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The bouncing off the walls happens so the player won't walk through or get pushed through them

But i will check it out thank you :)

Thanks for playing :)

I move the player  by getting horizontal and vertical inputs using Input.GetAxis under the Update method. Then under the FixedUpdate method, i call another method called "Move" with the parameters "horizontal" and "vertical". I store these parameters in a Vector2 variable and then use this variable in transform.Translate().

already did and left a comment :) it was a very well  done game. Good job for your first time!

Good point. I doubt they are using a different ranking system for games above 20 rates.

Afaik, there is only going to be 1 winner right? If so, to be honest, my game is not even close to being good enough to win. So i want to get as much people as possible to play it and get their review so i can do better next time. I feel like our main priority should be to have fun and learn while making our games and playing others.

Neat game. Just a bit hard but might be because I'm tired as well. Definitely will play again sometime.

Check out and rate mine if you are interested!

This game has everything you'd want from a good game; great art and music, clean UI and cute characters. I loved it.

Check out and rate mine if you are interested!

Imo best platformer in this gamejam so far. Really liked the graphics.

If you wat to rate mine, Hope you have fun!

It is a bit too hard for me but I loved it. Reminded me of Getting Over It.

If you'd like to rate mine: Hope you have fun!

It is a very fun game even for someone like me who is terrible at platformers. I really like the art as well.

Check out my game if you are interested

Thanks for the kind words :)

That happens because of the player's rigidbody. It prevents the player from running through the walls.

Thanks for playing :)

Noted. Thank you for playing :)

Just played your game. First time seeing an FPS game here, it was fun . I liked the low poly graphics, rated.

If you want to check out mine, I hope you have fun playing!

Cute game. Especially liked the music, rated.

If you'd like to check out mine,  I hope you have fun playing!

Rated. If you would like to check out mine:

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You guys should definitely finish this game when you have time, it looks pretty unique., rated. Also congrats! :) (Also the texts could have been faster)

If you'd like to check out my game, I hope you have fun playing!

Oh so it's on my end. Will try to tweak some settings and try again

Thanks for playing :)

Thank you :)

"Patient has surrendered to violent instincts".

It said "Success" But i feel like i got the worst ending.

I'm always up to play psychological games, It was interesting, rated :)

Check mine  out if you are interested,

Try my game out if you are interested, I hope you have fun playing!

Yours looks interesting, will be playing it now

Rated :) I like the smooth movement but the boxes appearing out of nowhere got me tilted lol

Try my game out if you are interested.

This game is in the Top 3 of games I've played during this gamejam. I love how detailed the art is. This definitely deserves to win.

If you are interested, you can check my game too.

Neat game, I like the graphics.

Check mine out if you are interested :)

Thank you! :)

I hope you have fun playing!

This is my first time ever participating in a gamejam and actually first time ever finishing a project :) Hope you have fun playing

Hope you have fun!

Check out the game page for instructions and an ingame map

Nah that's the point of the game :) You can check the game page for an ingame map. Thanks for playing :)

Fun game, I liked it even though I suck at platformers

It is my first time as well :) Hope you have fun playing You can check the game page for instructions and a game map

Will try your game out right now

Probably because of my old laptop but I'm getting screen tear. Maybe it is a game feature?

I hope you have fun! Check the game page for instructions and a game map.

I got stuck on the 3rd level. I'm really bad at platformers.

I liked the graphics but i wish you added more soundtracks

I like the soundtracks you used. Fun game, good job!

Hope you enjoy it! I added an ingame map on the game's page here.

Gonna check out your game right now

I like the way you use your sword, it is quite unique. Really good art and music as well. Good work!

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I hope you enjoy it! Gonna check your game right now

Thanks for playing :) There is a map on the game's page if you struggle to find your way to the boss fight