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Awesome game! Keep it up. I had fun playing it.

Thanks for your feedback :D

Good Idea, I didn't think of it and I would like to add this feature soon.

Thanks for your feedback :D I’m glad you liked it.

Funny game xD, I liked the art, the audio and the small details like when I chose the same story twice in a row.  I just didn't know that I had to go to the work place because there was nothing telling me that but I figured it out real quick in Day 2. Good Job, James!

I also hop you give me a feedback on my game <3

[Played on Windows - Full Screen]

I enjoyed playing this game, I played it in both Arabic & English versions just to see the difference xD

Very good voice overs and smooth animations.

The only issues I had while playing were:

1- The girl sometimes run super fast when in mid-air, sticks to the walls and ground and slides from the platform.

2- Every time I die, I will have to use my mouse to restart the level. It would be better if it's automatically resets the level or press "R" to restart.

I hop you also check out my game and give me a feedback <3

[Played on Google Chrome - Minimized Screen]

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Very good game, You'r art style is so amazing I loved it. I also liked the idea of this game.

One thing to mention which is the controls were so hard because they were all next to each others (a, d, z, x, c)

[Played on Google Chrome - Maximized Screen]

My highscore is 2614.

I had fun playing your game, the mechanics were so good and the art was so colorful. I like the brain background and the texts coming across the platform, the transition between the options menu was a small detail but I really liked it.

However, there are few things that I would like to mention:

1- I wish if I can see my score, total time spent, tokens and death while playing.

2- Deaths won't restart the level. That means there is nothing to worry about if I died (I won't lose my tokens) and that makes the level easier.

[Played on Windows - Full screen option checked]

Thanks for your feedback :D

Thank you for playing :D

SUPER COOL Game as always!

I like the music and the sound effects in the game.

The art is super cool, I wish if I can draw like that :')

I got stuck with the boss and he started repeating "DIE!" every time I respawn xD (That was a cool way to make the player never get bored after getting killed from the boss in the beginning, but only if it was random text instead of repeating "DIE !" every time).

My health/energy was 2. and every time I fight with the boss again I get killed so fast when he shoots so fast.

I didn't see the end because it was taking forever :(

Thank you for your feedback :D

I had many ideas in my head but I chose the one which can be finished in 7 days as a solo developer.  I will try to make the game more as an "Adventure Game" later so the player can jump, open doors and more..

Thank you again <3

He scored 34 :D

Scored 3380

Sure, it is allowed.

No problem man, I feel you xD Same thing to my game!

Why no one likes the head and shoulders shampoo? xD

I'm stuck here :(

Thanks for playing :D, the way you fall on the spikes was part of the game.  However, to stop falling on the spikes you have to click “S” to dash down once you collide with the portal.  Thanks again for playing and I will look forward to fix this issue because it wasn’t clear for many players <3.

Thanks for playing, there was a (How to play) menu in the beginning, but I think you missed it xD.

Thanks for the information :D I will try to fix every issue soon.

I just didn’t have the time because I’m a university student. <3

Wait.. WHAT!

I payed this game with my brother and it was fun.  My brother and I were laughing the whole time because of the stupid actions we do XD.  But one thing is missing which is the audio :(.

Music, art and idea.  good luck!