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Who killed Allita?View game page

Visual Novel, Investigation, Community Gamejam 2019
Submitted by Gabriel Carollo — 28 minutes, 34 seconds before the deadline
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Who killed Allita?'s page


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Game Design#763.5883.588

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I wasn't able to solve the murder, but it was an interesting story. I also accidentally choose the detective, so maybe some confirm button would be nice. I agree with the points made by "in Principle Games". The game isn't rewarding enough to keep retrying. It seems like nobody has actually managed to find the person who's guilty, which is a shame.

Really good pixel art ! i liked the story, but didn't put in jail the murderer, after 4 try i gave up.

The first time i choosed the officer, just because i clicked on this new button. So i think you should add a pop up before the final choice, to confirm the player choice.

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Rated - Wow really cool layout for learning about all the characters!  The pixel art is top notch too.  Great job.  Please check out my entry if you can.

Good day.

Nice game, it reminds me of papers please and i loved that game, the pixel art is very good and the story is interesting, but i think the characters don't really replay to the dialog option that you choose.


I love this game's concept and the graphics, and I noticed a couple things that could be improved. For one, (as others have said) the dialogue has a few issues since you can't replay interrogations. On my first play, I talked to both suspects and was immediately thrown into the "who did it" screen. I was surprised because I was unprepared, so I clicked the little police badge in the corner thinking it would let me go back. Then I was even more surprised to be accusing... myself? I think it's a really cool idea that the killer could be the police officer you were playing as, and it really fits the theme; I just don't think that's the best way to present the option. I'm sure most of that is because this was only made in a week, and I think if this idea were developed further you could definitely make it into a really compelling and interesting story! Overall, amazing job getting this much done in 24 hours! I hope you keep working on this game! :)


nice story and great art


Very interesting game! The atmosphere was really cool! 


Excellent graphical style. Coherent and squalid like the story's characters.

Audio is serviceable for what the game is. Perhaps the character typing sound is a little loud.

Not sure the game hits the theme. The characters in it are liars, sure, but not the game itself.

Design-wise, this game has the LA Noire problem. You select a dialogue option, thinking you're going to get a measured response, instead the other person goes totally nuts and you fail the investigation. Because there is no checkpoint system, you then have to start over, until you finally find the sequence the dev decided you need to pick to actually see what the truth is. This is a pretty serious problem that affects games like these. It's difficult enough to write convincing mystery murder dialogue in linear contexts, like books, it's much more difficult to do this well in a game. I gave up after failing twice, because I was bored of repeating the same interrogations.

The problem is further compounded by the poor quality of the English dialogue. From typos to expressions that don't work. it makes it difficult for an English speaking player to go through the investigation with clear awareness of who the characters are. I would recommend finding an Anglophone friend that's willing to help with proofing the dialogue before the game is put up for scrutiny next time, if possible.


Thanks for the review! 

It was our first game jam so we underestimated how long would take to make this game, and, at the end, we had just a few hours to come up with the scripts for the interrogation parts (wich I know is the main point in these kinds of games) and, since we couldn't spend much time wrinting those, the twist that reviews the killer is too hard to reach, given the lack of clues in the dialogs.

We had a lot of fun regardless and got tons of experience for future games.

From all the reviews i've seen so far (not only on my game) you are the first to actually give some good criticism, and that heps a ton!

I'll be checking out your entry later! XD


It's a little sad, in my opinion, how many of the rating comments are dry and ultimately dishonest "Amazing graphics. I was so immersed. *Rate my game plz". This is not what feedback is about. Feedback is about improvement and making informative future decisions. I hope I can count on you giving me criticism of what you would like to see improved in my game. I'm thinking about bringing it to market, so I can use information, not fuzzy feelings. :D


Yeah, it's a shame. I would guess that there're about five people that give some decent feedback on what's good and what can be improved. Ofcourse it does mean that you can play less games or have to spent more time.


What a nice game, just played my first run and failed(i will try to guess right in later)

Good Story and Visuals :D


Amazing.  Great story, fantastic pixel art, and voice overs.  I don't know how you found the time to do all of this, great job! :)


Thanks for playing it! We are super glad you liked it! And yeah, we almost didn't do it XD the game was uploaded like 30 minutes before the deadline :D


A really great game. Absorbed me right in. I had lots of fun playing it. Great Job!


Thanks for comment, we really appreciate it! :D


Great idea, i like this old school pixel-led kind of games. Take a look at our game when you get a chance


Thank you! I really liked your game, found it very fun, had a nice time :)