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Back & Body Hurts

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts Niqx! We're glad you liked it.

We are very happy you liked the concept of the star map bataylan, thank you!

Good job & lovely art :)

Loved the art & had fun playing. Great entry!

Thank you, I suppose the introduction of the game was not clear enough as we hoped, we will work on it in the future! Thank you for your feedback and we are glad you liked the graphics <3

Done :thumbs_up:

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Pretty cute art for the character. The pace of the game is fine since you learn from every mistake but it feels like its 50/50 every time I reach a new point, but that's fine because it matches the theme, nice game! Please try out mine and rate it too <3

Thank you <3

Really impressive game, good job!

Really fun game, the story is super touching XD I love the small character. I also got a lot of undertale vibes out of this game, especially the text. Really good job of creating a flavor of it <3

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Nice game man, very simple but good and follows the theme perfectly XD Try out my game if you feel like it <3

Played/rated, good work on finishing the game!

Ah, I understand. It must have been a nice learning experience for you then! This jam is really big so don't be frightened. Usual jams I join are much smaller and you're less occupied after the jam itself :D

Thank you <3

Pretty cool shooter, not challenging enough and bullets are really weird. The first level also got really bugged, which I'm not sure if it was intentional, but the levels were really cool, good job!