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Very fun game! I really liked the UI effects, however i missed a character animation... : (

Also, could you check out my game? Thanks!

Pretty nice game! I really liked the pixel art!! 

Also, could you check out my game? Thanks!!

Very fun game and i really liked the graphics! Awesome submission!!

Also, could you check out my game? Thanks!!

I really liked the graphics! But the controls were very difficult to mantain...

If you have some time, could you leave some feedback on my game? Thanks!

Very funny game! I really enjoyed it!

Also, could you give some feedback on my game? Thanks!

Really fun game!

Thanks! Our musician made the music and sfx using only music software!

Thank you so much! Maybe we will make a tutorial about that on our youtube channel! And i will check out your game! 

Thanks! We will keep improving the game! We really appreciate the feedback!

Thanks for kind words! We surely will keep developing it like this!! 

Thank you so much!! 

Thanks! Appreciate the feedback!!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks so much!!

Very cool submission! It was very entertaining!

Also, could you check out my game? Thanks!


Thanks! Yes it is very challenging, but try to not make what the game says! : )

Very interesting game! The atmosphere was really cool! 

Thank you! We are really happy that you enjoyed so much! ; )

Thank you so much!

Thanks a lot! We really enjoyed making this game! Maybe we will keep developing and improving it, after the jam!

Try to not make what the game says! ; )


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Very funny game! Really enjoyed! The narration was very nice! Awesome submission!

Thank you so much! It was very challenging and fun to make this game! Your game seems really cool, i certainly will check out it!

Thanks! I hope you can make it till the end! ; )

Very cool game! Well done! Could you also take a look at my game? Thank you!

Interesting submission! The graphics are very good, but I didn't quite understand the controls and how the refills work ...

Really liked the billboards on the buildings and the details on the player in each level! Very cool!

Also, could you rate my game? Thanks!

Well done guys, amazing game! Loved the music and sound effects, it's a cool looking platformer. 

Also it would be awesome if you could check our game and leave some feedback! Keep the great job

Wow! What awesome game! Everything was amazing!

Also, check out my game!

Fantastic! Really like the horror atmosphere you created. Controls are very easy to deal with. Great job

Very nice graphics!! Although it was very short...

Also, check out my game!

Really cool game! The art was very nice!

Cool game! The level was very well designed! 

Also, check out my game!