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Submitted by gamesplusjames — 26 minutes, 47 seconds before the deadline
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Game Design#483.7273.727

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Submitted (3 edits)

Very funny game! Very well paced between the search and the interrogation, reminded me of Ace Attorney :-)

I liked that the experience was self explanatory and didn't need to read tons of tutorial like in other game jam projects.

The wake-up mini-game, the repetition, all the game design decisions were going the same way, giving this project a lot of internal coherence.

The door of the "WORK" building could stand out more in the street, though. I completely missed it the first time.


hahahahaha its really fun :D i loved it 


Played and rated! It's a cool game!

Don't forget to check my game and rating it, please.


Really interesting submission! Thought it was funny (and not the cringey kind of humour!) I loved the alarm clock and dialogue (and the alien that turns around to face you, despite creeping me out at first) I loved!

Great job!


Really nice one! It's a great idea and it's very well made.  Nice art and audio. Had fun and got to day 10. Awesome job!


Hehehe, this is really a funny game. Really enjoyed it. The real hero in the game is the boss for keeping up with Jhonson. The artwork is really awesome. The music went well with the game atmosphere. The game control was smooth. Overall a well made game.

Oooooh this had me a gigglin'! Hilarious.


The funniest game I have played in the jam :)

I lost the first day because I didn't know that I had to go to work after finding ideas for excuses. 

Love the concept.

Nice graphics and audio ! Good job!


Very funny game! I really enjoyed it!

Also, could you give some feedback on my game? Thanks!


I think I broke the game. I got to day 20, legitimately, and the game stopped counting the days, and my sick days went into the negative. It became almost impossible for me to get the 25 inspiration points I needed. Good fun though.

Graphics: Coherent and quirkly looking. The 2D objects that always face you in a 3D environment may not have been the best choice, but they worked alright in this quirky game. Overall, I think its visual style was distinctive and funny.

Audio: Music was functional and did signify hurry to me. SFX were aplenty and worked well too. More sample variety is always welcome, but I'm knit picking.

Theme: I think you missed it. This is a game about lying. It's not the game that is a liar.

Design: I really liked the moods the boss had. Had me thinking about when to use the more plausible excuses vs the crazier ones. I am of two minds about the collect inspiration phase of play. It seems arbitrary, but it does increase tension. On balance, I would argue it improves the game. Perhaps more time, random placement, a larger pool of items, and an inability to pick up already used excuses (not already picked up, already used), may improve this, but it needs playtesting. I dunno. :)

Worthy of mention is the silly alarm clock minigame. It's fumbliness (to coin a word) is weirdly realistic. The little touch of the rubbish piling on to reflect the days I'd succeeded was cool as well.

Finally, dialogue. Surprisingly well crafted and funny in places. With the amount failed funny in this jam, your game stands out to me as genuinely amusing. Well done.

One of the best entries. This is going in my hall of fame for this event.


5 stars!!


Thanks :D


Whoa, it's gamesplusjames! Your 2D platformer Youtube tutorial was what introduced me to Unity, even before I'd ever written a line of code before in my life. I didn't end up sticking with it, but I rediscovered it years later when I went to college for programming, and you were the first Youtuber I looked up again to get back into things! 

Now here you are in my first ever Game Jam! Crazy.

Anyway, James, this game is brilliant. You used the theme in such an inspiring way. The gameplay is fluid and easy to get into, and the whole experience is hilarious. I love how the simplest explanations like, "I couldn't find my keys," get twisted and overblown into needlessly unbelievable lies.

I really can't gush over this enough. Truly unique. I'm so glad to have found this here. 

The alarm clock opening murdered me.


I'm glad I could help you on your gamedev journey :) Writing those dodgy lies was my favourite part of doing this game :D


I love the story line here! I laughed when I had to smash the alarm clock with my fist. I thought that was a great way to add humor. Great job!

I'd love your feedback on my game if you can spare a little time. :) 


I'm glad you enjoyed it, I had a lot of fun adding humour into the game :)


Funny game xD, I liked the art, the audio and the small details like when I chose the same story twice in a row.  I just didn't know that I had to go to the work place because there was nothing telling me that but I figured it out real quick in Day 2. Good Job, James!

I also hop you give me a feedback on my game <3

[Played on Windows - Full Screen]


Thanks for playing! I had intended to include a tutorial on the first Day, but it got cut in favour of adding more dialogue :D

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Quite funny, but by day 7 it becomes too difficult to get all the items. I also did't know if I should just keep going until I failed or that I needed to reach a certain amount of days. Also, the building on the outer edge of the town don't have any colliders (at the starting point, perhaps also the rest). The main difficulty is knowing if you're aiming correctly, because there is no crosshair. You also need to be a within a certain distance before you can interact, but I don't know how close you have to be.


I did want to add more items to collect to allow you to reach further days but I could only get so many made in the timeframe :) The goal was meant to be just seeing how many days you can reach without getting fired, but that doesn't really become clear until you get fired which was a bit of an oversight on my part :)


Overall a super funny and very well made game. Love the music and art style. Well done.


Thanks :)