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played, rated and commented!

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Hey this was a reallly nice asthetic. Clean puzzles, clean art integrated with the page... I really liked that minimalist style! A+

Do check out our game too!

Playing yours now!

I dont think this is part of the jam...

Oh I see.. Good luck with the rest of the jam and I hope you enjoy our game!

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I think I am really biased with games like this because i really enjoy this sort of genre of game, I think as the comment below says the destructable terrain was a very cool feature. The only downside I really felt was that I thought the movement could be a bit sharper, sometimes it felt like I was flying on icecubes honestly was fine after a bit of playing tho xD.

that is what i like to hearrrrr, I'll download urs and give it a proper review now!

played, rated and commented 

Hey great game this was actually a suuuper solid entry.. Honestly im extremely suprised at how much you managed to get done during the timeframe.. As someone who's done the art for a good amount of gamejam's this looks like a tonne of effort especially considering that you did this all yourself. I really liked the style, and a pretty solid implementing of the theme. Unfortunately I did get stuck in dialogue with one of the NPC's and I had to restart but other than that, nice entry!

Do check out our game when u have the chance ;]

playing this one in a sec

played, rated and commented :3

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Hey you gave me a real response and didn't just paste ur link... I guess I will play it before every1 else really quick   :3

Hey, I liked the cute sprites, and pretty solid implementation of the theme, unfortunately I did get a bug where I couldnt move and the sprite looked glitched... Congrats on completing your game for the jam! Do check out the game we made also :3

playing this one now :3

played, rated and commented :3

Hey great game! I honestly thought it was quite good, quite hard at the beginnign but I quickly got to grips with the game. Overall solid entry, the only thing was I thought that maybe time slowed down too fast? Because when it gets to about 40% its not really possible to play. Other than that great job and I hope you play our game too!

alright im playing it now!

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Im back at my pc and im gonna start going through this thread :3

expect ratings soon

added this one to the list chief :3

lmao, will add to the list

haha  will do the name is too enticing :)) (added to the list)


added 2 queue <3

Same bro honestly its a struggle :))))))

Hey thanks for playing, im glad you enjoyed! we were going for a 2D/3D sorta feel so that's why the player was 2D, if thats what you were wondering. Honestly I think it would be easier to just have a 3D character :)))))))))))))))


awww thx for sure ur game is added to the list

Will give it a cheeky try when i get back :3

hahah brooooo ofc i remember :P  I actually saw  this game and instantly thought that I recognised it from somewhere... I'll be sure to check it out!!!

Will do as soon as I get back to my pc!

Ditto :]

Added to the list :3

Adding to my list do check out our game aswell!

Ooh first reply! WIll be sure to check this one out when i get back to my pc

Hey guys! Hope you had a great time with the jam this week :3 It was soo stressful for us we decided to do things a bit differently from previously... How did all your games go? Did you have any stumbles/issues? We for sure did lol... I think it turned out quite nice tho honestly(albeit a tadddd short)

Anyways, link your games down below and I'll be sure to check them out and rate them later today, probably with a decent chunk of
constructive feedback :3

Check out our game, Arvix below: (download only :3)

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If you press space bar you collect the items and the berries were the blue/purple things hanging off of plants.. Press spacebar again to light the fire if you have wood in your inventory

Thanks for playing!

About the hide ability: we hoped that through a bit of trial and error players would see that overhiding or being overaggressive, were both inneffective ways of playing the game. We wanted the player to have to mix it up, a sort of "hit and run" style of play, strategically moving around and attacking certain people to get through to the next area.

In the tutorial room, on the ground it said that each room needed a key to open the door to the next room. This was to prevent the player from just running straight past all the enemies like you attempted haha!

Also the enemies don't actually one-shot you. Just some enemies shoot multiple projectiles from one spot, and if you stand on that spot you end up taking a bunnnnch of damage(apparent one shot). In fact each projectile itself does about 1 or 0.5 hearts of dmg.

This is from my previous comment but here is why the game is related to the theme: “the main character’s skill set and mechanics are based around portals and dimensions. He has the ability to portal to different dimensions(space bar ability), hide in the rift(hole in space) and has a portal-style attack.”  

Glad you enjoyed it atleast, and thanks for the feedback!

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Glad you somewhat enjoyed... the boss actually in the first stage did half a heart, and the second stage did 1.5 hearts per projectile. It appears to oneshot when you get hit by multiple projectiles at close range.

What a cool idea..... How do you manage to make the breaking down of the walls so clean? This was definitely one of the more innovative games of the jam. Sometimes there were slight hicks in the gameplay wit movement/picking people up? but Im pretty sure that was all on my end. The only thing that upset me slightly was the fire, for me it just felt a bit out of place.

Overall, I'm quite happy to have stumbled across this game, has a nice look and feel and I look forward to seeing you participate in future jams! 

P.S. Also you should definitely try to spread the word of your game a bit more, not with spamming the forums but maybe rating other peoples games (it deserves to be much higher than where it is now)

hehe I played this one already lemme leave my review :3