera should probably not be so close, so that you can see where all the enemies and traps are. Overall a lot of things should and will be improved!

Thank you!

Thank you!! We put a lot of effort into de art and the music. The gameplay could and WILL be better, tho.

That was the idea! We also tried to put very nice 2d graphics so that the player would feel lied but not disappointed. 

Thank you so much! Yeah, you're absolutely right. We've talked about it and we'll deffinitely make the camera show more of the map for our next games. The one in here was kind of bad, specially considering you could jump and get killed by a mosquito while falling, without being able to know whether it would hit you or not. Same with spikes. Thanks for the feedback!

That would've probably been cool. I did the 2d art and a friend did the 3d. I think its a very nice combination, tho there are some mixed opinions about that. Other people think we should've sticked to one of the two. Thanks for commenting!

Thank you! We put a lot of effort into both the graphics and the music!

I love this concept. Haven't seen anything similar this jam. Very original! Also fun to play and very intuitive. 

Please, check out and rate our game ! it would mean a lot

btw thank you for letting me know and trying it out, it's helping me to try get this thing fixed

Damn! I don't know what the issue might be. I don't have a mac so can't really try it out. Maybe try to open it from the terminal?


It's exactly the same version. We are sorry we forgot to include the mac version in the main page!

it is!!svh13YIS!89-_I2VKyvL7cIzBNzyWTpMTWZLF932OUjt2l2ZrxEY

I'm sorry you cant download it directly from the page. When i uploaded i forgot i didn't select the mac option

Hey! cool game. I think it could improve if you weren't sent to the beginning when you die. Good job

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This game is very simple yet entertaining. I liked it!

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Thank you!!

Very fun game! I enjoyed it.

Please check out our game and rate it!

Fun game! There was some bug tho but it solved when I restarted the game.

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I love the mechanics! kind of similar to that tanks game! diepio? However I find the game too hard. Good job tho!

Plase play and rate our game too! 

Hey! Pretty cool game. The controls where a bit weird at the beginning but then i got used to them

Please check out our game too!

I loved the concept. It fits the theme so much!

Please play and rate our game too!

Cool game! The controls work fine and i like the graphics. The only thing i didn't like that much was the music, but fine nonetheless.

Please check out our entry and rate it!

I loved the horror atmosphere you gave to it. Very cool game! Great concept.

Please check out and rate our game too! we'd be very grateful.

I love the concept! Quite creative. Overall a good game imo

Please check out our game and rate it! We'd be very grateful.

Hello! We fixed the issue. Here is the mac version for you!svh13YIS!89-_I2VKyvL7cIzBNzyWTpMTWZLF932OUjt2l2ZrxEY

please try and rate our game! Thank you.

This game is funny as hell. The dialogue is so good! I loved it.

Please check out and rate our game!

Hahaha i had some laughs playing this game. Great job.

Please check out and rate our game too!

I enjoyed the game! Love the graphics. The concept is great

I loved this game. For real. Deffinitely one of my favourites in ive tried in this jam if not my favorite. Very fun to play! Don't really have anything negative to say.

Please check out or game and rate it!

Honestly I don't know. When you build the game on Unity, it says "PC, Mac & Linux Standalone". I guess it should work fine for mac? I don't have a mac so can't really check if it works. If you know where the issue could be let me know and i'll fix it for you!