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I left my review there, i loved your game!

Here is mine, a visual novel with puzzle elements and tons of comedy

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Cool game, well polished, it was a fun and relaxing experience, good job!

Maybe after making a potion you can have a shortcut to make it again, having to make everything from the beginning is kinda tedious because of all the walking.

The art is great, music and sound effects too, but the music is a very short loop, even so it doesn't get that much repetitive, it is a very relaxing song.

Maybe for a full game you can make a narrative focused game with more little stories where npcs come with their problems, and then the player must choose what potion to give, making different potions have different outcomes, this will get you reputation for you shop, and multiple endings based on what you did to the people that came to your alchemy shop, i would love to play a game like this.

Anyway, good job, that was a fun game.

Here is my game:

Just rated your game! I left a comment there :)

Here is mine, a visual novel with puzzle elements and tons of comedy, hope you enjoy :D

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The soundtrack is amazing, i stopped just to listen to it, well done, though it could loop in a seamless way to avoid breaking the flow.

Art is beautiful, there are some inconsistencies, but it is great overall, and those particles and trails are very cool too.

The dialog could flow automatically, have a box for it and just not be there floating on the screen, there was some texts that didn't even fit on the screen.

The gameplay is lacking, i don't know if this is the right word, maybe just need more polish, the movement of the character was strange, like i was on the moon, some bugs like being able to jump on the wall and not respawning after falling on a pit.

Great game, good job!

My game:

This is a cool game, the game design is clever and i loved the death transition, reminded me of a hat in time somehow, the music could keep playing after the death, it kinda breaks the flow of the game having it repeat every time I respawn.

My game:

Thank you so much for your time to write this.  I think that the best way to improve is to learn with your mistakes, and when people point them it becomes so much easier to analise what is wrong.

As for the theme, i don't know, where do we draw the line to determine if an element is the game or not? if the ground is fake, is the scenario a liar or the game? Is it the code then? what a character speaks on the dialogue bubble is somewhat determined by code too, so what is it? I personally think everything in the game, is the game. This theme is complex and can be interpreted in many ways, maybe this is bad because it gets harder to define exactly what fits or not the theme.

I never played Ace Attorney games, but i know them, my friend did all the writing and puzzles, i was just agreeing with him, did not look from this perspective and it doesn't make sense at all, i agree :x

Yeah, the art could be more polished, we had to rush to implement it on the last day. I see a big improvement in comparison with our previous projects though.

I did all the sounds, thank you for the compliments, i have been composing music for one year and a half now, and to be able to make something that fits the game and see people enjoying it makes me very proud, thank you.

Maybe it was a bad idea to write an english visual novel for a jam with all the team members being non-english speakers, i agree that we need a person to do this when necessary.

Again, thank you for the amazing review, feedbacks like these are the best, people tend to comment just what they like and this can be misleading. Playtesting with target audience is very important to get this right, with a good script for it of course, but not always possible during a jam.

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I think that jam games should be short experiences, because it is made in a small period of time, if a 1 week jam game has a large playtime there can be some reasons: the game require a large time to progress, like, large levels, hard puzzles, lots of text(this case is my game), not adding much new stuff during that time can make the player become bored quick, to have all that and still be a fun game that keeps players engaged you require lots of skill and experience.

There is too the case if the game is too easy, players get bored, if too hard, frustration. So much things to be aware when making a game, it all comes down to experience and knowing what to do.

People often have big game scopes for jams, i am trying to avoid that, creating a small experience that is more manageable for a jam short time, though i failed this time ,my game turned out as a visual novel, which are full of text and require large reading times, my friend did the writing and it is good, but doesn't know if it is enough to keep the player engaged until the end.

But yeah, some people won't like large playtime jam games because they want to review as many games as possible and so are expecting small experiences.

Amazing game, clever idea, you should definitely make this a full mobile game, i am sure this will get popular, it is one of the "easy to learn, hard to master" games.

Art is well made, cool details like particles when the character drags on the walls and slow motion when shooting at the agents.

Sound is good too, songs doesn't get repetitive and are fun to listen.

As for improvement, if you want to make this a full release, my suggestion would to take these coins and give them a use, like buying new guns, trails, particles, something to keep the game fresh with it's replayability. Maybe something like new planets, where you need coins or reach a certain deepness to unlock, with different enemies and backgrounds, that can be cool, why not? hahah.

The most fun game and better game design i played this jam, good job!

My game:

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The idea is interesting, atmosphere is great, you did a good job there, i loved the narrator :p

There is some bugs, i clipped through the walls sometimes. This isn't a bug, but the camera field of view is very small, making the mouse sensibility looks high.

Music is cool, 3d models are ok, but could get some textures or more colors. Nice work! :D

You already rated my game, but will leave it here anyway:

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The art is polished, songs are good(but repetitive) and sound effects are ok, loved the character creation, the game is well made overall.

So, there is a big flaw, for me the tutorial lasts way too long, it was getting tedious and tedious, to the point that i quit after ~15 minutes playing, the music contributed to this because it gets very repetitive. Instead of giving all the mechanics on the tutorial you should give them to the player as the narrative progresses, i know it is because it's a superhero academy, but it turns out as a big tutorial game.

I agree on most points on the feedback by in Principle Games,  you should take these feedback as constructive, analise and use them to improve.

My game:

Very generic RPG, but so well made, it is solid and polished. The use of the theme was weak, i'm sure i would not be able to tell if there was something if you didn't specify.

Art and sounds are amazing, no bugs at all, cool transitions and backgrounds, but it is generic. Good job for a jam game :)

My game:

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Lol took me so much time to get to the end, it is fun, but it is very hard. good job. 

I have been watching you develop this game the entire week on the brackeys discord server, looks like you were having fun, keep it up :)

(i am also brazilian)

my game:

The art is amazing, it is so cute, and so are the sounds, love the voice saying "fox boy"  during the music, these little details add so much hahah. 

Could not find a way to go through the door, doesn't know if it is part of the theme, if it is be aware that people can play the game without knowledge of the jam theme, and when the game requires you to know that there is a fake/lie thing it can generate frustration for the player. Always think "Does this game makes sense even without the player knowing the theme?"

Anyway, could not experience much except for the platformer part, but is is cool, again, the art and sound are amazing, well done :)

my game:

A visual novel about gambling, with puzzle elements and lots of comedy, hope you like it! :D

Very fun game, art is looking great, i can see the inspiration from blackthornprod. Although the music is well made, it gets repetitive very fast. The sound effects are good, but the glitch sound effect is a bit loud. Writing is great and a little comic.

Amazing work overall, good job! :D

Here is my game:

I am very insecure and this game gave me so much pressure on the choices, good job! hahah.

The writing is very good, immersive and interesting, but the art looks stretched and it is very blurry,  some sound effects are strange, kinda lacking polish. The clock sound effect works well and creates a good tension, well done :)

Take that as constructive feedback, i like to be fair and point the good and bad things in my opinion, so people can analise and improve with these feedbacks. You guys did a great game overall, keep it up! :D

Here is my game:

A visual novel about gambling, with puzzle elements and lots of comedy, hope you like it! :D

A visual novel about gambling, with puzzle elements and lots of comedy, hope you like it! :D

A visual novel about gambling, with puzzle elements and lots of comedy, hope you like it! :D

A visual novel about gambling, with puzzle elements and lots of comedy, hope you like it! :D

A visual novel about gambling, with puzzle elements and lots of comedy, hope you like it! :D

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A visual novel about gambling, with puzzle elements and lots of comedy, hope you like it! :D

TLDR: The game has a nice writing, art and sound, but the game design turns me down so much, it isn't bad, but lacks so much polishing, could not finished the game because it becomes so frustrating.


The writing is nice, got me laughing many times, characters could be less generic, don't know how to express it, but it is ok, i know that it takes a very long time to create deep characters.

Game design is frustrating, slots and bullet hell are ok and works fine, caution with screen shake on bullet hell, it made me lose some lives, fighter planes could work if it wasn't for that MASSIVE last wave of enemies, super tiny shoots and the slow motion cheat slowing down the player too, dog walking simulator lacks polishing, jumps height are different sometimes, and you can get stuck on the wall very easily, driving sim was working fine, but wasn't fun at all, it was dull.

The cheat combinations were hard or just unresponsive to do on some games like bullet hell, i lost so many lives trying to do it and getting myself in the way of bullets.

The songs are well made and doesn't gets repetitive, well done :)

Some sound effects stacks one on another and ends up clipping and creating very loud noises.

The art is pretty nice, the gloom effect on the casino looks amazing, full of little details on the background, and the protagonist walk animation is well made, could walk a little faster to not create that ice walking effect.

Does it fit the CGJ theme? hm... haven't played it to the end, but from what i played i think it is that you can't win, right? It is an OK use of the theme, but be aware that the lack of polishing could confuse the player thinking that he loses because of glitches and unbalanced gameplay and not because it is obviously made to be impossible to win, at least for me, guess i am a little slow to notice these things, lol.

Anyway, take my feedback as constructive, the game has good things like art, sound and writing, although the game design is lacking for me. You guys did an amazing job for a jam game.