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Hi! :D Super happy to be your 20th rating, congratulations <3! Amazing job with the voice acting! The beginning cutscene was very well done! The second level was a little too hard for me but I still had fun playing your game :) Great job! 

Haha I loved the background singing XD The lies were fun and I enjoyed all the platforming elements you were able to implement.  Playing through felt challenging but fair. Great job! :D 

Hello! :D I really liked the concept for your game and the dialogue between the player and PHIL was fun. Took a while for me to figure out the jump level but I really enjoyed the change of mechanics when I got it.  Good job! :D 

Hi! :D Played and rated your game! Great job - the pixel art was so cute and I really liked all the different characters and their personalities ^-^!

Hi! :D Nice job - I really like the pixel art and the characters are so funny :D! I'm impressed by the amount of  different characters you were able to create in time for the jam :)!

Hello! :D I just finished playing and rating your game - nice job! I love the concept for your game :)! It fits the game jam really well!

Hi! :D Your concept for the game is very creative and funny! Your voice over was also great! I blindly followed the instructor a few times when I forgot about the game jam/lying aspect of the game and ended up crashing xD Hahahaa oops ^-^'! Fun game, nice job :)!

Thank you so much :D! I had a lot of fun playing your game! Love the art style! And the pinocchio characters are the coolest ^-^!

Hey! :D Just played and rated! Loved your game - so funny and creative! Great job!!

Hi :D! I had soo much fun playing your game - super funny xD! Your game was spot on with the theme and the gameplay was really well done! The art and sounds effects were great too! Nice job!!

Thank you :D! Sorry you weren't able to complete the puzzle :(! We were hoping to add instructions to each mini game but ran out of time to incorporate them before the end of the jam :s. The puzzle pieces can be flipped by pressing space bar :)

Hi! :D Really creative game - I love the concept! Tower defense games are really fun and your game is such an interesting take on that type of game :)! I had a lot of fun playing and figuring out the best paths, great job!

Thank you ^-^!

Hi! :D Nice job! I  like the sound effects and think the idea of the pinocchio characters is creative and fun :D! The only suggestion I have is to make the counter more visible to the player - I didn't realize I was running out until it was too late hahaha x3! But great game overall! :D

Hi! :D  I am so impressed by your art and music! Both are incredibly well done! I also think your game fits really well with the theme and I enjoyed the horror elements :D! Great job!

Hi :D! What a cute and terrifying game :o I love your concept and how it fits with the jam's theme perfectly! There were so many small touches that I enjoyed - the main character's expression changing as his/her health depleted, the lies on the posters, and how the beginning environment changes in the end! Great job! :D 

Wow, AMAZING job :D! I was blown away by every aspect of your game - the music/sound effects, graphics, concept, and design are all flawlessly executed in my opinion! 5/5! :D <3

Hi! :D 

Your game looks super interesting and I really want to play it but unfortunately we only own PCs so I am unable to  D': I'm so sorry! 

Wishing you good luck in the game jam and if anyone else is able to, please play and rate their game :D!!! <3

I just finished playing and rating your game and I loved it! :D Amazing job, especially for this being your first game jam and as a team of two! :) This has been our team's first game jam too and the experience we have gained has been great! :D I hope you both have enjoyed participating in the jam too and good luck! <3

Hi! :D Wow, super impressive game! Once I got to the end I just had to start it up again to checkout the lie :P! I think the concept for your game is so creative and fresh! I had a lot of fun playing :)! My only suggestion would be to add background music to the levels but I completely understand with the time constraint of the game jam and also with only two people - this was a massive project and it truly came out beautifully! :D Nice job!

Thank you very much :D <3

Thank you! :D I just finished playing and rating your game, it was really fun! Great job! 

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Thank you so much! :D I just finished playing your game (a couple times because it was fun :P) and leaving a rating! Great job! :D

Hi! :D Really fun game! I like the jump mechanic and the gameplay felt challenging but doable! Nice job! :D

Thank you ^-^ I really enjoyed your game - great job!

Thank you :D! Just played and rated your game - nice job :)!

Hello :D! Nice game ~ The main character and enemies look really nice and the glowing blue effect after enemies took damage was very pretty :o! I think your game fit the theme well with the ending :)! Good job!

:D Played and rated your game! Really nice job :o I had a lot of fun! :D

Hi! :D Really nice game - The changing controls made it fun and challenging :D! I really like the lighting in the later stages :o! Great job! 

Thank you very much! :D <3

Played and rated! :D Great game - the pixel art is so cute and well done! ^-^

Hello! :D I absolutely loved the art in your game! The music was nice and upbeat and the concept fit the jam's theme really well :)! Great job!

Just finished playing and rating! :D Very nice job - loved the puzzles and the sound effects!

Hi! :D Great game and well designed puzzles! I really liked the sound and glitchy effect when you hit a wall or unmovable object :o! The narrator text was also super funny :'D! Nice job :)!

Hahaha :D Thank you so much!

:D Amazing game! <3 Great job!!

Hi! :D Wow, I absolutely loved your game! Such a cute main character and the puzzles were really fun and challenging! The music was so nice to listen to and gentle :) Great concept and execution! Nice job!!

Yay :D! Thank you! Just finished playing your game and leaving a rating - Amazing job! I had so much fun with the puzzles :)!!

Hi! :D I absolutely loved the puzzles in your game! The mechanic of switching views was really well done and so creative! I had so much fun playing your game - great job! :D 

Played and rated your game :D Beautiful pixel art! <3