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Hey! cool game. I think it could improve if you weren't sent to the beginning when you die. Good job

Please check out our game and rate it too!

Thanks for your comment ! i go check your game !

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Your game is not available on mac ;(

it is!!svh13YIS!89-_I2VKyvL7cIzBNzyWTpMTWZLF932OUjt2l2ZrxEY

I'm sorry you cant download it directly from the page. When i uploaded i forgot i didn't select the mac option

Cool ! i go see that

it say me that : "Unable to open < The>"

Damn! I don't know what the issue might be. I don't have a mac so can't really try it out. Maybe try to open it from the terminal?

btw thank you for letting me know and trying it out, it's helping me to try get this thing fixed

No problem !