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Oh, wow! 

That's all very generous of the two of you to say. I'll be sure to let the guys know; they'll be flattered, I'm sure.

This is a great idea, too. Not just in that it's a kind thing to try to bring attention to lesser known games that you've enjoyed, but also in that it helps you to look back and appreciate all of the experiences you've had that year.

I hope you guys make this a continuing tradition. And, thanks very much!

Thanks for the quick responses, everybody!

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I actually was able to patch this. I just don't know if I'm allowed to upload the patch during the voting period.

The bug is actually caused by the player being right of center screen when the second gun bug is reported.

The player (behind the menu) is technically aiming to his left when this happens, so, the flipping of the gun is turned off, but this causes it to remain in the bugged position instead of the proper one.

So, it can be avoided completely by staying to the left half of the arena until the gun bugs are both reported!

EDIT: Small fixes are apparently allowed. I've patched the game and will update the description with the details.

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In the last jam that I was a part of, I remember being physically prevented from patching or re-uploading my submission (which makes sense). That doesn't seem to be the case with this jam.

I would love to patch a game-breaking bug that wasn't noticed in my game until after submission. I just don't know if that would impact my game's comments/ratings thus far. I'm also worried that it might be frowned-upon to do so, and I certainly wouldn't want anyone to feel that the submission was any less "legitimate" after patching.

What's the general opinion on hotfixes for this jam?

That was great! Nice voice acting too, which is always fun to see. I especially liked the physics change in the second to last round. Neat stuff!

You can keep backing up at spawn to reset the voice lines, just fyi. Seems that probably wasn't intentional.

Very nice scanlines; looks like an old tv or computer monitor. The menu at that start was neatly done as well!

I seemed to be able to spend money building on an already occupied square, though.

That's great feedback, thank you! We will definitely try to improve the initial clarity of the experience in a future build.

Very nice animations on the big bug bot! Couldn't personally understand the difference between the difficulty levels, though.

That's very frustrating; sorry to hear that. It's a bug we didn't know existed until after we'd uploaded the build, so we had no time to even consider what might be causing it.

I still haven't personally been able to duplicate it, but it's happened to our artist a few times, and now you, so it's definitely a high priority fix for after the voting period.

Thank you for your time and your kind words as well!

That's correct; it's a lives counter. It only decreases if you take an evil Jim through the exit door.

I'm thinking I'll just add a Level Select to the main menu so that anyone can leave, come back, and play from whichever level they'd like!

Thank you very much for taking the time to clear that up. That was beyond kind of you.

Yeah we're freaking right out.

For you, my friend, I'll try!

I have no idea! We created a new Unity project specifically for this game on the first day of the jam, so it's not like we were even adding assets to an old, blank project.

I don't know what the significance of that date would be, either. Maybe when I last updated my version of Unity? 

If you're worried about some cheating or other funny business going on here, I'm planning on making a video documenting the whole process of the game's creation and throwing that up on Youtube, so you'll be able to see everything from the initial idea to prototypes and such being made throughout the week.

We were sure to record footage at the end of each day to track the current state of the game, so it should all be pretty much indisputable.

Thank-you for pointing this out, though! If I had to guess, I'd wager that it's something weird that Unity did, more so than something sinister we did!

This thread seems like a great place to keep the energy going!

Late Lies and Totally Not a Summoning are absolute must-plays in my opinion.

If they had to, they could survive on their creativity alone.

This is an exceedingly kind review. In addition, while my artist was busy playing literally every game posted in a thread of his, he noticed a comment left by you on a completely different entry suggesting that its creator try our game as well.

So, I don't really know what to say, beyond the obvious, "thank you," and, "glad you enjoyed yourself". We're all flattered. In fact, had you not included some constructive criticism, I might not have survived reading this.

I think the best thing to do is to pay your generosity forward!

I would love it if anyone else happening by this comment would play and rate the two most creative entries that I've personally enjoyed so far:

Late Lies
Totally Not a Summoning

And of course, if anyone hasn't yet, please try out in Principle Games' Flatout Drillin'
I'm certainly going to!

We had plans for a "good" ending but didn't have quite enough time to implement and test it properly before the deadline. It's something we're probably going to add after the rating period is over.

That's helpful feedback, thank you! I didn't really know how much leeway to give with the brightness, so I'm glad that you were still able to finish the game.

We actually are recently aware of that goofed tile sprite placement. We were hoping no one else would notice before we could fix it, but there's no getting by you!

You definitely shouldn't be able to walk through half doors if one of them is still closed. I'll consider this a bug report!

Thanks very much!

Whoa, it's gamesplusjames! Your 2D platformer Youtube tutorial was what introduced me to Unity, even before I'd ever written a line of code before in my life. I didn't end up sticking with it, but I rediscovered it years later when I went to college for programming, and you were the first Youtuber I looked up again to get back into things! 

Now here you are in my first ever Game Jam! Crazy.

Anyway, James, this game is brilliant. You used the theme in such an inspiring way. The gameplay is fluid and easy to get into, and the whole experience is hilarious. I love how the simplest explanations like, "I couldn't find my keys," get twisted and overblown into needlessly unbelievable lies.

I really can't gush over this enough. Truly unique. I'm so glad to have found this here. 

The alarm clock opening murdered me.

Considering that the graphics were squares and triangles, this actually looked really good. The colours were well-chosen and the glows were pleasing. The movement felt nice as well!

I particularly liked the anti-grav mechanic in that it just sort of preserved whatever your vertical motion was when you entered it. Neat stuff.

I found myself able to climb walls by sticking to them and jumping repeatedly. Was that intentional?

Alright, well, looks like PPT bit off a bit more than any man could chew here, so I'm swooping in to help!

I'm going to finally (I'm a powerful sleeper) hand out the ratings for every game that he's already played, and then we'll tag-team any new requests from there.

Thanks again to anyone who was kind enough to try our game in return. And, thanks to PPT for being cool with getting shawarma for breakfast. Champion.

Had me in the first half!

Movement speed could use a buff. Had to SR40 down Route Du Bonheur to make it to work on time.

Not gonna lie: This made me extremely uncomfortable in all the right ways. What an inspiring joy to experience blindly.


I'll echo what others are saying in that there really needed to be a checkpoint system here. Especially since the game aims to actively trick and kill the player.

Hands down the most professional looking art and animation of everything I've seen so far in the jam though. Absolutely stellar work there. And the sound design is great too!

You think you can just come in here, be handsome, and not also take credit for slaying our title card?


It took me a minute to get used to the control scheme, but it was smooth sailing after that.

The music fits this game perfectly. It sounds so, "The Future is 1999". And, putting the health bar right up the player's back was a great way to give them the information they need without HUD clutter.

After a few tries, I made it to the big blue boy with the hammer, but he turned me inside out right quick. It's great that you can interrupt enemy attacks with your own, and that sword slash projectile looks real nice.

If I could make two small suggestions:

1. You might want to put a collider on the portal for dummies like me. I thought at first that I was supposed to walk into it, but I just moved right through it and fell to my death.

2. I think it would be a bit more intuitive if the player moved relative to the camera instead of their own facing direction. The tank-style controls are a bit mind-melty.

I'm always so blown away by 3D games. Did you make this on your own?

That's very generous of you to say. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Thank you so much!

We were actually worried that not enough people would play all of the way through to the end, so it's great to hear that a few have. We have one update planned for after the jam, just to get the game to a more "finished" state (bugfixes, puzzle enhancements, level select, etc). But, hey, after that, who knows!

Whoa, that run speed is nuts!

The intro screen for this game is adorable, and I enjoyed the feedback during combat. I love the knight who holds his sword by the blade and nonsensically fires arrows from it. 

Very nice shop menu too. Visually, this game is a lock.

I found it a little difficult to understand if I was making progress or not by just killing everything I could, but I had fun doing it!

This game has excellent graphics, and I was really excited to play it, but the jumps in Bob's room are just brutal. I made it no farther than that. It took me a few minutes to get to the top, where I was told to go back down, get the notes, and come back up. I couldn't do it at all.

I would politely suggest making the platforms wider, and decreasing the distance/height between them. It's just far too difficult to land any single jump as is.

There's also a small bug(?) where people will just keep repeating their dialogue in the same text box if you continue to press Z. No big deal, just didn't know if you were aware!

But I do want to reiterate that you killed it with the artwork. Especially the first room with the forklifts and boxes. Gorgeous!

I liked this a lot. The feedback in combat was satisfying! The boss fight was a nice touch, too. Overall, a very polished experience.

I found the pixel snapping of the camera to be a bit hard on the eyes, but I can be a wimp with those things sometimes. Also, don't be afraid to give us a little more leeway with the platforming. Some of those jumps are tough!  :P

Nice work!

(1 edit)

I like the idea of cross referencing clues to figure out who you can trust. That combined with a Minesweeper-style game is very interesting.

I couldn't get the mouse-over to tell me what the tools do, so the game took me some time to understand.

Inspired idea!

The reveal mechanic was intuitive and very easy to use, and Detective Truth is adorable. I love his hat wobble when he jumps.

The reveal circle isn't forced off when you run out of juice for it, allowing you to hold down the mouse button forever with no consequence. I also found the screen scroll speed to be a little too unforgiving.

Definitely follows the theme very well!

Beautiful graphics, and way to go with that fully featured options menu. How did you find time for that?

I'll echo what others are saying in that the jumping feels a little awkward.

Nice cutscene finish!

This game is an absolute joy to control! The movement feels consistent, tight, and fun.

That duck animation though (incredible).

You definitely nailed the art and atmosphere here. Very consistent style, and the leave-behind masks were a nice touch!

I found that the characters high movement speed made some of the platforming a little bit too difficult.

Banger track during the climax!

Wow. If you weren't happy with how this turned out, then I would be ecstatic to see what you would add in an update, because this was fantastic.

The feedback on everything was a party. The combination of mouse and WASD on platforming challenges was smoothly implemented and super satisfying, and the generous checkpoints helped keep everything carefree and fun.

Great job! Stellar ending.

Loved the music, and that title is perhaps the most multi-layered pun I've ever seen! Mavericks.