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I didn't expected a game like this from the art style XD

Its amazing how you put all those minigames together in just a week :O

the art of your game looks really cute :O

This is mine:

I had a lot of fun

Here's mine

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :D

Thank you :D


Thanks :D

Great art

The combat system is really fun :OOO

okay :O

Here's my game :O

here's mine

Very inmersive game, it kept me interested until the end. Great sound management :O

Here is mine, I'll play your game right away

This is mine :O

Thanks XD

I planned on having more animations for the movement, but I prioritized having something working for the deadline and finished with just a few minutes to spare :O

Really fun :D

It had some very funny moments. The music at the end startled me XD

I got so inmersed in the game so fast, this is great!!!

This is mine,

I was really scared because for the game I composed my first music tracks :O

The aesthetic of the game is really really cool :OOOO

I hope I'm not too late

Here's mine :O

now i'm off to play yours

really creative mechanic, the gameplay reminded me of the flash games I played as a kid

This is mine

I'm really proud of the result :D

really cool concept

Really fun and awesome visuals :OOOO

Thanks for your comment :D

The collisions were the main mecanic of the game, I'll try to explain it better next time!