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Retro-style JRPG where the shopkeepers lie to you about the quality of their wares.
Submitted by thedarkmagi (@MillsOlly), widdiful, JestyJam — 21 hours, 21 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#2183.2593.259

Ranked from 27 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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played and rated yours! I really enjoyed! Very fun game and good concept!

don't forget to check my game please


Very fun game! I really liked the UI effects, however i missed a character animation... : (

Also, could you check out my game? Thanks!



 a bit strange, quit sure I played and rate this before, unless I forgot to save my ratings before :).

Please feel free to try out my game and rate it here:

Many thanks,



Rated - Lots of polish in this game, really great job!  As others have mention the scene transitions are super cool and the sprite art is great.  Please check out my game if you can~


Nice! I love turnbased combats.

I like the scene transitions btw, I should focus on learn how to do some!


Very nice game! I love turn based RPG's and would definitely buy this if it launches as a full game!

Just some considerations: Some bugs have happened for me, like the music of the "walking" was overlapping the fight music, as the music wasn't stopped. Also, one message bugged,  "You gained 435 gold!", overlapping the UI of the "walking" part of the game. If you want more details on the bugs, or some ideas, send me a message!

tl;dr: I really liked the game, except for the bugs mentioned above that troubled my playthrought, But for a week of development, it's really well done! Congratulations!


Very generic RPG, but so well made, it is solid and polished. The use of the theme was weak, i'm sure i would not be able to tell if there was something if you didn't specify.

Art and sounds are amazing, no bugs at all, cool transitions and backgrounds, but it is generic. Good job for a jam game :)

My game:


A simple and fun Rpg, I didn't beat the boss but I'm bad with RPG turnBased X)


Hey, noticing some confusion here in the comments. The game follows the theme by having the shopkeepers lie to you about the quality and value of their wares, so getting better equipment requires you to try and look past the deceipt or try to gamble with it. Hope this clears things up!


It was cool to play you Game you have to think about the music , but still not bad :) My Game is:, its called You thought! Check it out!


just a standard RPG, didn't really see any innovation to it or anything regarding the theme sadly :/ 


I noticed the music was a bit strange as if there was many playing at the same time, is it a bug or just my imagination? Otherwise I liked the visual effects and the colors are pretty nice, but not verry inovative.


Ok came here because one of you rated my game the CompoPleX realy liked your game but the innovation and theme categories were like nonexistent 

It was a good time, playing your game. Visuals are great !

Submitted (1 edit)

Nice work! I didn't notice the theme though. I died to the boss a few times before realizing there were other battles


really good art for one week. I have never been a big fan of rpg's but still a good game :)


Easily the best one I've seen in this gamejam. Amazing work


Fun Game That Could Be Expanded On 



Like the concept, good job !


Overall a completely realized idea!  Thanks for the entry!

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