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Interactive storytelling text-based game with multi-ending - Created for Community Game Jam
Submitted by Big Three Games — 13 hours, 30 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#1703.3673.367

Ranked from 30 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Played and rated! I really liked your game!

Don't forget to rate my game please:


A very interesting game, with a very interesting atmosphere. The story is really interesting, but it is not always super clear what is happening. The blurry images fits the story and atmosphere very well, and in general do the visuals fits the story very well. Overall a really good jam game. Well done.


Premise: I'm not one for choose an option to continue the book games. The primary reason why this is, is that the choices devs give me rarely match what I would do. This game takes the cake. Almost none of the options were options I wanted to pick. "What's your favourite colour?" I would pick "I am not 7 anymore". "What's your favourite animal?". I would answer "Bacon". "Is this glass half empty?". "Do you need to see a psychologist yourself?" would be my answer.

This means I find myself consistently clicking through options and bearing with subsequent dialogue that I don't want to select / live through.

The adherence to this theme exacerbates the issue. At the end I selected not to shoot the target and the game still forced me to do so. Which makes me question if any of my choices even had an effect of any kind. This further defeats the purpose of a choose your own adventure.

Art is extremely blurry. I think this is intentional, and to be fair, it looks consistent. However, it also looks poor, at least to my eyes. Distracting even.

Sound is very subtle, which I think is fine. Except there is no music of any kind. Again, could be a deliberate and justifiable decision.

Not my cup of tea. But more so than usual.


That's some well made interactive story! Awesome. Graphics are bit blurry at times but I like the style. I will definitely play it again to check other endings.

Give my game a shot if you can! :)


Loved the story! The graphics fit so well too. The lack of music actually made it better for me. 

Good job!



It would be nice if you play my game too


Its quite a different concept and i really loved it. Well done !! It can be a great story ahead for other platforms as well. I guess we have our base in common.

You can find our game Last Code Here ....Last Code

Last Code

It is a game about a Technical Supervisor during an interview with 2 different endings depending on your choices....

Entire scene was 3D modeled and textured during the time frame too....

Check our game and please feel free to comment your reviews.


Thanks a lot, every comment here make a difference!

I'm playing yours right now!

Again, thanks! <3


Hi! :D Your game was so interesting and innovative with the story! I enjoyed the different background sounds and think they added a lot to the overall atmosphere. Great job! :D


Thanks!! I spend a good amount on them!! 


I am very insecure and this game gave me so much pressure on the choices, good job! hahah.

The writing is very good, immersive and interesting, but the art looks stretched and it is very blurry,  some sound effects are strange, kinda lacking polish. The clock sound effect works well and creates a good tension, well done :)

Take that as constructive feedback, i like to be fair and point the good and bad things in my opinion, so people can analise and improve with these feedbacks. You guys did a great game overall, keep it up! :D

Here is my game:



I agree with everything you've said! Really, thanks a lot for giving this feedback!!

I'm happy the game gave you this pressure, that was my intention hahahah

Again, thanks a lot!

Your comment means a lot to me! <3


Real interesting game. I enjoyed piecing together what was going on. Really enjoyed it, nice work!

Would love if you rated our game too :) Thanks


Thank you!! Really appreciate it. Be sure i will play !!

(1 edit) (+1)

Interesting aproach. I'll consider playing again. Love the out art style

Our game:


Thanks a lot!! 

Really appreciate your comments!

I'm playing yours right now!



Good game man, really chilling and creepy but I suppose that is what you were going for! Really cool theme and story <3


You're right!! 

Thanks a lot for playing and I'm happy you enjoyed it!



ahh this rly needs more rates. Slick delivery of a really interesting storyy! Really immersive

Developer (1 edit)

I appreciate a lot!! Thanks a lot! <3


Very inmersive game, it kept me interested until the end. Great sound management :O


Thanks!! I'm happy that you had fun playing it!


"Patient has surrendered to violent instincts".

It said "Success" But i feel like i got the worst ending.

I'm always up to play psychological games, It was interesting, rated :)

Check mine  out if you are interested,


I'm really glad that you felt that way! That was our intention

Thanks a lot for playing it!


Nice game, cool atmosphere and art.  Could you also check out my game?


Nice game, Could you also please check out my game? I would appreciate any feedback :)


I liked it, good job.


Very well done indeed


Glad that you enjoyed!! 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I really enjoyed this game. Well done.


Thanks a lot! 

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