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Hello ! It's been a year now since i don't upload anything in here but now Emulp V0.5 is available ! It's a totally new rework of Emulp V0.4 with new combat system, new spell, equipments and monster ! Lots of thing have been changed, thing have been added and removed for the best of the game! 

It's a totally new project, i abandon the unity project of the last version for making a new one with a more efficient code !

Here's some  screenshot of the game :

And here the link :

Thank you for reading and enjoy !

hello, this game is really good. But we are very fast in lack of motivation because of many issues in the game that stop us playing.

First whenever we enter the research, map or something like this the game automaticly pause. That's not good when you are waiting to get ressource to launch to an another place.

Second the harvesting phase of every ressources is boring, you should made that more simple with less choices for us to not consider that like chore. Also the convey should put themselves in the right direction

Third you NEED to put an acceleration time, to go 2x time, 3x time or more when waiting vague or waiting ressources

but apart from this it's a really good game ! And a better one with the new update :D


This is a really fun game ! I really appreciate it !
But. There is lot of mistake with programming and game design ;(
In about 10 minutes of play the game start to lag a lot ! I was forced to quit and reopen, probably because you was exploring too much terran, and rendering all in the same time may cause optimization lag (maybe) a good thing could be to only activate square that are maximum 10 squares away of the player.

And then the major problem is the game design. We don't know when we select a spell, we do it randomly sometimes, you should show the range of the spell more clarifying by make a color or something.

It's what i do in my games. Emulp if you want to see.

And give more spell point.

But yeah that's a great game ! 

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I think i just not get it in first place at all lol. Where can i get it please ?

Really good game

But the fact that the game is "slow" make the game annoying. Because if at each dead we need to restart everything we want that to be fast. Not waiting the hook to reach his goal.

But that's really cool ! I love play it

But where is the manual?

I wasn't able to pick the item ;(

Great potential but the control are not very good. The fact that we need to click for changing color is making the game very hard to play

Wow look very great !

would be better with a better way of showing the cards, like when selecting card. And you shouldn't show us too many cards at the first time playing. Show us 3 or 5 cards first and then adding new cars when playing. It will make the cars have a great value that player will appreciate

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That look to be a really good game ! But... I can't play it because there no mac versions D:

If you can fix that with a mac version and a linux version i'm sure more people will be allowed to see your project and play it.

So i hope the mac versions will be here soon :D

Bonjour, nous sommes des joueurs français. Votre jeu est au TOP. Seulement nous avons eu quelque problème au niveau du code du coffre de l'office, nous avons trouver les chiffres et aussi nous avons compris que quand il manquer un chiffre cela signifier que le chiffre ne pouvait pas être placer a cette endroit mais la façon de placer les chiffres ne suivait aucune logique ( ou peut etre pas )


Oh okay ! Great new : D

if only there was a mac version ;(

I have play it with my friends and i can tell you that after few minutes we was negociating for who will played the game because it's was soo scary, it's never give me that effect before.


thanks for your feedback !

No problem !

it say me that : "Unable to open < The>"

Cool ! i go see that

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Your game is not available on mac ;(

Thanks for your comment ! i go check your game !

The mac build doesn't work ;/

Yes !

For sure !

I really loved this game ! i have played before the jam start and i love it ! But it would be so much better if you was adding more level !

I love the island looking us XD

Merci ! Je retiens le fait que le jeu soit bien malgré le fait que son odeur n'est pas apprécié !

Thanks !

Hello ! We and 4 other people are make a game named Hell's Point ! You wake up in an office and you must reach the floor 20 by protect a guy !

I'm working in mac me too !


Hello ! Me and 4 other people are make a game named Hell's Point ! You wake up in an office and you must reach the floor 20 by protect a guy !

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Hello ! We and 4 other people are make a game named Hell's Point ! You wake up in an office and you must reach the floor 20 by protect a guy !

Control : 

W, A, S and D for moving

Right mouse for sword, left for shield

Q and E for spell

Space for skip

I really liked the game

Emulp V0.21 is here !

Hello everyone! Here is the new update of Emulp, the version 0.21! In this version a graphic update has been do. The damage is visible in a more fluid way, more random, more readable and therefore more enjoyable! The monsters have also been retouched there are now "pretty" and when dead their corpses go in the left side of the screen, enough to drool over your genocide! In addition a new type of competence is born the "IMPROVEMENTS"! A skill whose effects vary according to the spent points, 3 improvements are currently available; natural strength, natural magic and the channeling of rage. Unlimited improvements that will spawned the power of your fighting skills and the slipped corpses on your screens ! Also a new system of loot has been added when you kill monster or boss. You can earn 1 skill points, 1 talent or a chest! While the percentage is low, but it is increasingly important as you go far!
A new boss has been added, it contains a pocket of blood that he will use to heal. he’s name is the "Blood Boss"!

Minor additions:

-The experience system has been revised so you have faster access to the skill tree.
-For the highest levels a spell has been added allowing you to gain more XP in combat.
-A new weapon has been added
-A new talent is born.
-Added exclamation point as tutorials
And other things that I let you discover!

here the links :

/ French version /

Emulp V0.21 est disponible !
    Bonjour tout le monde ! Voici la nouvelle mise a jour d’Emulp, la version 0.21 ! Dans cette mise a jour une refonte graphique a eu lieu. Les dégâts sont montré d’une manière plus fluide, plus aléatoires, plus lisible et donc plus jouissif ! Les monstres ont également était retouché il sont maintenant plus «jolis» et a leur mort leurs cadavres s’entassent sur le côté gauche de l’écran, de quoi baver en face de votre génocide ! De plus un nouveau type de compétence voit le jour «LES AMELIORATIONS» ! Une compétence dont les effets varie en fonction des points dépensés, 3 améliorations sont pour l’instant disponibles ; la force naturelle, la magie naturelle et la canalisation de rage. Des améliorations sans limites qui engendreront la puissance de vos techniques de combat et les cadavres qui s’agglutineront sur vos écrans ! En parlant de monstre un nouveau système de loot a été ajouté lorsque on tuait un monstre ou un boss. Vous pourrez gagner 1 points de compétence, 1 talents ou bien un coffre !  Certes le pourcentage est faible mais il est de plus en plus important au fur et a mesure que vous irez loin !
    Un nouveau boss a été rajouté, celui-ci contient une poche de sang qu’il utilise pour se soigner. On l’appelle le « Boss sanguin » !
    Les ajouts mineurs :

Le système d’expérience a été revu afin que vous ayez accès plus rapidement à l’arbre de compétence.
Pour les plus hauts niveaux un sort a été rajouté vous permettant de gagner plus d’xp en combat.
une nouvelle arme a été ajoutée
Un nouveau talent voit le jour.
Ajout de point d’exclamation faisant office de tutoriels
Et d’autre chose que je vous laisse découvrir !

Voici le lien :

Oui il y aura d'autres mises a jours a venir.  Merci beaucoup pour ce commentaire !

the game doesn't work on mac version

A very werd game lol. But its very good programmed