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Although you can't use back-end languages on, you can use a front-end language (such as Javascript) to connect to an API (run by a back-end language on a server) and achieve the same functionality as you would with a back-end language right in the game.

Thank you for the feedback. The game has 15 levels in total and I've completed the whole game many times during testing :)

Very nice game. I liked how it's very fast paced. The menu UI is beautiful, but the popup(bootstrap) when you die doesn't fit very well with that. Overall great game :)

Nice game, I really enjoyed it. I played the hard+ mode a lot. The music is good. The only thing is the graphics could be improved a bit. Overall it was a great experience :)

You can do this in plain Javascript. It's basically the same as in Unity.


Save the current level 

window.localStorage.setItem('currentLevel', '5');

Read the current level


There are also a couple more methods:


window.localStorage.clear(); Use this to delete everything in local storage

window.localStorage.key(index); Use this to get the name of the key(variable) name at a specific index, you can use this to loop through all the keys

I think this is great for saving game data, because it's fast, easy to use and all major browsers support it.

You shouldn't save any users' sensitive information using this, because any code on the website can access it. If you will be saving personal information of the users, you should encrypt it.

I don't think this would be a problem, but major browsers usually limit this storage space to 5MB, but since you will be saving plain text, it won't be a problem even for a game which has a lot of data to save.

If you have any other questions or want to help with something I'd be happy to do that :)

Thank you for the feedback. You can save data on any platform with PlayerPrefs. Example: 

I want to save current level: PlayerPrefs.SetInt("currentLevel", 4);

If I want to then read the data use this: PlayerPrefs.GetInt("currentLevel");

You can use this with int, float and string variable types.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Such a great game! It is so fun. The graphics should be improved, but the gameplay is briliant :)

Thanks :)

Awesome game :) Love the graphics

Really fun game. I like the idea and the graphics look great. Good job :)

Great game. I had a lot of fun. The graphics look good and the music fits well into that game. Good job :)

Really nice game. I liked playing around with the different buttons, levers, etc... You should improve the UI graphics. Overall great game :)

Thanks :)

Great game. The ships controls really feel like a ship. Some of the levels are really hard. Overall it's a very nice game :)

This is awesome. At first a bit hard, but when I got used to the controls it was really fun. The music was nice too.

Thank you for the feedback :) I'm going to play and rate your game now

Thank you for the feedback :)

Really great game. I love the graphics. The idea is neat :)

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Thank you for the feedback. You can get the items from the shelves by boosting(dashing) into it with SPACE

The concept is great. The glowy graphics look nice :)

Thanks :) I will play and rate your game

Really fun game. The graphics and music are nice. You should shorten the waiting time between enemy encounters, because it's boring to just wait there. Overall it is great game :)

Awesome games. This is one of the best games I've played here so far. The gameplay is great. I love the graphics and music :)

I like the idea of the game. It looks great. Maybe make the levels at the start a bit easier. Overall great game :)

I really enjoyed playing your game. I like the mechanics. The graphics and music were also nice. Good job :)

Thanks :)

Thank you for the feedback

I'm glad you enjoyed playing :)

I enjoyed playing your game. The art looks awesome. Good job

Very original idea. I enjoyed playing the game. The music is great :)

Awesome game. The grappling mechanic is great. I really love the graphics and the atmosphere of the game. Good job :)

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Really funny game. I like the idea and enjoyed playing the game. The graphics could have been improved a bit. Overall I like your game. It was kinda hard :)

The objective was to get to the end of the map in time and complete the game

Thanks for playing :)

Glad you liked it :)

Thank you for playing :)